This song is perpetually stuck in my head when I think of this perfume.  Now it shall be stuck in yours.

This is the review, of Wiggle’s perfume, Sparrow, a perfume

so lovely to wear and to smell.

Some notes of spice and something burning.  I love it so much, as if you could not tell!

Fall is all about nesting. Tucking in with the ones we love, shoring the house up against the cold, and enjoying the warmth of family. This perfume is the perfect thing to get you in the mood for short brisk days and long chilly nights. Warm and woodsy, Sparrow’s notes of cedar, cinnamon, cardamon and woodsmoke bring to mind images of brown leather boots crunching through bright leaves, and the smell of a neighbor’s fireplace. I’ve girled it up with hints of chrysanthemum and wild rose, along with skin- sweet rice flower and a drop of golden honey. Pair this scent with a downy soft sweater, fluffy socks, and nothing in between…and it won’t be just the cold floor keeping him (or her) in bed a bit longer each morning.

With a description like that, it’s hard not to want to try this out.  Wiggle perfumes are 15$ for a 5ml roller bottle.  It’s a little smaller then the other perfumes you can get, but I think they’re worth it.  They are in little glass bottles with gold tops, and labeled with the company name, scent, weight, and ingredients.

I smell the smoke and the spice first, the cardamon especially.  The more I wear it and the more it warms up, the more the soft florals come out.  When my cousin wears it, she smells the floral notes first, then the spice, and then the smoke.  So this is one of those perfumes that are a little different on everyone.  But we both do like it.  To me it makes a great Autumn scent because of the twinge of spice and smoke.  It is a little strong when you first apply it, so I’d say to only put a little on and see how it goes and then perhaps layer it.

The jester of Tortuga.


12 Responses to “Sparrow”

  1. My husband is obsessed with those The Lonely Island videos. lol I haven’t tried wiggle yet, but have heard good things about them.

  2. I have bought a ton of samples from Wiggle, and have fallen in love with quite a few of them. The scents are complex without being muddy, and it makes me happy to choose which one I want to wear each morning. I have a wish list for my birthday/christmas that have quite a few of Wiggle’s perfumes on it!

  3. Oh, another company for my to try list. /writes ‘er up.
    I have the score from PotC in my head anytime anyone mentions Sparrow or there’s talk of rum or pirate-y scents. Not even joking, I was obsessed with the first movie. >_>

  4. Every time he kisses that fake bird, I crack up.

    I seriously want to try some of their stuff, this scent may just push me over the edge into “I have to order” land….

  5. You’ve tempted me into looking at her site. I may just have to order.

  6. What, what, what on earth is this? LMAO. Michael Bolton is forever in my cool book now. I am thoroughly distracted now, what were we talking about? Oh, yes. Perfume. Another one to add to the ever-growing list of “Scents I want to buy, thanks to Grey.” =P

  7. You guys HAVE to get this before Fall goes away and she retires it. Seriously. I ❤ it.

  8. Oh, God. I love that song (and the Lonely Island)…kind of reading the review to the tune of it, not gonna lie.
    This fragrance sounds interesting for the smoke and spice, but there aren’t very many florals I dig.

  9. Sounds lovely. I’ve been wanting to try wiggle for a while. I want to get samples of all of them! They all sound so nice.

    And yes, I now have that song stuck in my head. Thank you.

  10. Cardamom scented perfume? Delicious! I love putting cardamom on my cinnamon toast and lemonade.

    Oh man, when Michael Bolton bursts out in the Jack Sparrow costume… *dead*

  11. You have no idea how susceptible I am to getting songs stuck in my head. That was e-vil. Like the fru-its of the dev-vil. Also you should have seen my face while I watched that. 😀

    Smoke and spice – that sounds amazing.