It’s Friday, I’m in Love!

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I’ve been on a sewing spree.  We’ve been going through the garage, packing and repacking, and I ran across a ton of fabric I forgot I had.  I love shopping my stash.  I pulled a few scraps to make some scarves/cowls and I’ve spent some time working some stuff up.

I’ve also been cruising along amazingly with the crochet.  I’m working on a few projects.

Bonus Style Diary Sneak Peek

I’m working on a couple of craft book reviews!  I’m really excited to add new features to the blog.  It makes sense to me to add these sort of topics to grow the fashion aspect of things around here.

Coming Soon


Oh, wow.  I have a TON of perfume reviews to work on.  SO MANY.  My sniffer stopped working.  Yesterday, however, I got my sample order from LuckyScent, based on a recommendation from Glowy Joey Bunny.  I ordered a few really peculiar scents that I’m considering reviewing.

The Links

Do I want these?

I DO want this.

I love this.  I have this doll.

My new favorite Tumblr.

This was very uplifting.

So. Adorable.

Your Turn

  1. I want to see this movie, but serious question… is it just me or do a lot of girls REALLY knowingly date two guys at once and think it’s alright?
  2. What movies are you looking forward to?
  3. What is your favorite movie for LOTD/EOTD inspiration?


22 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love!”

  1. I’d say some girls date two guys at once, but not often do they make sure the two guys know about it 🙂

    • There is one scene in the promo where she introduces them and I’m like…. REALLY? Sometimes I’m such a prude 😛

  2. I’m so glad you’re cruising along in crochet! I know so many people who start out frustrated, and then just don’t bother trying to continue with it. If you’re ever looking for a great crochet project that works up quickly, I’d suggest hats. I’ve made so many that I’ll probably rarely wear, just because they’re fun to make, and I love them. Also, I have those exact same beads as in your Style Diary Sneak Peek.

    1. I haven’t personally known any woman who dates two people at once, unless they’re in a consenting polyamorous relationship (something quite a few of my friends have been in, actually). What’s more common (to me anyway), is someone starting out a relationship with one person, and then cheating around on the side. I want to say that they know what they’re doing is wrong, but I know the lengths that people go through to justify things to themselves. ;p

    2. I kind of fail at movie watching. It’s so damned expensive now that I very rarely ever go out to see them, and I don’t watch much TV, so I don’t see a lot of the previews, either.

    • I’m actually loving the crochet. I can’t really do lace or anything, but I’m getting better. I’m working on circles!

      I have a few friends who I really respect who are in poly relationships (Phyrra). I just always thought HONESTY was the key to getting them to work along with them being CONSENTING.

      • If you can’t do lace yet but want to, you might want to start with something simple, like a Queen Anne’s Lace scarf (tutorial here: I actually love crocheting lacy things, though I haven’t tried doing it in any superfine yarns, just worsted weight,

        Oh, TOTALLY, re: honesty in poly relationships. Unfortunately, the way that polyamory is probably almost always going to be portrayed in movies is through the lens of people who don’t know anything about people who practice polyfidelity, so anyone who dates more than one person at once is going to played up as a liar, player, or slut. =/

  3. I am pretty uptight about movies where two friends are combating for the same romantic partner. I mean, where is the honor in friendship? Maybe I’m prudish too 😛

    I’m looking forward to In Time (purely for Cillian Murphy), The Muppet movie and The Lady in Black (hopefully get to see it at Comikaze Expo!)

    I think a good movie for EOTD inspiration would be Jim Henson related projects – specifically The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. =)

  4. I want to see the Three Musketeers! *so excited*

    I know quite a few people in poly relationships, but only actually one girl who did the whole cheating thing (the rest of the time I’ve been friends with the cheatee) – I’m not comfortable with hanging out with people who don’t think trust and consent and truthfulness are something they don’t need.

    I don’t think it’s as common as the movies make it out to be.

  5. I’m really excited for the new Muppet Movie. I love the Muppets so I really hope it does them justice! I agree with Rachael, i think Jim Hensom stuff would make for the great inspiration for EOTD.
    Other EOTD LOTD inspiration that might be cool would include the Wizard of Oz, Evangelion, and Hellboy!

  6. I’m always so awed and envious of people that can sew. I would love to but every time I try one meellion things go wrong and I get frustrated and give up.

    I did, however, take up a hook and yarn last night with the goal to making myself a cowl. It took me a ridiculously long time to figure out how to get it started but I was half distracted watching the Moonlight episodes I’d recorded.

    That tumblr was great.

    Both of my besties dated two guys at once for a while. Ehh. I dunno about introducing them. Who does that?

    Not a ton of movies I’m looking forward to. I’m curious/scared to see One For The Money. Looking through the list of what is coming out soon – what is going on in Hollywood? Seriously.

  7. I knit, but I haven’t learned to crochet yet. I’m teaching myself tatting.

  8. I cannot even imagine dating two guys at once. I mean..hey if it works for you, great. Not so much for me… I guess I’m just too old fashioned…

    Still looking forward to the Hobbit, and The Avengers, but nothing is really grabbing me right now, which is great for watching all those old movies I keep swearing I’ll watch and never do. My advice? Go look up a couple of those movies from the 90’s that looked interesting but you never got around to, at least you get hilarious fashion and brick/brown lipstick to laugh at!

