BB Revisted

The last time I tried BB Creams, I never did manage to find one light enough shade wise and light enough feeling wise.  They always left an obvious mask I could feel on my face.  Recently there has been a lot of talk about one formula from Holika Holika that was ‘great’ for people with pale skin like me.

Holika Holika make several different formulas of BB Creams.  I picked up Essential from BelloGirl, an eBay seller.  It’s $9.99 for a 30ml tube. The tube itself is in Korean, so it’s impossible for me to tell you what it says, I’m relying on the info provided by the seller.

Fish skin and caviar.  Yum.

This particular cream has a STRONG scent to it that does not go away.  It honestly bothered me so much the first time I wore it what I put it away and didn’t use it again for a while.  I cannot tell you how much I WANT to like BB Creams.  Almost as much as I want OCM to work for me.  They both seem like miracles in the beauty world.  As much as I love my primer, I’d love only needed ONE product to have near perfect skin.  So, yeah.  I pulled this back out to give it another go.

I’m not sure if you get a choice in shades with this, I couldn’t seem to find any of those options, so…  hopefully what they make is close for you.  It’s been suggested that it’s one of those products that ‘self matches’ but that, IMO, has never worked for me.  This is, predictably, too dark.  Just a FRACTION too dark, actually.  I have NO idea how it seems light enough for other fair skinned people.  If I mix in a bit of my usual white, I can get away with it.  But… that defeats the ‘all in one miracle’ I was hoping for.  It also looks very grey on my face (rather then oxidize to an orange) when worked in, something it doesn’t seem to do in swatches.

BB Creams are thick (obviously) and apply best with clean fingers.  Working with it with your bare skin helps warm it up so it applies evenly.  If you don’t like working with your fingers, use a dense synthetic brush (real fibers will suck up the product).  I found that no matter what, fingers worked best, not even my beloved beauty blender worked completely.  In the end, I warmed it up with my fingers, smoothed it in, and then used the BB to blend in the edges.

Because it’s thick it’s got some intense coverage.  It takes the place of a primer, a concealer, a lotion, and a foundation all in one.  To me I can feel it ALL.  It’s mask like, so less is best, you will really only need a thin layer and less then you’ll actually think to apply.  It didn’t exactly make my skin flawless, there is one patch of pigmentation on my cheek that was still visible and I really dodn’t think that I could work this product up in coverage.  Too much and it starts to look patchy and cakey.

This stuff doesn’t wash off.  On one hand that’s great, it won’t wear or fade or sweat off.  On the other it’s HARD to remove.  Simply washing your face doesn’t get it off.  I used my usual cleanser and there was still a layer of the cream on my face.  I had to use half a dozen cotton balls soaked in toner to get it all off.

For the first few hours, it wore well enough.  I fought to get used to the thick feeling of it and after a while it wasn’t bad.  It’s not matte, more of a natural or satin finish.  After a while it started to look greasy and it sort of… broke up oddly.  The pigmentation separated from the cream, if that makes sense.  There were little patches of ‘color’ in the recesses of my face, so it settled into my pores and little lines.  The next time I wore it I dusted it a little with setting powder, Evil Shades Matte Silk (which is the best).  It made the finish wear a little better for me and I actually didn’t mind having it on all day.  One thing that annoys the HECK out of me is it gets all over my phone.  I have an iPhone and it’s basically a glass surface you put against your face and NO MATTER WHAT this stuff leaves a cheek print.

Out of all the BB Creams I’ve tried now, about 12 in all, this has been the closest match tone wise and probably the easiest to wear.  It’s oddly the cheapest as well.  I’m going to tough it out and wear the whole tube, the SPF 30 is a MAJOR plus for me.  And I admit, the ‘whitening’ agent is a draw, too.  I’m always willing to be paler.  I’m going to wear it long enough to see if it does that it says, not just makes a good foundation.

This stuff is just a bit too thick and ‘greasy’ for me to.  Maybe if the color was a better match I’d tough it out, but there is only ONE shade available.

Good for oily skin? Maybe not.

Good for dry skin? Yes, if you’ve exfoliated well.

Coverage: Heavy.

Finish: Natural.

Wear: On me about 6 hours before it went funny.

Would I purchase it again? …… I’m really not sure.


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  1. I have the Holika Holika one for oily skin and it’s okay, though not really my favorite. Have you tried the Missha ones? I’m NC15 and #21 is pretty close, but they have one that’s even lighter than that (I think it’s #13). A lot of people love their Perfect Cover and their Signature Real is my favorite BB cream.

    • Was also about to suggest Missha’s Perfect Cover BB Cream in #13. It’s the lightest I’ve seen on the market so far 🙂

  2. I have the blue “Clearing” one and it’s too light for my skin, since I developed a tan over the summer. However, I’ve tried it and I had a similar experience. There isn’t much oil control and it seems to come off in patches once my skin gets oily. My theory on this is that I put too much on, since this is really thick, but I won’t know until my tan subsides and my skin is pale again. In the mean time, I’ve been using Missha’s Cho Bo Yang (I got it on sale for $10 compared to full price $45) in #2 and, while it’s a bit pink for me, it’s been perfect. It has oil control and seems to last even though my skin is oily as hell. No patches or anything, but it doesn’t completely cover my post-acne marks, but they look considerably faded. I’ll have to get a white foundation to tone it down for the winter, though.

