Tonic Cosmetics – A Review


I ran across Tonic after they offered a Hearty voucher.  I liked the idea of a pressed shadow palette so I gleefully took my voucher over and shopped.

The listings weren’t bad.  They contained a picture of the product and in the case of the shadows, at least a swatch of the color, sometimes an eye look.  The lipstick was shown applied.  The photos were clear, although not incredibly sharp.  There was information about the ingredients and the shade descriptions, which is always nice.  One thing that I noticed was missing was the product weight or amount for the shadow, although they did state they came in standard 28mm pans, the same size as MAC.

I ordered:

Mango Butter Lipstick in “CEO”

Build-Your-Own Mineral Eyeshadow Palette


I ordered on August 14th, and my order shipped on September 16th, however I was told it shipped on the 10th.  I did have to send a convo asking the status of my order about a three weeks after I ordered because I hadn’t heard anything.  I paid 6$ for shipping, which was less then what was on the label.


My order arrived in a plastic bubble mailer. Inside my palette was wrapped neatly in some colorful paper and tied with a little bow.  The lipstick came in it’s own little box, which I really liked.  My invoice was not included, and it would have been helpful since after a month, I’d forgotten what shades I’d ordered.


Build-Your-Own Mineral Eyeshadow Palette

I chose a white compact with Pixie, Betty Davis, Dashboard, and Pink Robot shadows. Sadly, the shades are not labeled in the compact so I had to go back to the website to check to see which was which. Looking back now, I would have picked a different color for the compact. Although it arrived clean and in nice condition, I messed it quickly just looking at it.  The top is decorated with the company name and a little image of a vintage pinup.  It’s nicely done, although not ‘perfect’ and so I’m not sure if it’s meant to be that way.

The compact itself is one you can order from TKB, it’s sturdy and closes magnetically.  There is also a mirror which is really nice.

From left to right, top to bottom : Pixie, Betty Davis, Pink Robot, and Dashboard (I think)

I really love the shades I picked.  They compliment each other perfectly and they are pressed nicely, with a little T embossed in them.  The formula is creamy and lovely, it wears really well, is nicely pigmented, and blends easily.

My major complaint about them is that the pans seem hardly filled, which is where the lack of weight/product size in the listing comes in.  Considering I press my own shadows often, I know how much powder, in general, it takes to fill a standard 28mm pan.  These seem ‘light’ to me and I think that they are just barely filled, covering just the bottom.  Also, as an aside, sometimes the pans are sharp, so be careful you can easily cut yourself on the edge.

From left to right: Pixie, Betty Davis, Pink Robot, and Dashboard


Pixie is a shimmering light pink gold- by customer request.  (Think Lancome Kitten Heel but with more pigment.)

I love Lancome’s Kitten Heel and this is a really accurate description of the shade.  In fact, I like this MORE then Kitten Heel.

Betty Davis

Betty Davis is a chocolate brown with a pink sheen and pink shimmer.

This was a surprise shade for me.  I’m not sure why I picked it, but I’m glad I did.  I really like it a lot.  It makes an beautiful rosy brown smokey eye that looks amazing on me.  It works wonderfully with Pixie blended at the edges.


Pale Pink.

Yes, this is a pale pink.  It actually looks a lot like Pixie in the pan, but it’s dark like Pink Robot, although not as blue toned.

Pink Robot

Pink pink with blue sparks and a soft violet highlight.

Although I don’t really get the ‘spark’ and ‘highlight’ in this, it’s a great shade.

I was discussing these shades with a friend, who also used a Heartsy voucher with Tonic and had less then stellar results.  Her shades where ‘off’ as she described them, and her palette a mess and pressed poorly.  She told me that I just happened to have a ‘great eye’ for color to have picked such complimentary shades and that the seller ‘recognized’ me to send me nicer product.  I don’t know how much, if any, of that is true, but I felt I needed to mention it.

Mango Butter Lipstick in CEO

Mango butter, shea butter, cherry kernal oil, and avocado oil are combined to give your lips a moisture boost. These lipsticks are light and wear smoothly and comfortably plus they smell like delicious pink grapefruit. All my customers love this lipstick!

CEO is a light pinky nude with some gold shimmer.

