It’s Friday, I’m in Love


The month of October is going to be BIG around here.  I have a ton of stuff lined up.  Keep an eye out for a post tomorrow with a complete rundown!

Halloween Collections

There are SO many companies coming out with Halloween Collections that I cannot keep up.  I know that I’ll be reviewing shades from Fyrinnae, Evil Shades, Geek Chic, and Darling Girl, OHWTO and TMTM FOR SURE.  As for everything else, I just don’t know.  In order to compile a list of collections, please leave a comment and let me know which ones you’re looking forward to most and I’ll try to work another into my budget!


I’ve been working on channeling my anxiety (which I have a multitude of) into productivity.  So far this week I’ve been sort of successful!  I pulled out my sewing machine and finally fixed some pants.  I made a shirt.  I worked on extensions.  I’m teaching myself to crochet.  I started a super-secret October project.


I have to get to the post office to mail some stuff.  Let me explain something… my local PO is remodeling and so the place where you wait in line is TINY now until they open it back up.  For some reason the last time I went in there to mail stuff I had a CRAZY anxiety attack because it was hot and there were too many people.  I COMPLETELY admit I am now stalling for them to finish.


Ok, so lemme fangirl a minute.  I caught a tweet from Sam about watching CSI Miami and I tweeted her back, in the style of Horatio Cane.  And she replied.  SHE REPLIED.

The Links

Never shop at GASP.

You can’t take the sky from… Sean.

Hand soap.

I’m doing this!

Your Turn

  1. Does anyone make a ‘greige’ lipstick?
  2. Do you have any review requests for the Fall?


22 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love”

  1. I wonder if you’d get greige if you layered a sheer black on top of Silk Naturals XXX lipstick. I think Morgana Cryptoria is releasing a new grey soon.

    Yay for October! My favorite month ❤ ❤ ❤

    I've got a review request… your favorite Halloween things 🙂

  2. YES! October is the best month! Really looking forward to what you’ll be posting.

  3. Illamasqua’s Facade Intense Lipgloss is a greige color and it wears more like a liquid lipcolor than gloss. Also if you can find a tube of MAC’s Our Pick lipstick, that was a lovely taupe-y greige color or Riveting lipstick which is more of a mauve-y grey than beige. Or concealer blended with a black lipstick and a tiny touch of a white eyepencil gives pretty good results. Just some ideas :D. Love the blog, I stalk it constantly.

  4. I recently got my package from Haus of Gloi with their new Autumn scents. I am smitten with Olde Cider Haus. The tartness of the apple in conjunction with the woodsy oak and softness of vanilla is perfect.
    I can’t wait to get my hands on (no pun intended..okay maybe a little bit) One Hand Washes The Other’s new scents.
    I saw your convo with pixiwoo on my timeline and fangirled for you. Not even kidding haha.
    Oh man hot small space with lots of people really makes me uneasy glad to hear you’re channeling it into such cool projects.
    Ughh that email seriously made me upset, why is it so hard for companies to understand good customer service and to just not suck in general.
    That hand soap is cute and creepy. Awesome
    I am not sure I know of any greige lipsticks but I was curious so I tried making them with my OCC Liptars and made greige! I mixed Tarred and Feathered to get grey. It was a cool tone almost blue grey. Then I mixed in Katricia (dusty purple) and Saftey Orange to warm it up and since orange and purple made a warm beige color I combined the two mixtures and got griege. 🙂
    As for requests maybe your favorite Halloween treats?

  5. OCC lip tar in Uber is a taupe/ greige, so not a color I could pull off but it looks so nice on some people.

    I think Calvin Klein actually had a color called greige once upon a time, don’t know if this is still available or if I imagined it… too tired to Google-fu lol.

  6. I’m kind of scared for my budget this month with regards to Halloween collections and Team Pink Eye! I think I might just buy stuff from some of the Team Pink Eye participants and place my first order with Fyrrinae, or else I’ll go broke.

