Children shouldn’t play with dead things.

CSNPWDT is not just a really bad movie, or an episode of Supernatural, it’s just a fact. Please note this disturbing video.

Warning.  As I mention, it’s… disturbing.

So Becca, the sick-o that she is, was inspired by this to create a perfume.  Although, I hear she had help.

Acorns, Oak, Vanilla, Apples, Roasted Spiced Pumpkin, a bit of Musk and a mound of freshly-dug Dirt. Sort of disturbing!


I got ALL of the OHWTO Halloween collection scents to review, but this one?  This one comes first, purely for the morbid aspect of that damn squeeel.

When I smell this, the first thing that hits me is dirt, followed by something sweet, and then the note of apple.  When I apply it, the warmth of my skin brings out the apple and the woody spice a little more.  The longer you wear it, the more the dirt reappears as everything mellows and gets a little spicier.

I gotta admit, it’s a peculiar scent and not one I smelled and loved right away.  After wearing it a bit and letting it mature on my skin, though, it’s really nice.

How odd is that little girl?  She also dresses chickens.


7 Responses to “Children shouldn’t play with dead things.”

  1. Britt von strange October 26, 2011 at 6:44 pm

    Oh my goodness. Well I hope she learned a valuable lesson….?

  2. Well….that made me want to wash my hands.

  3. ummm, that was kinda gross but a learning opportunity was in there somewhere. (I’m still looking for it)

  4. awww poor squirrel ahahha crazy kid

  5. I stopped watching at 1:06. Ick. Why on earth would the guy filming let her touch it!

  6. oh gross

  7. I would have loved to try this out, but I guess I was too late. XD Still sounds so interesting… ❤