She swears that she’s artsy.

I’m looking for your FAVORITE nail art blogs or YouTube videos!

Specifically how-to or tutorials!


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    I like non video tutorials best becasue you can follow them at your own pace.

    The double lightning bolt is so my fav 🙂

  2. I absolutely love for 2d nail polish art. She also does polymer clay tutorials so it feeds into both of my non-makeup loves.

    For 3d acrylic art, I love although the channel does prominently feature her webstore which might be a turn off.

  3. I just realized all my favorite nail tutorial blogs haven’t updated in a long time, haha. But I love and

  4. Do Not Refreeze! It’s mostly nails, but sometimes other beauty stuff. She’s grouped her nail tutorials together to make it easier.

    Then there’s Chloe’s Nails. She does a lot of cool things with tape, which is pretty easy.

  5. One more! I did this one last Halloween and it was totally easy and really fun:

    This one was cute too, and also pretty easy:

    the things she does are far beyond my nail skills (polka dots with dotting tool) but it does allow me to become inspired. 🙂

    MimiMemeko is so cute but she doesn’t make many videos
    IHaveACupcake has some good stuff as well!

  8. I’m not that creative when it comes to nail art, but I like reading the posts of Askmewhats on it!

  9. Ok, so I second Meliney and Cutepolish on YT, NailSide and Chloe’s Nails as a blogs and raise you some wicked layered konading by Ainos2:
    … and some cute penguins by JennyTheJellyTot:

  10. I am really into nail stamping– it’s absolutely the most fantastic thing that’s ever happened to my nails!