    I would love to see either a Snow White or Maleficent look, also The Last Unicorn. Also something not animated and very grown up because I just realized those were all cartoons.

    And for the crochet, have you checked out Ravelry? It’s seriously the best resource for patterns, free or not, and since you can check out other peoples finished projects, you can see what yarn works best or sometimes how people have altered the pattern. I love to crochet 🙂 It’s very soothing to have something to work on while I’m being horrified by early 90’s movie shoulder pads and poofy, over hairsprayed bangs…

  9. 2. I rarely watch movies made in this century, but I’m really looking forward to the two new Tim Burton movies.

    3. I’m rarely inspired by movies, if I had to choose it would be Alice in Wonderland 2010. I adore Anne Hathaway as the White Queen and then there’s Cheshire cat, Red Queen, Alice. Maybe even Mad Hatter – I don’t like most recreations of the look but love the artwork of Sandra Vargas like her Lady Hatter (

  10. Congratulations to Chloe!

    I love craft supplies. I hoard them instead of using them. I would love to learn to knit or crochet, because it’s super big with my circle of friends right now. I’m a little jealous, haha.

    As for movies, I’m so far behind I can’t even look at what’s coming out. I still need to see Captain America, and 50/50, and a whole slew of other movies. 😦 Maybe I’ll catch up eventually.

  11. 1. As long as it doesn’t go into the ‘cheating’ category, I say it is okay but I will say a poly relationship is not for me… Plus, I can barely handle the 1 man in my life let alone 2 lol.

    2. The last movie I loved seeing at the theatre was 50/50, I also love Seth Rogen so I could be biased.

    3. I think a look based on ‘The Crow’ would be amazing… I love everything to do with the movie and the comic book. Plus, Brandon Lee was a babe. ❤

  12. I sort of did the whole two boys at once for a little bit, (about a week). It was only because the first one had been gone for the summer (it wasn’t a very deep relationship) and I had just met my new (current) boyfriend. The first guy wasn’t the best for me (at all) but the new guy really was! Before I would call the new guy my boyfriend I made sure to break it off with the first guy. I was very honest with both of them about what was going on.

    I am working my way through a few shows (Dr. Who, Fringe, and a few current shows). I also don’t get off work till 11 and as much as I love the atmosphere of the cinema I rarely make it.

    I haven’t made any of those yet. Maybe soon?

  13. Love that ‘Zombie Girl’ tin – wherever it’s from! I’m kinda looking forward to ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ coming out as a film, but I can’t stand Emma Watson :/ The casting in general is rather disappointing.

  14. Oooh, is that a tin!? So excited to see your review for whatever it is. 😉 I love me some tins.

  15. The kitten and the royal couple were indeed cute 🙂

    Don’t know anyone who knowingly dated more than one person at once without all parties being aware and consenting to the arrangement. Well, no. Correction. I used to know someone who cheated on her fiance, but that’s a different thing entirely. I guess some people are okay with it if it’s not “serious”? But what bothers me more is that friends are willing to go to such lengths to sabotage each other over a potential love interest. That strikes me as pretty low.

    Haven’t been excited over anything in theaters in a long time and won’t be in the near future, I don’t think. I haven’t seen a movie in theaters in about a year now and that was a foreign indie flick on incredibly limited release…maybe if the next Bond flick comes out sometime this decade.

  16. The royal couple’s wedding is beautiful, and they make a very attractive couple.

    1. I agree with M and Rachael. It’s sad when people are willing to sacrifice their friendship for a romantic relationship and they have a rivalry. It makes interesting fiction (like the film you posted and Gossip Girl), but it’s not so cute in real life.

    I know people who have dated/were seeing two or more people at the same time, but all parties knew the relationships were not “established”/steady and knew everyone involved was free to see other people.
    I’m a one guy kind of girl and that’s not for me, but if those involved are honest and open that the people they are seeing are free to date other people, as are they, I don’t see any harm done.
    If deception or cheating is involved, that’s another thing entirely and would make me uncomfortable. I’d lose respect for the person doing the cheating.

    2. I’m looking forward to Cabin in the Woods, The Five Stages of Grief, and Lust for Love (if the second gets distribution in my region and if the last gets made). Yep, I have a thing for Fran Kranz. 😀

    3. Moulin Rouge is the only one I can think of. 😀 I haven’t seen many recent films. I still love M.R. I’m glad the inspired lipstick by Make Up For Ever is an ongoing item.

  17. I’m fine with polyamory, but ONLY if all parties involved understand what they’re getting themselves into. Not a lot of room to be selfish there. Two-timing someone, however, is not polyamory, that’s just plain old cheating.

  18. I’ve casually dated two guys at once… and I let them know that I was seeing other people as well. It was just me being single and having fun going on dates. I never led either to think I was just “exclusive” to them. So does that count? 🙂