DIY Zombie!

My second installment of today’s commemorative zombie posts is brought to you from Brazen Cosmetics!  When I was talking to Sandi from Brazen earlier this month about this kit, she hadn’t heard about The Walking Dead.  I was AGHAST and of course hope I created an addict.  She’s put together this awesome little DIY Zombie kit that is brilliant!  In fact, you know what?  I was just over there to grab the link and now?  She’s got a bruise kit, a devil kit, and a vampire kit.  Evil.

*****DIY ZOMBIE KIT*****
Going to a Zombie crawl? Don’t be caught undead without it!

Zombies are super trendy right now, and what better way to pay homage to our favorite Halloween mascot then to recreate a spooky zombie look of your own?

About the products:

NOCTURNAL: perfect pale white foundation that will create a great base for any look. Apply dry with a makeup brush for pale goth-like appearance, apply with a wet makeup brush or sponge for opaque spooky coverage. Made with natural minerals that won’t trick your skin, only treat. Safe for even kids!

BLOODY BOMBSHELL: no Halloween is complete without the blood! Calling upon her years of theatrical (and makeup artistry) experience, Brazen’s formulator created a natural safe blend to replicate oozy dripping thick bloody wounds that is mouth/face safe. Don’t get it in your eyes, ok?

ASPHYXIA: dirty dusty blue grey shade perfects the zombie look. Lack of oxygen casts a blue-ish tone to skin, so show off your undead self! This is safe for skin around the lips but not on the lips.

EXHUME: dark dirty grey shade is creepy! Perfect for shading and adding gauntness to features. Safe for eyes/face/lips.

DEAD of NIGHT: pitch black opaque shade, like the darkest night of the year..when the Zombies come out to play. Safe for eyes/face/lips.

The collection comes in two sizes, a sampler set and a full sized set.

From left to right: Nocturnal, Asphyxia, Exhume, and Dead of Night

For me, the most impressive stand-out of this kit is the white foundation.  It’s a great formula that I’ve actually already recommended a few times.  It applies like a dream wet, making a smooth and non-smudging base, working almost like paint.  It applies dry, though, like a finishing powder for an amazing finish that lightens your skintone, but doesn’t make it ‘dry’ looking or worse… grey or dingy.

The shadows are nice, very creamy and easy to work with, which is great considering they are more or less matte.  What I did was paint them on wet, wait for them to dry, and work with them blending them out a little with more product on a fluffly brush.  While yeah, they are amazing for creating the ‘zombie’ look included with the kit, they also wear wonderfully on your eye as regular shadow.  Asphyxia is my personal favorite of these, it’s just a bit ore on the blue side.

I was probably most curious about the blood.  It smells like cherry and I want to lick it.  It’s a nice gooey blend that actually freaks me out, cause it acts a lot like congealing blood.  It is probably not best used as a lip gloss, it’s too… ew.

I was really thankful that this kit was sent to be to try out.  I’ve already put it to good use!


12 Responses to “DIY Zombie!”

  1. That is SO awesome! Definitely going to recommend it in an upcoming “Last Minute Costumes” post 😀 Yay zombies!

  2. I’ve so been eying that devil kit! All her kits look amazing though!

  3. OOOH. I love costume kits, even the ones at the drugstore. Oh, do I wish I had extra cash.

  4. Awww man I wish I had known about this kit earlier, I’m in need of a good white foundation!

  5. Ohhhh wish I had seen these in time to get them delivered to me for Halloween, would have been perfect for my costume *pouts*

  6. I should watch The Walking Dead. It’s on Netflix Instant!

    Sandi is brilliant. I love Brazen.

  7. These look so cool! I’m especially intrigued by the devil kit.


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