Darling Ghoul – Halloween 2011 Collection

Darling Girl has an amazing Halloween Collection out this year!  I broke down and ordered the full set of mini-jars.

Get all 14 limited edition Darling Ghoul Halloween color’s with one easy click.

Packaging: 3g jar with 1/4 tsp of product.

From left to right: Apparition, Bats in the Belfry, Candy Corn, Corpse Candle, and Crypt Keeper

Apparition  (Spectral Shift) – A ghostly metallic silver with a slight color shift from golden pink to a green and loads of pumpkin orange glitter.

Bats in the Belfry – Deep murkey brown with a kind of olive green undertone and sprinkles of multi colored green glitter. Fairly low sheen and on the metallic side.

Candy Corn (glitter) – A blend of Orange, Chocolate Brown and Holographic glitters

Corpse Candle (Spectral Shift) – A sheer light grey with violet sheen and purple iridescence.

Crypt Keeper – blackened antique gold Corpse Candle – A sheer light grey with violet sheen and purple iridescence.

From left to right: Dream Scream, Ghost Light, Jack’s Lantern, Pretty Plasma, and Pumpkin Eater

Dream Scream – the most awesome white pearl with loads of red glitter!

Ghost Light (Spectral Shift) – Sheer teal with a touch of green iridescence and a golden shift.

Jack’s Lantern – Jacks Lantern is my take on the orange glow emanating from all the Jack O’ Lantern’s guarding the porches on all Hallows Eve. It’s a deep black base with a fiery red/orange shift. The combination looks like a blackened purple especially when foiled.

Pretty Plasma – Gorgeous aqua blue pearl with contrasting black glitter.

Pumpkin Eater – Pumpkin orange with loads green iridescence.

From left to right: Scream Queen, Thriller, Will-o-Wisp, Witch & Famous, and Zombody to Love

Scream Queen – Shimmering red pearl with loads of Silver and Holographic glitters.

Thriller – Earthy burgundy pearl with golden bronze reflect.

Will-O Wisp (Spectral Shift) – Sheer peachy pink with a silvery blue shift and blue reflect.

Witch & Famous – a gorgeous plummy taupe with gold reflect.

Zombody to Love – Sheer blackened navy with gold reflect.

While swatching these, I said that it made me sad I only had two eyes, these were all so amazing.


22 Responses to “Darling Ghoul – Halloween 2011 Collection”

  1. Whhhaaaa Your Dream Scream has a billion x more red glitter than mine does. I’ll have to swatch to see but I could just be going blind. Jack’s Lantern reminds me a lot of Meow’s Coffin liner or Accident. Love that redish shimmer 🙂

  2. Damn, son, them’s some cool colors. Witch & Famous (anybody else saying that in a baby voice? No?) And Zombody to Love, ooohhhhh my.

  3. =O so pretty! Wowie ❤ these are gorgeous.

  4. Oh those shadows! Lovely. I didn’t order shadows from that collection but I did order a poison plum lip tint. I totally should have ordered Zombody to Love. *sigh*

  5. I’m totally in love with Bats in the Belfry, I’ve been wearing it quite a bit since I got it. I’ve already placed a second order from Darling Girl although I’m now regretting not snagging an aqua liner to try out!

  6. I would so buy this collection, but I’m restricting my buying after splurging on Fyrinnae and Silk Naturals. DG is going on the top of my future buy list though!

  7. Yay, so glad to hear you like everything! ❤ Thank you for the lovely swatches. 🙂 By chance did you get my email a couple days ago? It was nothing important. Just checking to make sure everything arrived safely.

    • I didn’t! I just sort of switched my mail over and I’m losing a TON of stuff. I accidentally lost a couple of storage folders, too. But yes! All is good!

  8. I bought a few of the colors and I looooove Pumpkin eater and apparition… I used apparition with a blue color the other day made a perfect winter look!

  9. My favorite is Jack’s Lantern. I have worn it more than any of my other colors I noticed! Thank goodness I picked up a full-sized one of it! 🙂

  10. I love everything I tried from this collection – Witch and Famous is amazing and I fell in love with the cream blush.

    In the caption under the first lot, I think you have corpse candle and crypt keeper around the wrong way?

  11. Oh wow. I should know better than to keep reflexively checking my makeup blogs – this is the time of year I can’t afford any of this! ;(