The Walking Dead


I am not a zombie person at all.  Vampires are my thing, and not the sparkly or Southern kind.  Someone suggested that I check out AMC’s Walking Dead.  AMC and I have a tenuous relationship.  Ever since they canceled Rubicon (after ONE SEASON), I’ve wanted to avoid them.  I’m not even a Mad Men fan.   But still, I found myself getting the DVDs and loving them.  It’s sort of realistic in a way that freaks me the hell out and yet compelling enough that I want to watch, not hide behind my hands.

This look is admittedly more tongue-in-cheek than serious zombie, but I’m still really happy with how it came out.  It’s very ‘me’ and still on the verge of oddly creepy.  The great thing about this is it isn’t a costume, I can wear this out.  Annnnnd I do.

The Makeup

I’m already pretty dang pale.  If you’re not, don’t worry about it.  Zombies rot in all different shades.  I kept my skin very matte and went with my Lancome Teinte Idole foundation (which I needed to add a touch of white to) and dusted it with Evil Shades Matte Silk.  Zombie’s don’t sweat, I don’t think.  I’m admittedly not an expert.

I typically don’t wear much green, green seems like the perfect color for the decomposing look.  Using the Zombie Limited Edition set from Evil Shades, I went with a bit more of a subtle smokey eyes using , dabbed with some pink on the inner corners ala’ conjunctivitis.  I’ll be posting a full review of this collection this week.  I added some smudged liner and a lot of black mascara.

From left to right: Braaains, Zombie Moon, Zombie Girl, and Re-Animated

Using a bit of the green shadow you can use that to contour for that sullen look, or to make it more wearable, just skip the contour and blush all together.  A simple nude lipstick is easiest, matte again, rather then shimmery or shiny.  Or again, just skip anything other then a balm.

For something different, I designed a zombie nail look.  Using Essie’s Absolutely Shore, which is a dead looking pale green, as a base add a couple of coats till it’s opaque.  Then paint the tips a creamy grey, I used Inglot 961.  It’s basically a very messy French manicure.  Then using a clear top coat, dab JUST the very tips and then dip them into black glitter for that ‘dirt under your nails, clawed yourself out of the grave’ look.  I sealed the whole thing with a gel topcoat.

The scent for this was easy, it needed to be dirty.  Morton, from TMTM, is perfectly complex with deep dirt undertones. I get a ton of compliments of this perfume and I think it’s dead sexy.

Key notes:
earl grey tea, creamy milk, patchouli, vetiver, dirt, wood

I will warn you – this is a dirty, morose blend. It’s very beautiful, but heavy on the earth.

The Accessories

Brains.  The obvious choice of head wear for the discerning zombie is brains.  I found this adorable leaking brains headband from Janine Basil on Etsy.  The shop’s been featured in Vogue before, so I was pretty confident this would be a really well made and cute launching point.  It’s pretty easy to wear and it’s not all that gory.  I love how easy it is and it’s oddly comfortable, for brains leaking out of your head…

I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do jewelry wise, but this bracelet was PERFECT.  It’s like Frankenstein stitches, as if someone lost their hand and tried to sew it back on.  It’s cute and comfortable to wear.

If you’ve survived the apocalypse, dead or alive, your clothes probably didn’t fair so well.  This shredded wrap is perfectly deconstructed and ‘zombie’.  I love wearing this, it’s effortless.  A mess and pulled together.  Because it’s so… much, you really don’t need much more accessory wise.

The Rest

As usual, I wear this is my usual uniform of a plain top and old jeans.  In this case, a grey shirt and the older the jeans the better.  I also wear some of my most broken in and comfortable Converse with this.  They’ve been thrown in the washer so many times they are fraying around the seems, but otherwise still in really great shape.


18 Responses to “The Walking Dead”

  1. As someone else who is into geek culture but isn’t exactly fond of zombies, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one. 😉

    That nail look is awesome though, probably my favorite part of this style diary! I’m so tempted to do it, but I hate glitter removal with a passion. >.>

  2. You know I’m not a zombie fan. I do like my vamps though 🙂 I do like the look you put together! Neat!

  3. I’m fascinated by zombies and am a fan of The Walking Dead. I love this look.

  4. Wow what a super spot on look you put together! Love the thought & little touchs like the bracelet & nails. Also Morton is perfect 🙂 I love The Walking Dead too, especially the comics. I think it’s so successful because it much more of a drama/character study than a scary zombie piece.

  5. This is very well done. I’m not a zombie fan really, but I like how wearable this is! And how creepy!

  6. The stitch-esque bracelet is brilliant. “RICK, YOUR HAND, NOOOOOO!” Barbaric assholes.

  7. That bracelet is really cute, I might have to get one. I have got to try Morton sometime soon, that seems right up my alley.

  8. Those nails are AWESOME! Though look is so clever and cute that I want to wear it now. I can’t wait to get Evil Shades’ Halloween set :3 They looks gorg!

  9. I love the concept for this look. I was inspired to do a zombie eye and nail look. I can’t wait to try it out. Alas I am afraid that my converse may die any moment now.

  10. Lurrrve! I’m a huge massive big big zombie fan ❤ so.. yay! I love the bracelet, especially.

  11. I LOVE the zombie manicure!! Fantastic!

  12. I wasn’t really into zombies until “The Walking Dead” but that show is freaking awesome! i’ve started reading the comics, I’m only up to the 3rd graphic novel, soooo good! I too am a vamp girl, but not the sparkly, emo kind, more like the hot & sexy kind, or old school horror. and any look that is matched with comfy, well broken in chucks so works for me!

  13. I loove the zombie manicure and your makeup choices 😀

  14. That bracelet is great. It’d work for a cool Sally costume too.

  15. Love the nails and that headband is fantastic. How they managed to make leaking brains a cute thing is genius.
    Haven’t heard of The Walking Dead. Zombies make me have nightmares. You wouldn’t believe the nightmares I had after watching Zombieland. Also Shaun of the Dead. I’m watching the ones with humor and still having nightmares! Of course I also have nightmares about dinosaurs so what can you do.

  16. Aww the zombie manicure is just too cute! I absolutely love all the Janine Basil headwear, I could spend an absolute fortune in her shop!

  17. The bracelet is really cute, I have a necklace that looks similar. I really love the look you did for nails, I am going to try recreate it on my boyfriends toes. 🙂