I’m a Zombie Girl, in a zombie world…

To celebrate the premier of the second season of The Walking Dead tonight, I’m reviewing TWO amazing zombie collection today.  First up is Concrete Mineral’s AMAZING Zombie Girl collection!  I loved the idea of this for the tin alone.  The zombie is oddly gorgeous!

***Only 200 collections available!***

A killer collection of 6 brand-new mineral eye shadows packaged in a collectible zombie tin!

You’ll receive six mineral eye shadows in: 

:: Living Dead (moss green w/ brilliant copper undertones)
:: Blood and Guts (rusty red w/ bright aqua shift)
:: The Vaccine (steel blue-grey w/ bright green duochrome)
:: Graveyard (deep taupe w/ pink shimmer)
:: Quarantine (medium pink w/ purple undertones)
:: Nightmare (electric purple w/ pink sparkle)

NET WEIGHT: 1.5 grams (each)

This 100% vegan collection is$ 35.99.  Like always, the CM shadows are beautifully formulated and blend easily.  They last with a good primer all day on my lids and don’t fade.

From top to bottom, left to right: Living Dead, Blood and Guts, The Vaccine, Graveyard, Quarantine, and Nightmare.

From left to right: Living Dead, Blood and Guts, and The Vaccine

I was sort of surprised by Living Dead.  I keep saying it, but I’m not a green girl, but I keep getting pulled in by these amazing greens this season!  Vaccine is a gorgeous icy shade that actually matches Living Dead oddly well.  Graveyard is my complete favorite of this collection.  To me it’s more purple then taupe, but it’s unique and really wearable.

From left to right: Graveyard, Quarantine, and Nightmare

I’m really pleased that IMO these are easy to wear shades that would work everyday.  They’re not too dark or overly ‘themed’ that it would be hard to use them.  They shadows work out to be $6.17 each, which is a good deal for a full sized CM shadow.  While all six shadows do fit into the tin nicely, I’m going to use it on my desk for something else.  It’s so creeptastically awesome.

This kit was sent to me as a gift!


23 Responses to “I’m a Zombie Girl, in a zombie world…”

  1. Graveyard, Living Dead and Blood & Guts look very pretty. I’m loving the massive amount of zombie collections this Halloween :3

  2. Graveyard is stunning! Yet again I’m wishing that I had that money to grab some LE collections.

    (Also, there’s an ad showing up at the bottom of your post in Firefox. Not sure if it’s intentional or not, just letting you know in case it isn’t.)

  3. alll these clolors look amazing! I love quarintine and blood & guts~

  4. Living Dead, Graveyard and Blood are gorgeous 🙂

  5. I love Quarantine and Nightmare! And omg that tin! =D

  6. That tin looks awesome! I think my favorite color is Blood and Guts. Living Dead is pretty nice too.

  7. If the colors weren’t nice enough, that tin tempts me! I love tins 🙂

  8. Living dead is a perfect slimy zombie green and Blood and Guts is just the best name I have heard for an eye shadow in a long time!

  9. I expected different colours judging from the site picture.

    I like Nightmare, Graveyard and The Vaccine.

    Ant the tin is absolutely gorgeous!

  10. I’ve been wanting this for the tin alone. Now after seeing swatches I may have to go ahead and pick it up. Thanks for the swatches. 🙂

  11. after seeing your post, I went ahead and purchased the zombie kit, I’m a sucker for nifty, shiny things!

  12. Living dead and blood and guts look like they’d make a really interesting combo. And I love that tin!

  13. Ohhhhh wish I wasn’t on a no buy! Blood and Guts is soo pretty!

  14. Gorgeous! I love the artwork on the tin.

  15. Blood and guts was definitely the color that stuck out to me. Normally I don’t dig reds, but that one is stunning.

  16. These are some really lovely wearable colours. Love it!

  17. Quarantine, Living Dead, and Blood and Guts are all so pretty. And I’m pretty sure that I *need* that tin in my life.

  18. And by “need that tin in my life”, I mean I just totally used it as an excuse to buy the set, after I put myself into ‘don’t buy any more makeup for a while’ mode. Sigh.