I had hopes for this lipstick, and I have to admit, I was let down.  The tube is a simple clear tube with the company nicely lettered on it, which I thought was a great touch.  The actual bullet looked like it had seen better days.  It wasn’t melted, but it was… weird.  There are little bumps clearly visible in it, which I actually know are unmelted wax.  This leaves the formula a little grainy, although after a few moments of wear the heat from your body (lips) melts it and the formula becomes smooth.

I like the color, it’s sheer and soft, but there is almost no pigmentation and it’s a bit too greasy to cover well.  It’s also not like it’s described.

Would I order from Tonic Cosmetics again? NO.

✔  The prices were really affordable.  Palettes with four shades are 13$ to pick your own.

✔  The shadow formula is nice.

✔  The shades were accurate for the shadow.

✘  The pans seemed hardly filled.

✘  The lipstick was disappointing.

✘  Shipping took forever, and while I was lenient due to this being a Hearsty purchase, it was still shipped almost a week after I was told it was.

✘  This seller has some pretty serious customer service issues!!

Price: 5/5

Packaging: 4/5

Shipping: 3/5

Products: 3.75/5

*Customer Service: 2/5

Overall: .50  /  5

Keep in mind, these are just my personal experiences, but I do know this company has slight customer service and quality control issues which I know will be address by at least one of my friends in an upcoming review.  As soon as that’s posted, I’ll link it here for you to read!  Here is Eplefe’s review and I urge you to read that first before you decide to order from Tonic!

* I've also added a fifth category to my reviews, Customer Service. 
This will be factored into all reviews from now on.

17 Responses to “Tonic Cosmetics – A Review”

  1. Oh Pixie. What a gorgeous color. Too bad I always look funny in gold pinks *cries*.
    I really like the look of their “accountant” lip color. I actually don’t mind sheer color, that’s mostly what I look for, but I’m not a big fan of greasiness. Who is, really?

    Her Etsy shop address reminds me of a Hand Puppet Theater I used to read on my work lunch breaks. I think it was also called Jerry the Frog Productions and they had hilarious “hand puppet” versions of things like Firefly, and a bunch of other movies. I miss those.

    • Do you? I love them and I think I have a dozen of that particular sort of shade!

      I was thinking about the Harry Potter puppets, myself :_

      • Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick….

          • Had a friend who used to sell Mary Kay and they have a lot of gold in their pinks. I don’t understand *why* they should look funny on me. They should go with my coloring just fine. Maybe it’s just me thinking they look bad. Who knows.

            Ha ha! Yes I’ve seen those too! Oh man. Now I have “Snape, snape, Sev-ver-us Snape.” Stuck in my head.

      • OMFG. In the cinema with my sister watching the last Harry Potter movie, right at the beginning when it’s all silent and poignant and zooming in on Snape in the archway… and my sister leans over and whispers in my ear “Bother bother” and I crack up and start laughing hysterically.

        So. Embarrassing.

  2. Thanks for this post! I’m actually glad I didn’t order from them, and I don’t feel bad I missed out on the Heartsy voucher. Most companies who make their own stuff give two weeks for turn around.. I can’t believe it was a month for you!! I’m also hesitant to try new indie companies. Thanks for the lovely swatches/pics 🙂

  3. Just a wee note: under the photo you’ve labelled it as “Kitten, Betty Davis, Pink Robot, and Dashboard” – Kitten rather than Pixie ^^

  4. I ordered from these guys, too. After I saw the seller was charging $9 int shipping on anything, be it palette or single pan, and then after convo’ing with her I realised she was a liar AND didn’t know how Etsy shipping worked, I had mine shipped to Phyrra instead since I’d already bought the voucher. It’ll be old news by the time I review it, but I hope the product is OK and doesn’t arrive mangled like Becs’.

    • The shop has potential. I honestly like the shadows, they are fairly good quality, but I agree her CS is bad. Even with me she told me my order would go out the next day and it didn’t ship until a WEEK later.

  5. Thanks for the review. I read Eplefe’s review already. Looks like she had a pretty bad experience.

  6. I read Eplefe’s review and am glad I did not order from them. Yikes.

  7. Hi there! can you suggest a brand that offers cosmetics fit for halloween? 🙂

  8. I’m late to the party as usual! Just wanted to point out that she’s misspelled Bette Davis…makes the pin-up theme seem oh-so-sincere.


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