    FYI: each Holika Holika bb cream has its own different shade, which is annoying. The blue is called “light beige” and the green has “peach” in the shade’s name.

  3. I have the exact same bb cream, and to get rid of this all off, use cleansing oil. Works so much better than regular cream or gel cleansers.

  4. Holika Holika Orange didn’t wear well on me, either. I do really like Holika Holika Green. The “light peach tone” shade works really well with my skin.

    I could definitely feel it when I wore Holika Holika Orange, but I don’t notice wearing Holika Holika Green.

    It is frustrating that there is no standard color system among the Petit BB creams Holika Holika offers.

  5. Ugh, I feel the same way. I desperately want BB creams to be the answer to all my foundation woes and OCM to revolutionize my skin. Sadly, I just don’t think that either is gonna happen.

    The fact that it is virtually impossible to find a vegan BB cream is enough to keep me from bothering with them. Add to that the very slim chance of finding a shade pale enough for me…

    I have been toying with the idea of attempting to formulate my own version, because I really like the concept of a skin-loving foundation with a lot of sun protection.

  6. I’ve tried a couple and the lightest in both colour and weight that I’ve tried is Skin Food Red Bean in light beige. It’s much less dense than the holika holika ones… that means it’s a bit more sheer but I love it.

  7. Yikes. That’s a lot of BB Creams! The only one I’d recommend and would think pale enough is Baviphat’s Magic Girls Plus BB Cream in no. 1

  8. As much as BB creams seem to be touted as this awesomeness, the difficulty many seem to have in finding one that works for them is off-putting. Maybe if there was a way to get samples of all the different types before buying, I’d go for it, but right now, I’m happy with my routine of moisturizer, EL Double Wear liquid foundation, and setting powder.

  9. I have dry skin and BB creams feel very thick and greasy on me too. I’ve only tried 2 but both were disappointing. OCM however, while it’s not causing blackheads to pop out, my skin looks great and I haven’t had any breakouts or dry spots. Someone actually went out of their way to say how dewy it looked. I only do it 3 times a week but in between I wash with pure local honey and it’s shockingly effective. I know that’s not something you can do since it’s not vegan but I def. Recommend it.

  10. I have a very oily nose and a very dry everything else, so I really couldn’t win with BB creams. It broke apart on my nose within a couple of hours and made the rest of my face feel very dehydrated and stiff. I never could find one that really came close to looking natural against my natural skin, and I just couldn’t get over the smell. I’m with everyone else who *really* wanted to love it, but I just don’t.

  11. I love the Missha Perfect Cover BB cream in No. 13. Like you, I’m quite pale and this is the palest BB cream that I was able to find and it’s a great match for me. It has SPF 42 PA+++. I just posted about it if you’re interested in photos of the color.

  12. I would really love to try BB creams just because I would want a fuller coverage foundation with even a tiny bit of good benefits for the skin but there are so many on the market that I’m not really comfortable just guessing at a shade and paying a high premium. Also I’m currently as light as I can possibly get at NW30/NC30 so I really don’t want the lighter ones.

    (I look just as good in both MAC cool/warm tones foundation; I have no clue what that means.)

  13. Another vote for Missha Perfect Cover in #13- I’ve tried quite a few BBs, and aside from this being the fairest shade, it also wears well and has great coverage. I have dry skin, and find it very comfortable, but I’m also used to wearing cream foundation, so rarely do I feel that a makeup is too heavy feeling for me. And, yes, the high SPF is great too!

  14. The only BB Cream I’ve tried is BRTC Blemish Recover Balm SPF 28 and it works amazing. I have whiter-than-ivory skin that is oily and this stuff is neither mask-like nor drying on me. I use the entire skin care set and I have no problems applying or removing the makeup. At $35 it is comparative to other middle-market foundations but the bottle lasts forever. I’ve heard that BRTC makes the best BB Creams…

    On my own blog I am wearing the Blemish Recover Balm in every picture.

  15. My personal experience with BB creams has been great. My number one advice to anyone trying out BB creams for the first time is to not give up. There are MANY different types of BB creams, all with different colors, consistencies, and properties. You just have to kiss a lot of frogs before finding your prince.

    I have pale (with warm undertones), and Dr. Jart+’s BB creams work amazingly well for me. I use the one for dry skin (black label), and it helps minimize the appearance of any dry patches that pop up on my face. They also make one for oily skin (silver label) as well as a few other types. I also occasionally use Skin79’s The Oriental BB cream, which is great when I want more coverage than my Dr. Jart BB cream can give me. Both formulas are thick and moisturizing, which appeals to me.

    I’d avoid using cheap (10$ range) BB creams if you’re looking for a BB cream to truly fall in love with. The best ones I’ve used have been in the 40$ range, although you can find good ones in the 20-30$ range as well. I’ve used cheap BBs in the past, with poor results (I’m looking at you, Etude House!)

    I would recommend that you try Dr. Jart’s Silver Label BB cream, which is suited to light, oily skin 🙂

  16. I have this same one, too, after seeing how lovely it was on Phyrra. It’s many shades too dark for me but I like how it goes grey-beige rather than turning orange. I hate the feeling of it on my face though, like you said it’s mask-like, it feels thick and heavy on my face all the time. I found it pretty easy to remove but then, I never felt like it dried :S

  17. Jill Duncan-Jack November 8, 2011 at 6:02 pm

    You know, since it has caviar its not vegan either. Yuck!