It’s Friday, I’m in Love!

Team Pink Eye

HOME STRETCH! It’s the fourth and final week of The Team Pink Eye Project and we want to say thank you again to everyone for, well, everything.
Our goal is $1,000.00 raised for Susan G Komen Passionately Pink for the Cure to aid in the fight against breast cancer. As of last night we have raised $512.95. That’s pretty amazing. We still have this weeks giveaways and the products being sold with proceeds benefitting TPE to get to the goal. Check those out here: Ragdolls Bath and Beauty, Darling Girl, Silk Naturals, Glamasaurus, Cinnamon Cosmetics, Chequered Lily, Simply Sweet Skin, UniquePigments, and Whimsy Beading. Our best estimate is that we should have a final total by November 12.

I have submitted paperwork to my new employer to see about a matching contribution. Fingers crossed it comes through and we will have exceeded the $1,000 goal. Regardless, it is overwhelming the response TPE has received and we are honored to have been a part of it.

But it’s not over yet! We have some outstanding looks and giveaways today. Todays giveaways are sponsored by Silk Naturals, Darling Girl Cosmetics, Unique Pigments, The Chequered Lily, Linnaeus Cosmetics, Cinnamon Cosmetics, and Going Grey. Details on how to enter are below.

Let’s get to it! Team Pink Eye Week Four:

Cupcake’s Quirky Corner

g l o s t i x


It’s French For Staircase Wit

Just A Domesticated Glitter Goddess

Lacquered, Painted, Polished

My Socks Are Better Than Your Socks


Silhouette Screams

Utopista Beauty Blog

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See a giveaway you want to win? It’s easy to enter! Simply make a $5.00 donation to Team Pink Eye at the Passionately Pink site and enter as many or as few giveaways as you’d like for this week. That’s about what you’d spend for a single pot and you could win a prize valued up to $30.00! Make sure you comment on the giveaways you’d like to be entered in with the name you donated under (there’s a space on the site so you can donate using a nickname) and an email address we can use to contact you if you win. Giveaways run from the time they are posted until 10 PM CST Sunday 10/30/11.*

*Giveaways are sponsored by Team Pink Eye and respective sellers. Susan G Komen is not sponsoring the giveaways. All procceeds collected for the giveaways go directly to Susan G Komen Positively Pink for the Cure.

Also, head on over to Lipstick & Lightsabers.  Ana is willing to write one of her world famous rants for anyone who donates 10$ or more this week!


For real this time November is a ‘no buy’ month for me.  With so much going on around the House of Grey, I just cannot justify getting anything else.  I’ll end up having to pack and/or ship it and I should probably be looking at what we’ll need on the other end of things.  So… I’M SERIOUS.  I’m sure I’ll keep you updated.


This year I’ve decided to do something different for my NaNoWriMo project. I want to give to children the love of words and foster in them a desire to write themselves. I’ve picked a (sort of) local school, one who ‘adopts’ deployed sailors (a cause VERY close to my heart) and I want to anonymously donate to their school library 50 books.

To enter you send a book directly to the school and then email ME the DC# so I know it gets there. That enters you in a drawing at the end of the month.

This project will kick off on November 1st and already has sponsors like Darling Girl and Evil Shades!  Let me know if you’d also like to be involved to donate!  More info will be posted next week.

Coming Up

  • I’m dedicating the first week in November to exceptional scents.  I’ll be reviewing Poison Apple Potions, Midnight Gypsy Apothecary, and 13 Gypsies.
  • Also in November I’ll be comparing a couple of felt tip liners in a colabb with Ana.
  • I’ll be comparing my three favorite concealer brushes.
  • I’ll be posting a Style Diary every week, including one inspired by Project Runway and one inspired by Dexter.


Gothtober is almost over and I’m pretty sad about it.  It’s been an amazing month of indie reviews, creepy posts, and lots of unusual things.  It was so much fun!  This weekend I have a couple more Halloween reviews to post, the other three Brazen DIY kits and some more scent reviews from OHWTO.  I also have one last amazing witchtastical Style Diary to post on Halloween itself.

Everyone hail to the pumpkin king.

The Links

TMTM has it’s own site now!  Head on over and check it out.  There are a few changes in store, too!


This is is sweet.  I actually ordered the book.

This looks so easy!

Love.  Love.  Love.

This was… interesting.  I tried it and was shocked.

Tim Daly is so sexy.

Your Turn

  1. What shows are you watching this Fall?  I’m hooked on Prime Suspect, even though I thought I’d hate the US version, I loved the original so much.  I’m blah about House.  Castle is, as always, a must see.  What am I missing?
  2. It’s almost the holiday season, although Christmas stuff if out already.  Have you started your gift shopping yet?
  3. Should I have another OOTD contest again soon?  I’ve got a couple ideas.


8 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love!”

  1. I am very excited about the book drive. I’m plotting how best to buy Choose Your Own Adventure books in bulk.

    1. You must must must must must see American Horror Story. It’s mesmerizing. As for shows already out I have made it my mission to get everyone ever to watch Breaking Bad.

    2. Ugh. Is it time to Christmas shop again? I’m just gonna buy gift cards this year, except for the few people who are getting iSomething or others. No muss, no fuss.

    3. Yes pls.

    Thanks for the TPE love!!

  2. Hurray for Team Pink Eye!

    As an English major and former English teacher I am *very* interested in books for schools. I look forward to hearing more about this project. I may even get to participate in NaNoWriMo this year – last year was a total bust as I was just way too busy making gifts.

    1. I’m hooked on Revenge. It is twisted and so far removed from my own reality that it is guilty pleasure fantasy. Probably not a show to take life lessons from but it is still interesting.
    2. I actually started my Christmas shopping this summer. I have such a tight budget and I never get to shop anywhere interesting so when I see something interesting and have the money to get it, I do. I have a big Christmas box where I store all the gifts I buy until it is time for wrapping.
    3. I really liked seeing all the entries for the OOTD contest although that was SO hard to vote on for me because they all looked amazing.

  3. Best NaNo project EVER. I’m in. What’s the age group for the books?

  4. I think it’s amazing you’re going to be donating books to a school library! There’s few things as powerful as the written word – which is why I’m working on my masters in library science! 🙂

  5. Make that an even $600 for Team Pink Eye! Woo!

    I’m looking forward to the felt-tip liner post! I’m interested in trying them, but I have no idea if it’s worth it, especially if I’d be drawing the liner on over eyeshadow; does it make a mess on the felt?

    Castle, Castle, Castle, The Big Bang Theory, and Chuck’s final season (NBC gets points for allowing them another 13 eps to wrap up things instead of just dropping it and leaving the fans hanging, as usually happens with prime-time). And, though I know people are rolling their eyes or gagging, I’m a Gleek. Oh, to relive my school choir glory days.

    My Christmas shopping is going to be fairly limited this year again due to finances. People who know me are quite used to receiving personalized, handmade gifts though, so I’m working on those.

  6. Does the school library have a wishlist? Are the books for young readers, MG, or YA? Literacy FTW!

  7. Sons of Anarchy, the creepy horror house show, house, ringer, real housewives bh. I haven’t started Xmas shopping yet.

  8. All the best for the no-buy.

    I eagerly await the Dexter Style Diary.

    I read the linked article about citizenship birth tourism. Until I read it, I didn’t know Canada and the U.S. were the only developed countries to have birthright citizenship. I know a few countries and regions have right of abode by birth. H.K. has a limited version of this, and my mom says birth tourism has been happening there for quite a while. It really is a complex issue.

    Personally, I’m still for citizenship by birth, maybe as I’ve lived in Canada my whole life and couldn’t imagine it any other way. Despite complications like the above, I feel birthright citizenship is a worthwhile system, as it avoids creating two tiers of residents like I’ve heard about in other countries. Sorry for the rambling.

    Fall shows: I’m watching Supernatural, Dexter, Modern Family, Gossip Girl, and Beavis and Butt-Head. Very glad the last is back. I must start watching The Walking Dead. I haven’t even seen the season premiere.

    Haven’t started much gift shopping, except for myself. 🙂 I’ll be treating my parents to a dinner (and maybe a lunch if I could convince them to let me) for Christmas. I have very few people to buy for, so I’m alright with a late start.