What’s in My Bag

Volume 11 – My Fall Style

Every Fall I get myself a fancy new bag to use throughout the season and into the following Spring.  Sometimes I go with black, last year I went with a gorgeous raspberry.  This season I stumbled across this French blue satchel at Target and it quickly leaped into my cart.

The skull trio (folder, wallet, and keychain) were a Heartsy find from Sew Fantastic (review coming soon).

The folder has:

  • My Moleskin for notes/ideas.
  • A pen.
  • An old press ID.
  • Old pictures of me without tattoos.
  • Coupons, cause that’s how I roll.
  • Shopping lists.

My Chanel sunglasses.  Someone asked before, yeah, they are Rx.

The auto adapter to my iPad charger. (I was wondering where this was.)

iPhone4 with a black and pink star skin and a black edge case.

Hello Kitty change purse.

Fingerless gloves, made for me by Integgy.

My emergency bag with the same stuff as usual.

A second makeup bag with stuff for touch-ups.  Today it includes:

  • Laura Mercier shadow duo in Topaz/Stellar
  • Laura Mercier duel ended shadow brush
  • Morgana’s lip balm in Incantation
  • Pore Putty face powder
  • ONWTO solid scent in Scarlett
  • Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara
  • Smashbox Fusion Softlights disk in Baked Starburst

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10 Responses to “What’s in My Bag”

  1. How funny to see this today! I was in Target yesterday and nearly bought that exact bag. I ended up going with a paisley Gia Milani bag instead. I may go back and get a pewter colored bag I saw as well since the entire top zips closed and it would probably match more than pink/purple. I’ve been planning on purchasing from Sew Fantastic as well. I really should get a small bag for makeup and things, because normally I just toss powder and lipstick in and can never find it afterwards.

  2. Oh, I love that bag. If my own weren’t serving me so well I’d be more tempted. I’m the type of person who picks a purse, then uses it until it wears out. Mostly because I’m too lazy to transfer my stuff from one purse to another.

    I’m glad you’re getting use out of those fingerless gloves! I was just thinking about them the other day, since I’ve been in a crochet state of mind. I was almost tempted to make another pair for myself, but I know I’d never wear them.

    • I’ve worn them so much that they’re fuzzy around the wrists. If you DO make more… I’d love them in grey. Just saying 😉

      • You may actually get lucky. I just bought a bunch of new yarn that I thought I’d need for a project I’m working on, but I miscalculated how far along I was on it (I’m much further through it than I thought), so I probably won’t need it. One of those skeins is in grey. 😉

  3. What’s pore putty? Have you reviewed it before?

  4. The name “Pore Putty” makes me think of terrible, terrible, comedogenic things. The little “GREY” Lego block is so cute!
    I’m super-tempted to do this now, but really all I have in my bag is boring school stuff. (…and it’s not even a bag, but a backpack. A cool backpack, but still.)

  5. I loved your raspberry bag! But I really like this one too. Love the color, love the style. Also love how you open it and there’s an explosion of fun, colorful things. ^_^

    Fingerless gloves in grey! I bought an Etsy pattern to some for myself (in a grey) but it is just beyond my skill level so I’m going to trade my friend’s mom who is an amazing knitter – she likes me to make her jewelry and we can swap skills.

    I’m interested to see your Sew Fantastic review – I love those list organizer pouches. Really I love anything in a cute fabric that enables organization. 😀