A DIY Halloween

Ohhhh, this Halloween, Brazen Cosmetics did an AMAZING job of impressing me.  I was already a fan and I was SO excited when I first discovered them last year.  This little company just keeps getting better and better and I really appreciate the great customer service that Sandi provides.  I feel like it adds so much to her products, that experience she gives.

After getting and reviewing the Zombie kit I swooned over the others that she had.  I mean, she told me herself about them, I knew she was going to be listing them.  But SEEING them cracked my resolve.  Money was SO tight this month, and probably will be depending on ‘things’ but I justified myself in getting the last three kits.  One is a gift.  The other two were just the ‘minis’.  So… I’m not that bad.

DIY Vampire

We give you everything you need for a badass vampire makeup look (including an instructional chart for easy transformation)- pale white mineral foundation, two shades of mineral eye shadow, & a pot of natural-formulated blood to complete the look. Can it get any better?!

All products are packed in 5g pots.

It’s all wrapped up in black organza bags w/cute plastic vamp teeth! All tied up with ribbon and tag. Perfect for gift-giving!

About the products:

NOCTURNAL: perfect pale white foundation that will create a great base for any look. Apply dry with a makeup brush for pale goth-like appearance, apply with a wet makeup brush or sponge for opaque spooky coverage. Made with natural minerals that won’t trick your skin, only treat. Safe for even kids!

BLOODY BOMBSHELL: no Halloween is complete without the blood! Calling upon her years of theatrical (and makeup artistry) experience, Brazen’s formulator created a natural safe blend to replicate oozy dripping thick blood of a fresh bite that is mouth/face safe. Don’t get it in your eyes, ok?

BONDAGE; Deep dark purple shade with subtle sheen for a smokey eye that delights any girl, alive or dead.

DEAD of NIGHT: pitch black opaque shade, like the darkest night of the year..when the monsters come out to play. Safe for eyes/face/lips.

From left to right: Bondage, Dead of Night, and Floozy

The purple in this kit is worth the price of admission.  I love it and had the hardest time capturing it because it’s so dark.  The black is satin in finish and the purple in it is metallic, so it’s just really fun to work with.  The black itself is a really nice’y formulated matte, which is sort of hard for Indies to master.  You can easily foil it for a liner or use it full on for the VERY dark smokey eye.

The full sized kits included Floozy, a true red gloss in a tube, which I know a lot of people prefer.  I have no preference.  It smells like cupcakes and is a great shade of red that is REALLY striking with the dark and purple of the eyes.

You can read my review of the foundation (WHICH I LOVE) here.  Together, we can convince Sandi to make a range of very pale foundations.  And it will be good.

DIY Devil

Rule the underworld with this sexy makeup collection. Devils are quintessential Halloween- spooky and sexy.

We give you everything you need for a badass devil makeup look (including an instructional chart for easy transformation)- hi-def finishing powder, mineral blush, two shades of mineral eye shadow, a pot of lipgloss and a pot of glitter gel to complete the look. Not only that, we give you another “look card” to create a night time look for after Halloween. