Thrill me, chill me, fulfil me, creature of the night!

GeekChic, once again, has done it.  This time they’ve released a collection based on The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I admit, I’ve only seen it a few times, but it’s ICONIC and a very unique twist for inspiration on a Halloween collection!

I’m Going Home

The Geek: Frank has seen blue skies with tears in his eyes, but he is ready to go home. However, Riff Raff and Magenta are less than impressed. Besides, when Riff Raff said ‘we’ were returning to Transylvania, he was referring to himself and his sister (lover?). Frank would be staying on earth… in spirit anyways.

The Chic: I’m Going Home is a bright, tropical ocean blue which shines with green highlight and is brimming with glinting green and aqua sparkles

Madness Takes It’s Toll

The Geek: And nothing can ever be the same.

The Chic: Madness Takes Its Toll is a spectral, delicate and shifting green. Madness Takes Its Toll is a complex and ethereal mint that drifts between glowing green, blue, turquoise or teal, depending on where you glimpse it.

Rose Tint my World

The Geek: Columbia was just a fangirl for Frank, and Brad and Janet was just a couple in love. But after staying at Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s mansion, they were no longer able to view life through rose-tinted glasses.

The Chic: Rose Tint My World is a soft, delicate rose gilded with rich golden highlights and adorned with a scattering of matching gold sparkles.

Sane Inside Insanity

The Geek: Columbia very nearly loved Frank, but what did it get her? A big nothing! He chews them up and then he spits them out again. Not to mention, he killed Eddie! Columbia decides that she’s had enough… what’s the worst that could possibly happen?

The Chic: Sane Inside Insanity is a gleaming silvery gold metallic, pale and elegant and sparkling with black holographic glitter.

From left to right: Home, Madness, Rose and Insanity

I love how these shadows are all the same tone.  They work well together and really look like they ‘go’ together and are from the same collection.  They are like butter and go on smooth and blend well.  They are not super bright or dark shades but they are well pigmented.

Touch Me

The Geek: After discovering Brad in bed with Frank, Janet was in despair… until she happened across Rocky, with wounds in need of attention. Well, it just so happens that Janet’s got an itch to scratch, and it also needs attention.

The Chic: Touch Me is sweet and creamy, a temptingly vibrant candy-pink satin with just a hint of subtle red-violet shift for intrigue.

All of our blushes and bronzers contain Rice Powder for oil control and flawless finish and Zinc Oxide for mild sun protection that lasts all day!

Sweet Transvestite

The Geek: Brad and Janet didn’t know what they were getting into when they saw the light over at the Frankenstein place. Dr. Frank-N-Furter had discovered the secret of life itself… and that night was the night his creature was destined to be born. You know, just a little something to relieve the tension. If you know what I mean. Frank may not be much of a man by the light of day, but at night he’s one hell of a lover.

The Chic: Sweet Transvestite is a luscious deep maroon red that pulls no punches. Metallic and opaque, it is a red delicious that tastes like buttercream frosting.

From left to right: Touch Me and Sweet Transvestite

This blush.  THIS BLUSH.  Lord, it’s amazing.  It’s bright and yet blends out to look really subtle if you want it to.  I’m also really loving the lipstick.  It’s a great formula, thick and opaque and not at all greasy.  It covers like a DREAM so you don’t need layers and layers.

This collection is Limited Edition and will be gone soon!  I’m really happy to have been sent samples of it to try, although now I’m trying to figure out which ones I NEED because I NEED them all.  Budget be damned…


14 Responses to “Thrill me, chill me, fulfil me, creature of the night!”

  1. I couldn’t taste any flavor in the lipstick. Could anyone else? I do like the lipstick quite a bit. I’m usually a gloss only girl. It’s a a really bold color that I am working my way up to. I just ❤ geek chick!

    • Mine smells of buttercream, but the taste is extremely subtle. So much so that I may just be tasting it due to the scent. It shows up a lot more metallic brown on me than it seems to on most other people. I like wearing it at full opacity, but it does blot/fade out to a really nice maroon-ish tint after a while.

  2. AAAAUGH I just about had a heart attack when I saw her post the first pictures, I LOVE these ❤ Especially Sweet Transvestite! I could die!!

  3. I’m loving Rose and Insanity! Arg…my budget is still very much in effect but I will certainly be trying to wiggle some extra space in there.

    I only saw the movie once and my strongest impression is that I never wanted to be that familiar with Tim Curry’s junk.

    • The eyeballs on their website moves with your mouse! That is both awesome and creepy. Also making them cross-eyed is kinda fun. 😉

  4. I was tempted by this collection, I really was! But alas, budget concerns say no. At least Rose Tint My World will be staying on so I can buy it some other time.

  5. Oh, how do I wish I had the budget for anything right now! I love Rose Tint My World and I’m Going Home.

  6. T-t-t-touch meee, I wanna feel diiiiiiiirtyyyyy!

  7. i love rocky horror and when i found out there was a collection based on one of my most favorite movies, it had to be mine! the colors are beautiful, so impressed. the indy sellers are spoiling me in regards to quality and price of their cosmetics.

  8. I ended up caving and just ordered the whole collection, after reading this and seeing that you love them I’m glad I caved. 🙂

    Thank you for this post!

  9. Britt von strange October 29, 2011 at 9:06 pm

    Is anyone having trouble ordering with them, it will not let me check out with my card.

  10. Oh my. I really want Sweet Transvestite, Rose and Insanity : ( I might have to be naughty and order them. Thank you for the swatches, etc

  11. As I type this post I’m listening to last night’s podcast of Coast to Coast and the bumper music is Time Warp lol. I just bought Sweet Transvestite because the pictures look like a holy grail shade that I can never find. We’ll see if it goes brown on me but I’m excited to try it and it was very affordable to try it (unlike the MANY other things I’ve bought that were failures…)


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