It’s Friday, I’m in Love!

Coffin of the Week

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I’ll be giving away a custom coffin jewelry box complete with it’s own pair of spooky earrings each week!  All you need to do is be a random commenter during the week.  The more times you comment, the more entries you’ll get.  One winner will be draw each Friday for that week’s coffin.


Ok.  So ONE MORE update.  Yesterday I got home late and when I checked my mailbox there was a gift card from Ulta.  Mailed from the Ulta office, I’d assume, for 32$, the amount I paid for the order I placed that never was.  I don’t think this was issued BY Ulta.  I honestly think that one of the CS people that I spoke to sent it to me after I explained one of the times what was going on.  I have literally NO idea who to thank or what Id say anyway, but I felt the need to update with this update.  I was very moved.

Coming Soon

This week we’ll see our first Creepy Lady guest post from Erin as well as it’s matching Window Shopping.   I’ll also review part of TMTM’s Halloween collection as well as the Evil Shades collection I featured in my last Style Diary.

I’m going to rely on the post to get here in time so that I can review and swatch all the other goodies I’ve got for you!

Stay hungry.  Stay foolish.

Team Pink Eye

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And yes, I did copy and paste this right from Erin’s blog because she did it so perfectly!

The Links



Do I need these?

Pink eye!

Your Turn

I overheard someone saying today that “there is nothing more elegant then a black bra under a white top”.  Thoughts?

What are you doing this weekend?  Me?  Catching up on sleep!


34 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love!”

  1. Those parfaits look so yumm! And easy too, I’ll have to try them 🙂

    I always thought the black bra/white shirt combo was more trashy even than a see through top with a matching colour bra under, no idea why.

  2. Hehehe. I was like wait…. That sounds familiar 😉 Took me like 20 minutes to figure out how to word it correctly because I get confused easy. Weekend, date night, cleaning before the Hawaii move. Fun times 😀

    • I was sitting with like… six? windows open trying to do it around a migraine and just went GAH! I hope you don’t mind, it was dead perfect!

  3. luving the Pink eye in the last link! Very pretty! And the parfaits do look yummy!

  4. The parfaits are so fun 😀 !

    Black/white – trashy.
    Maybe they were being sarcastic, especially with the “nothing more elegant” 😐 .

    Need them? Probably not. Want them? Well (: …

    I’m celebrating my diploma, yay :happydance: !

  5. I’m glad you’ve gotten something back from Ulta. What a crappy situation =(

  6. At first my reaction to “black bra + white top” was NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO – I’d pictured it under a T-shirt, but after thinking about it I think it would work with a sheer button-down & a bandeau bra. Then again I am skanky and have absolutely no fashion sense so… 😛

    Four-day weekend for me! I plan on laying low if possible (the store I work at is closing down in a couple weeks so I’m trying to stretch out my savings as much as I can :/ I’m going to NYCC next week though, plus the Sephora F&F sale is coming up…blah!)

  7. I’ve seen the black bra + white top a few times in person, and it’s never, ever been pretty.My personal opinion though — I’m sure someone out there can rock it.

    I’m loving the Team Pink Eye stuffs. I donated and now I need to enter the giveaways and look at everyone’s looks!

  8. Oh, and those earrings are gorgeous!

  9. I would say a black bra under a white top could be elegant if done correctly. But I think there are more elegant things in the world, that would be way harder to screw up.

  10. I’m glad Ulta finally gave back your money in some form.

    Black bra under white shirt = no. I don’t wear the colour white but I’ve accidentally worn dark bras under light coloured tops when I was in a hurry. It’s not the best look… at least not for me.

    This weekend I shall also be catching up on sleep, watching TV and listening to podcasts (ones from a week ago. got to catch up before I hear about the plots elsewhere), and doing a bit of shopping. I’m thinking Venomous Cosmetics’s new Fear collection and maybe the special edition Spiced Pumpkin shower gel from The Body Shop.

  11. I’m glad Ulta sent you the gift card, but definitely use it in store instead of online.

    The black bra under white shirt? Ugh, that’s tacky, and reminds me of bad Madonna videos from the 80’s. Elegant is your bra NOT showing under your clothing.

  12. Oh. I want that coffin box and those earrings. Those are awesome.

    You should totally use the ULTA card to get the UD liners.

    I rocked a black bra with a white top back when I used to do my fallen from grace Catholic Schoolgirl look. Nothing elegant about it, but it goes well with ripped fishnets over over white tights.

    This weekend I’ll be doing a small road trip to go to Goth Prom because driving 100 miles to dance to Depeche Mode and Sisters of Mercy seems like a good way to celebrate my new job. Also 15 year old me would never forgive now not 15 year old me if I didn’t go.

