Pick of the Week

Duct Tape!

These are so cute, you’re not going to beleive it.

I picked up a Heartsy voucher from Blue Bamboo and ordered the Hello Kitty clutch.  I also ordered the little card wallet and asked if they could make one to match.  I got a convo right back saying yes and quick as a wink my order arrived.  I was impressed with the customer service as well as the quick shipping, especially on the custom made item!

The set is just adorable.  It’s not one of those things that will last forever, but I expect to get a lot of occasional use out of it.  It’s just adorable!


6 Responses to “Pick of the Week”

  1. So cute! If my friend weren’t so luxury-obsessed (she was disappointed in a Prada bag for not being completely leather), this would be in the running for a Christmas present. (Am I already thinking about Christmas? Oops.)

  2. I bought a heartsy voucher for Blue Bamboo but haven’t ordered yet.

  3. This is seriously adorable! I gotta my eye out for this

  4. though i’m not hello kitty fan, they look adorable!