Zombie! Evil Shades Halloween Collection – 2011

The zombie apocalypse is here and it’s invading my blog.

When I saw that Andrea was releasing a limited edition zombie collection, I knew I needed it.  I wasn’t able to afford full size, but her sample sizes are REALLY generous and come packaged in clamshells.  I know, people don’t seem to like them but I really prefer them over baggie samples.

From left to right: Zombie Moon, Zombified, Re-Animated, Living Dead Zone, Braaains, and Zombie Girl

Zombie Moon is a shimmering silver with a subtle gold shift and gold and orange sparkle.

Zombified is a metallic orange with soft pink shimmer that peek out when you least expect.

Re-Animated is nearly impossible to describe or truly capture on camera…it is a red/brown base that looks purple in some lighting and black with a hint of red or purple in other light. It has a green shimmer that changes from a grassy green to an aqua depending on the tone the base color is reflecting. It’s beautiful and complex and very strange at the same time.

Living Dead Zone is a matte red base with a shimmery orange shift.

Braaains is a rosey metallic pink with green shimmer.

Zombie Girl is zombie green with a sweet pink shift.

ES shadows are always creamy, rich, and deeply pigmented.  These I swatched wet and they are AMAZING.  I’m wearing Re-Animated as a liner and it makes my weird brown eyes look golden and I love it.  In a horrible turn of events I knocked my Living Dead Zone off the counter and all over the teal rug in my bathroom and when I washed it, it stayed red in that spot.  Actually, it looks like a giant blood spot…


23 Responses to “Zombie! Evil Shades Halloween Collection – 2011”

  1. This collection is on my to buy list. I have to have the gloss in those super cute tubes.

  2. I really, really love Re-Animated! I’m constantly window-shopping on the Evil Shades site but I never have any money.

  3. I’ve been so tempted with this collection especially by Living Dead Zone.. and I have to admit I mostly want the gloss just for the tubes. 🙂

    I’ve been spending a bit though, so many great Halloween collections, so little cash! Also, I suddenly decided I needed orange shoes so spent some money on that little peccadillo.

  4. Aaawwww sorry about your poor rug!
    But my is this collection lovely! Oh I loves me some Zombies!

  5. I’m a sucker for silver colors, so Zombie Moon is definitely on my list.

  6. lovely colors!
    i like clam shell jars more than sample baggies, but i’m always horrified that they can be easily knocked over and lost EVERYTHING!

  7. Ooh, I love almost all these shades! Andrea’s a genius with color!
    Sorry about your rug : (

  8. Oh I really need to get some samples of these. Re-animated, Braaains and Zombie Girl look really nice!

  9. I don’t like Zombies, so I wasn’t tempted by the collection, but the eyeshadows look great in your swatches. I especially love Re-Animated and Living Dead Zone. And I was surprised how much I liked Evil Shades eyeshadows. There are so many great Halloween collections that I don’t know what to choose though.

  10. The collection is gorgeous! I like that the shades are not typically fall/haloween colored.

  11. These are gorgeous! I’m going to go order them!

  12. Re-Animated looks awesome, I’m a sucker for that green/brown color shift – I have a whole bunch of eyeshadows with it and I can’t seem to stop myself from picking up new ones. The lip glosses are cute too.

    Sucks about your rug ): I am a huge klutz, and I’m always nervous whenever I try to use loose pigments. I spilled a baggie sample once, somehow.

  13. I wish I wasn’t on a no buy, I want these so bad!

  14. Ah, I am dying for Zombie Girl and Re-Animated. They’re both totally gorgeous.

  15. I guess your rug fits the zombie theme now.

    I want all but the orange and red (how many reds can I have, anyway?).

  16. I must have Re-Animated and Living Dead Zone. I can never have enough of colors like Re-Animated and reds. Im obsessed with reds.

  17. I need Zombie Moon, Zombified and Re-Animated. Seriously.

  18. Oh I would love Zombified! If only I had money… 😦

  19. I have this collection on its way to me and am terribly excited to play with it. Between this Halloween collection and the ones at Morgana, Persephone, and Geek Chic, I am one broke (but sparkly) person.

  20. I really want to try ES but I’ve already spent enough money on makeup this month… Maybe next month!

  21. Reanimated looks GORGEOUS. I’d love to get these! That’s a shame about the red though 😦

  22. Wow Re-Animated looks awesome! But that sucks about your rug.


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