Whats in My Bag

Volume 12, Rachael

I’ve been wanting to submit to this feature for a while now. .

I had my annual stress test at UCLA medical center and had a very long period of time between the actual stress test (10:15am) and my follow-up appointment (3:00pm). Afterward, I went swimming & had dinner at a friends house in the nearby Pacific Palisades area. My day was absolutely jammed-packed and I needed the proper bag to be able to haul all of my items to and fro.

Bag: Tote from a ModCloth + I Can Has Cheeseburger competition I won a few years back.

– Tunic to change into after my stress test
– Irregular Choice sandals I scored on clearance recently
– Gravity Smart cell phone

– Polkadot footless tights (to change into after my test)
– retro style cherry red & white polkadot swimsuit
– Sunhat
– Oscar the Grouch address book

– MOO mini card holder for my business cards
– L’oreal colour riche le Gloss in Watermelon Crush
– GLEE cinnamon flavored gum
– Cherry red heart-shaped sunglasses
– pen
– Unicorn pillbox for my medicine

– Mead journal to take notes/write snippets in
– Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (British, adult cover version)
– Little Twin Stars wallet (which needs to be replaced badly)


5 Responses to “Whats in My Bag”

  1. Those shoes are amazing!

  2. I like those shoes. SO cute!

  3. I love the shoes! It’s still so hot here, and I never find flat sandals that I like. Want!

    This also reminded me that I should seriously start carrying a little pillbox around, rather than either putting my meds in a Ziploc baggie or just tossing the bottles in my purse.

  4. Thanks, Lolita sunglasses; now I know what Grey’s lamp looks like!
    That wallet is just too much. I can’t with how cute it is. [asplode]

  5. I loooooove those shoes! I am a big fan of Harry Potter I have read all the books several times!