The Inspiration

I ran across this iridescent ghost print fabric on a trip through Joann’s.  I loved it and wanted it but didn’t know what exactly I’d do with it.  I never wear print tops, so I knew making anything along that route was out.  Sitting at my desk I nonchalantly draped it around my neck as I searched for ideas and ended up giving myself one.

This look is quick and simple and completely inspired by the shimmer of the ghosties!

The Makeup

For this, since the scarf is sort of ‘busy’ I wanted to keep the makeup simple.  I stuck with a simple nude eye with a winged liner layered with an iridescent glitter, I like Inglot’s Liquid Eyeliner in XL6.

On my cheeks I just used a Sleek’s blush in Pixie Pink (a gift from Anna!) and a Pink Cadillac Pout Polish on my lips.  Certainly nothing fancy!  I ran across an iridescent nail polish from China Glaze called Rainbow which was perfect.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to match this with perfume wise.  I have a LOT of amazing Halloween scents on my desk right now (literally, I have my PA, OHWTO, and OMG packages sitting here).  I went with Geist, from TMTM.

The Accessories

The focus of this look is the scarf.  It’s a black sheer material with the outline of little iridescent ghosties all over it.  I purchased a yard in a half, cut it to about 4o inches wide, and then sewed it into a loop and hemmed it.  I can wear it long, in one continuous loop, or wrapped around my neck.  The fabric itself was on sale 60% off and then I had a 20% your entire purchase coupon.  So I got this entire scarf for under 5$.  If you found it on Etsy or elsewhere, I can promise you it would have been over 30$.

Checking out the beads at Joann’s, I found this string of black and sparkly ones that matched perfectly.  I would have preferred a few more strands to make a few more bracelets, but one is enough.  I NEVER wear an even number of bracelets on my wrist.  But alas, they only had two strands and two was only enough for one and a half bracelets.  I’m sure I’ll use the extras to make earrings sometime.  But for this look, I skipped anything in my ears.

Trust me, this scarf is ‘enough’ which is rare for me to say.  So for my hair I went with a simple satin triple strand headband.  I could easily sew one, however, Gemdrops on Etsy sells them for a price that is WELL worth just buying one.  I have a few of their headbands and I’m never disappointed.

The Rest

You can go two ways with this, both of which utilize the same simple ‘flowing’ white top.

Wear it with your hair up and a bit more elegant and then pair it all with a slim black dress pant, pumps, and a simple silk t-shirt.

Wear your hair down and a little messy and pair it all with a pair of skinny jeans, old biker boots, and the same simple silk t-shirt.


6 Responses to “Boo!”

  1. I have Rainbow; I use it with Models Own’s Purple Grey to make a Paradoxal dupe (which I still dig, newer trends be damned). It’s a cheapo CND Effect without the hassle of mixing micas into polish, I tell you.

    Dude, I keep wanting to see those Inglot liners (and their iridescent nail polishes, of which I only have two, sad face). I forget what they looked like when I was in Vegas ten months ago.

  2. This seems like a really cute outfit, makes me kind of wish for a ghost scarf aha

  3. I have that sort of fabric in a purple spiderweb – I might have to use this style diary myself!

  4. I’m obsessing over several scarves on etsy so your $30 estimate is spot on.

    Love that fabric and love even more that you were able to make a scarf so reasonably. Oh sewing, why do you elude me?

    I know those beads! 🙂 And they have all that perfect color-shifting shimmer to match that fabric, awesome.

    Am now obsessing over Gem Drops headbands. Do they stay on well? I have problems with headbands like this slipping.

  5. That fabric is adorable, makes me want to try learning how to sew again. I just can’t seem to master the sewing machine though! It is my nemesis.

  6. I love these style diaries 😀