It’s Friday, I’m in Love

1,000 Posts

My 1,000 post ended up falling on Tuesday, the 13th.  Ten people guessed the correct day and the winner (randomly drawn by my cat) is:



I’m so disenchanted with my hair that I’m exploring the option of extensions.  Apparently it’s ridiculously easy to MAKE your own.  Seriously, there are videos on YouTube for EVERYTHING.  I got some synthetic hair (cause real stuff freaks me out, yo) and cut some lengths, sewed some clips, and bam.  Now I have my own full set of just shoulder length straight extensions.   I’m thinking about branching out to work on braid and all that other stuff.

Do you wear extensions?  Got any favorite videos or shops?


I have called every day this week and I still no resolution.  They claim to be taking care of it each time I call and I still have to constantly call back.  I honestly think at this point I am never going to be refunded my charges or my points.  It’s safe to say I will no longer be shopping with Ulta.  It completely sucks to be out so much and to be able to get NO help.

Coming Soon

I fell a little behind this week and so I rearranged some reviews.  My Fall schedule is complicated, so it’s going to take some getting used to plus I was pretty sick.  I got the flu and then a tummy… thing.  This week I hope to get to:

The Nuance overview.

The gel nail overview.

Brotherhood of Crows Style Diary.

I know it’s not very ambitious, but I those two post alone are quite a lot of research and writing.

Style Diary

I’ve decided to force myself to stick to a schedule for these things because I’m already months ahead on them.  Some of my ideas are so compelling that I find myself DRIVEN to finish them and plot them out.  Here is a brief synopsis of the SD’s that I’ll post before the end of the year.

September 20 – Brotherhood of Crows

 A little punk. A lot black.

October 4th – The Walking Dead


October 18th – Katrina

Pretty in pink!

November 1st – I used to be a spy.

Miami inspired.  Kick ass approved.

November 15th – Grey Scale


November 29th – Dårlig Ulv-Stranden

The 10th Doctor was my favorite.

December 13th – Boho

French blue and raspberry.

December 27th –Hand of the King

Crisp and in control.

The Links

This tutorial is so awesome.

I love this, but I’m not paying 20$ for a magnet.

Yes.  Yes.  Yes.

Evil Shades has a zombie collection out now!

Boobs.  Wait, what was I saying?

Dolly winked.

Your Turn

I’m making a pumpkin cookbook for Fall.  Share with me your favorite pumpkin recipes!


20 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love”

  1. “I used to be a spy” – I can’t wait to see this look.

    P.S. TEAM CHIN! (though I will concede that Jeffrey Donovan has a lovely tushie)

  2. I won! I’m so excited ❤ Thank you Grey & Ichabod!

    I think you're familiar with my favorite pumpkin recipe:
    Pumpkin Bread Pudding

  3. I love those links you shared. Thanks! I thought of you the other day when I was at my local PX. They had a really nice looking starter kit (with brush) for the Estee Lauder double wear foundation that you have reviewed. Unfortunately, a pushy salesperson drove me away, but I will go have a closer look when I know they do not have make up sales people working there. There was an instructional video set up as part of the display that I will watch out of curiosity, even though I know your review will be more informative. 🙂

    Have you seen this display near you?

    I will put on my pumpkin thinking hat…

  4. Drat. I also meant to say the I really hope you feel in the mood for a detailed post about the DIY extensions. Very cool.

  5. Aww, so close! I guessed the 13th as well. Congrats, Rachael!

    Looking forward to those Style Diaries!

  6. I wear a lot of fake hair, my favorite place to buy it is Sarah has premade stuff, custom orders and sells affordable supplies to make your own.

    Right before I saw your first post about the ULTA thing I had placed an order with them. It took forrrrreeeeever to get here and I didn’t get a shipping notice like usual. I got scared that I was going to be in the same boat.

  7. Congrats to Rachael! I love this pumpkin recipe. It’s so yummy

  8. Can’t wait for the style diary posts! I’m really liking these! I must have missed that Evil Shades has a zombie collection out! I’m gonna have to go check it out now! And here is a recipe I shared a while back for pumpkin cream cheese bars. These have always been a hit:

  9. Congratulations, Rachael! I’m jelly.
    I’m looking forward to the Walking Dead look; I just started reading it yesterday. (uh…no, I haven’t seen the show. Do I even get AMC? I don’t know.)
    I’ve actually never worn extensions. And I don’t eat pumpkin…anything. Aren’t I helpful?
    Ulta…boooo. Go home.

  10. Drat, I was just one day off with my guessing. Congrats to Rachael, though!

    I can’t seem to find my family recipe for pumpkin bars in my stash, but this one looks fairly similar to the one we make!

  11. I’m really looking forward to seeing The Walking Dead style diary.

  12. Every time I randomly shave part of my head, I save the hair. I now have good size locks of 10″ hair in every color of the rainbow. I should make extensions out of them if it really is that easy.

    I like your link to Phyrra’s dragoncon post ; )

    I make a lot of pumpkin pie cheesecake in autumn. There’s no recipe, I just wing it every time, but it does use a 15 oz can of pumpkin, a graham cracker crust and a whole container of Tofutti.

  13. I seriously respect you for making your own extensions. I’m even too stupid to put some rhinestones onto my phone, not to mention would I ever be able to do sth big like creating extensions. I buy only real hair cuz I need to style it (heat-protective and all). A set of human hair costs me like 32$ with the clips already attached. A pretty good price!

  14. Wow. Had I entered, I would’ve guessed right O_o . That never happens!

    20 bucks?
    I think the Essence one was 2-3 $!

    I love the look of that cake.
    And have fun with those extensions 🙂 .

  15. Oh dear, at least now I know I wasn’t the only one distracted when I read Phyrra’s Dragon Con post. Is it really that easy to sew the hair onto clips? I’ve been window shopping on for weeks now, debating on making my own extensions.

    My favourite pumpkin recipe is pumpkin cheesecake. I like to decorate it with shards of spiced brown sugar brittle.

  16. Aw, I think I was one day off.

    I’m getting interested in wearing extensions. I don’t think I’d want to make them though. I like my hair but it is cut into a mohawk and I can’t do much with it. I figure some extensions will let me do some neat ‘hawky things.


    I love this as a fall recipe. Its vegan. and I imagine you can easily change the acorn squash to pumpkin!

    I can’t wait for the brotherhood of crows style diary.

    how is the ocm working out?

  18. I think I said this once already, but “Bad wolf” doesn’t translate to Dårlig Ulv, but to Slem Ulv. Can’t wait to see more Style Diaries from you, Grey. 🙂

  19. I’m actually wearing extensions right now! They’re by Vivka on etsy. I love them for the color choices and the fact that I can curl and style them.