    I love October. I can’t wait for the weather to cool down.

  7. Ahhh, Twitter fangirl moments…basically every single time someone besides my best friend @replies me, I have one. Keepin’ it real.
    When I read about the GASP debacle on Jezebel yesterday it was like…Okay, cool, this company runs on arrogance. Their business model is clearly working, because I’d never heard of ’em before.

    I totally feel you on the anxiety. You hide from the post office and crochet away, you hear?

  8. Greige lipsticks: the closes I’ve seen is one from the new Cover Girl Lip Perfection line, it’s called Rush.

  9. Oh god, that letter from GASP had me laughing so hard. The writer tried so hard to sound smart by using “whom,” though s/he used it in all the wrong ways. DYING over every part of that letter, tbh.

    I’ve bought some Autumn/Halloween scents from Haus of Gloi. Olde Cider Haus is a great apple scent. It isn’t sweet because the woodsy smells really grounds it, which makes it ideal for me. Samhain is still my all-time favorite scent by Britton. It’s such an earthy, autumn scent; I love it so much. I’ve just purchased Aracana’s Sleepy Hollow purfume oil, which I hope will be wonderful.

    I’m looking forward to your Autumn/Halloween related reviews!

    • Yes isn’t it the perfect combination?! Ugh I wish I would have picked up Samhain. I bought Saft Ernte instead and I forgot that hazelnut scents don’t do well on my skin. Oh well in my next order I must pick it up.

      • I normally avoided apple scents because they’re made to be sickly sweet, which I hate. So, yes, it’s perfect!

        If you like darker, more masculine scents, I think you’ll like Samhain. Its scent is reminiscent of decaying leaves on cool, rainy autumn nights with an herbal undertone.

        • Masculine scents aren’t my absolute favorite but I do like herbal. The description that others have given it and that description that you just gave about decaying leaves and rain has me sold haha.

  10. I love love love Halloween! Do you have any favorite October fragrances? Have you tried anything from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab? I am really interested in their new autumn scents.

  11. Between the indie Halloween collections, and Urban Decay’s holiday collection, I see a drained bank balance in my near future. RockaBetty Beauty’s Halloween collection seems interesting. I only recently got into the brand, having bought a sample set of the Garbage Pail Kids collection and was surprised at how sparkly they are. She’s also doing a 30% off (total order) sale through Oct. 10th so I might have to buy the Halloween set. ::twisted arm::

  12. Adore the new layout.
    I’m looking forward to Halloween collection reviews.
    I don’t have any recommendations for greige lipsticks but wish you the best in finding one.

    Halloween is truly the best time for beauty collections.
    For perfume: I’m looking forward to many of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab/Trading Post’s and a couple from Violette Market (Chocolate Vampire Bat!). Makeup: I really like Venomous Cosmetics’s Fear collection.

  13. Out of all fall collections I find Silk Naturals’ most interesting. There are eyeshadows, lipglosses, lipstains and cream blushes. I love most of their products, but haven’t tried anything from this collection except for Gigi lipstain (which is wonderful) and the fall eyeshadows and cream blushes have new formulas.

    I know you reviewed several indie scented candles/tarts companies, but none of them offer affordable (or any) international shipping. I don’t know where to get good scented tarts.

  14. Does anyone else find the hand soap really creepy?

  15. I love Halloween & especially The Nightmare before Christmas (yay Jack & Sally). I’d love to see you review more scents; especially BPAL & Blooddrop. Both have interesting Halloween lines (very extensive). Re: Greige lipstick… Morgana’s new lipstick comes to mind for me as well. Good luck! 🙂

  16. Bwaaaaagh I can’t wait to see halloween collection goodness! Halloween ALL THE TIME!

  17. Really looking forward to seeing your thoughts on the Halloween collections 🙂 Oh and that GASP thing was SHOCKING!

  18. Evil Shades has a wonderfully wearable just-off-greige lippie called “Devious Virtue”. 🙂