  13. I’d always assumed that a person that wore a black bra under a white shirt intended for you to see it. Like the last time I was at Great America, and a lady got soaked on the rapids ride; turning her white top transparent and revealing a very lacy black bra. I’ve done it before, but I prefer to wear a nude bra under white tops now.

    I suppose if it was a slouchy white top with a cowl neck or a tank (like this photo: and it was a really pretty black bra peeking through the arm holes it would look pretty cute on the right lady!

  14. Black bra, white shirt.. is not something I would ever call “elegant” unless the word elegant underwent a radical definition change since last I checked!

    Ooh! I can’t wait for the TMTM review; I’ve been wanting to make an order but I’ve been vacillating between perfumes. I’d love to hear what you think of some of them. You do really great scent reviews, I always get such a great feel for the perfumes from your descriptions. You haven’t steered me wrong yet!

  15. Grey, wow, thanks so much! those earrings are fabs and the coffin box, too cute!

  16. Uh, that person was wrong O_O Black bra under white top … manages to be trashy and boring at the same time!

    Thanks for posting my (and all the other teammies!) link for TPE 🙂

  17. I won’t lie: when I was younger and MUCH thinner, I went around in white tank tops with black bras all the time. Mostly it was just around to friends’ places, or to Wal-Mart in the middle of the night, or out to a dive bar, but that’s pretty much the only places I went back then anyway. These days my underwear consists of some serious shape wear. Now *that’s* elegant.

    The coffin box is adorable! So are the earrings,though I’d have to rig up some way to get them to work with rather large holes.

  18. Glad that ULTA debacle finally got settled.

    That coffin is ADORBZ. *has a jealousy*

  19. Well it would depend on the person. I can see someone like Dita von Teese pulling it off with just a hint of brassiere showing over the top of a low cut sweetheart neck line. Or if someone can rock the naughty secretary/librarian look and it’s a matter of cut in the front rather than opacity of the shirt. Otherwise, no. I mean I totally wear blacks bras under white shirts depending on what I pull out of the closet/dresser first, but since I don’t own any clothing where you can see what sort of undergarments I’m wearing underneath, it’s not a concern. Not a fan of sheer anything, actually.

  20. thanks for the giveaway links!

    i still can’t like the black bra white shirt. i’m probably too old…

  21. Ehh, I don’t know about the black bra/white shirt thing. I’m not really a fan of visible bras under clothing, no matter what. Underwear is meant to be just that, UNDERwear. But I’m sure there are plenty of examples to prove it can look nice.

  22. Black bra and white top, elegant? Nonono. Just…no. Visible bras can be done well with certain looks, such as under an artfully shredded top, but even that I wouldn’t call “elegant”, more edgy than anything.

  23. I feel not very pretty with a visible bra full stop, but I have seen a black bra white top done well – the trick is to use a really heavy white top. You only want a peek at the bra, enough to be enticing. I’d never call that look elegant however, unless the lady in question is elegant.

    Good news about Ulta! 😀 And I am not doing anything this weekend, because this week was Crusin’ the Coast!

    • And oh, gods, I must have been the only one buying “Ravens and Writing Desks” because that is my everyday eyeshadow color. *cries*

      *off to find a replacement*

  24. A black bra under a white top? Ew!

    I used to be extremely anti aver having bra straps showing, but now that I’ve gotten older (and less hung up about it), *and* now that there are companies who actually make cute bras in sizes that fit me, I don’t care so much anymore. Having a plane nude strap stick out still give me the heebie-jeebies, but if it’s a hot pink strap with lacy decoration or something, that’s okay in my book nowadays.

  25. Man, I wish I wasn’t so afraid of calling a company’s customer service, maybe I could have guilt-tripped an Ulta employee into giving me something to make up for all their BS. Well, at least somebody has the stones to speak up, good for you! And good for random-Ulta-employee-who-believes-in-customer-service-done-right-and-might-get-fired-or-at-least-reprimanded-for-it!

    Oddly, those parfaits are not tempting me. What’s wrong with me?

    I agree that “nothing more elegant…” sounds sarcastic. I think it looks fabulous, but could certainly think of many things that are more elegant.

  26. I think it look trashy to see a black bra under a white shirt. Or any colored bra under a white shirt for that matter.

  27. Um…I wouldn’t call it “elegant,” no. I’m not opposed to it, but it’s definitely not something for fancy dinner parties.
    I dunno about the Naked set, but I’m saving up for the Electric set. If I ever run out of Perversion I will NOT be a happy camper.

  28. This earrings are so cute!

    Ive actually rocked the black bra/white shirt quite a bit. I cant really say its an elegant look. I have to wear a lot of band shirts because I run a promotions group and we usually wear them all ripped up. We usually do promo for local metal bands and most of us tend to sway gothy/punky so it’s not really frowned upon.