My Pretty Zombie – A Mini Review


After reading about this on Manda’s blog, I ran over to MPZ’s Etsy shop to order it.  I wasn’t planning on getting anything else, but I browsed.  I admit, I’ve skipped over the shop a few times because I wasn’t all that impressed.  Some of the swatch pictures were not all that clear.  I’ve come to learn that that is easily overlooked if they have a great product (ie Persephone).  The shop’s been improved since the last time I checked, too.

MPZ makes eye shadows, blushes, nail polishes, and some jewelry pieces.  They customize Barbies and make a whole slew of morbidly creative pieces.  My particular style of morbid leans more towards gloom then gore, but I wasn’t overly turned off by it.

I ordered:

Blush in MDMA


I ordered on a Sunday and my order arrived days later.  Shipping was only $1.75.


My order arrived well packaged in a bubble mailer.  Inside my  blush was wrapped in a gift bag that looks like a blood bag.  I loved it.  Also included was my invoice, a thank you, a business card, and a couple of samples.


After months of nagging from Manda over at toxid lotus, I finally made her the blush she wanted.
She wanted it named after her…I wanted to name it after drugs. So its kind of a compromise!

I look at drug names all day long at my day job…what better thing to name a product after that gives you a glowing visage.

Please don’t do drugs though ,okay? They are very bad.

“In popular culture, MDMA has become widely known as ‘ecstasy’ (‘E’ or ‘X’), usually referring to its street pill form, although this term may also include the presence of possible adulterants. The terms “‘molly’ and ‘mandy’ can colloquially refer to MDMA in crystalline or powder form.”-wikipedia

MDMA Blush is a rosy pink with a gold afterglow.

The blush comes in a really great square shaped 15gram jar with a sifter.  There is about 3.5 grams of blush.  The jar is labeled with the company info, the shade, the weight, and the ingredients.  It smelled a little like stale cigarette smoke when I pulled the plastic seal around the outside, but it faded quickly and there was no odor in the bag or samples.  I thought it was a fluke, but someone else confirms they sometimes smell smoke in their orders.

I love this blush.  I love the vibrancy of the color, I love the shimmer, and I love the wear.  You can see in my swatch it streaked a little, but that was the only time it has and I’ve reswatched it a few times.  Still, it blended out wonderfully.

It strikes me as more pink then gold, until you hit it just right in the light.  It reminds me of Orgasm, how it has that golden shift.  MDMA, however, is a very true pink.

I was curious as to how this compared to Bella Bamba, so I swatched them next to each other.  BB, despite being pink, reads very coral.  MDMA is such a nice pink.

From left to right: Bella Bamba and MDMA

Would I order from MPZ again? Yes, I just ordered some eye shadows.

✔  The prices are affordable and competitive.

✔  The packaging was nice and well labeled.

✔  Shipping was quick.

✘  There was a faint smoke smell.

Price: 5/5

Packaging: 4/5

Shipping: 5/5

Product: 4/5

Customer Service: n/a

Overall: .5 /5


14 Responses to “My Pretty Zombie – A Mini Review”

  1. Glad you gave her a try. =] I love this blush, it’s perfect for my skin tone and I love the gold shimmer. I’m sorry it faintly smelled like smoke, despite her being a smoker I can’t say that I’ve ever received anything that smelled smokey. What shadows did you order?

  2. I really want to try that blush! I have some of her shadows from the Heartsy deal she did a few months ago, and they’re great. I didn’t have a problem with a smoke smell, but it’s a little disconcerting that you did… hopefully it’s a very rare occurrence, because I’d love to order more sometime and I’m sensitive to cigarette smell.

  3. I’ve been eying MPZ for a while but haven’t taken the plunge. I think I want to order Thunderpants simply for the name!

  4. The blush is pretty and the colouring looks like it’d work with my skintone.
    Too bad about the smokiness. I purchased several of MPZ’s samples, and they didn’t smell like smoke. The seller was friendly and helped me by setting up a custom listing for the specific number of samples I wanted. I hope the smoke smell was a one time event.

    I have my eye on Rabid Weasel.

  5. Too bad about the smoke smell, although that blush is beautiful!

  6. I really think the smoke smell would kill it for me. Not that I’m saying I wouldn’t give a company a chance because of that (maybe the postman smokes in his little truck, I dunno…) but I think if I noticed it & then read that someone else did too…in a different zip code….that product would have to be pretty phenomenal to get a repeat buy from me :/

    • I’ve learned not to include prices in my reviews, as companies change them often and then I feel it’s irresponsible of me to have posted something else. Lots of time people expect the original price and it’s not fair to the shop or to ME to get hassled. I’ll only ever post them for shops I’m comfortable with.

  7. I wonder if someone at her post office smokes? We used to have a smoker on our route; I’d often get reeking packages from people I know absolutely do not smoke or allow smoking anywhere in their homes. Several people on my street complained to the PO and it hasn’t been a problem since.

    • if it were the post office, it would have been the whole package, but as I stated, it was ONLY the plastic wrap around the jar and nothing else.

  8. That is a very pretty blush! I’d never seen the company before so now I have another to potentially buy from.

  9. I like this company, and can’t wait to try this blush!