“I think you have no heart.

And I had a mind once to give you mine.”

The Inspiration

Part 1 of my Creepy Ladies in Literature series is none other then Katrina van Tassel.  With a cat named Ichabod I’m sure it’s obvious that The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is one of my favorite books.  I’ve read it more then a hundred times, I think and I always have it on hand on my Kindle.  When I sat down to work on this look, I realized that although I might have seen the Tm Burton version of the film a long time ago, but I apparently don’t own it.  I worked on this basically from my own impression and vision of Katrina.  It’s sweet and girly with a hint of creepy, which you’ll notice is a theme with me.

The Makeup

Erin’s look and chart are here!

For the nails I went with a simple gunmetal polish, to accent the jewelry I chose for this look.

I wanted a complex and mysterious scent that reminded me of Fall.  I found this one completely on accident, it’s Midnight Gypsy Apothecary‘s Raven Spells.

Captured is a bit of raven mystery in a special blend of dark violet floral spice and berries with essential oils of sensual sweet sandalwood,cassia, frankincense and orris root ,violet leaf absolute,infused with blackberry fruit extract, dragons blood resin,orris root ,real blueberries and apples. A complex potion sure to transform your mind as if it were an aromatic spell cast upon you.

The Accessories

Perfectly pink, this shawl is delicate and lacy, until you look at it closely and realize it’s comprised of a spiderweb, with the perfect twinkling of a grey metallic thread.

The jewelry was inspired by the shawl.  I used pink pearls and gunmetal spiders to make a collection of simple pieces.  The earrings are the focus here.

Katrina strikes me as a bow sort of girl, very sweet and innocent.  I was pretty happy to find this one, it’s well made and not TOO juvenile for me to wear.

The Rest

I went with something pretty girly this time, although technically it is still my uniform of a white top, jeans, and Converse.  This time it’s a lace panel white top, but I don’t do button ups or collars, so this shirt is perfect.  The jeans are worn in, but not ragged, and the shoes the perfect pink!  You could very easily switch it up and go with a black boot to make it more gothy/vamp.


17 Responses to “Katrina”

  1. I’m still loving those earrings!!

  2. I kinda like that movie. It’s gory and yet funny – which is like the book I think. I read the story for the first time last Halloween but I remember laughing. Of course I also have a weird sense of humor.

    I’m wearing gunmetal polish right now – loving it!

    And your earrings are the perfect blend of elegant and creepy.

    That perfume sounds complicated but in a good way.

  3. I am totally loving the earrings! those are freakin awesome!

  4. Dem earrings.
    What the hell is dragon[‘]s blood resin? That’s a *thing*?

  5. Oh my god that shawl. I can’t even articulate how much I want it. I don’t even wear those thin sorts of scarves (they like to get tangled on my glasses/earrings/hair/face/everything). But it’s soooo pretty.

  6. I love those earrings! You have a great eye for jewellery.

    Sleepy Hollow is one of my favorite stories and I love the Tim Burton version – it has replaced the Disney short film as my favorite adaptations (Sorry Bing!) and is one of my fav spooky movies.

  7. I need those earrings. Classically creepy. Wonderful!

  8. Gorgeous! I love Sleepy Hollow ❤

  9. I would definitely wear this with black knee high boots. I love the look. Grey, where do you usually get your jeans? I always like the ones you’ve posted and after losing 40lbs im on the hunt for new jeans.

  10. WANT those earrings. They’re the perfect combination of adorable and strange.

  11. Ohhh I love that shawl! I wish she made a black version, I’d buy it for sure.

  12. Those earrings are to die for! And this look is altogether very cute yet creepy all at the same time and i can’t explain why. I dig it 😀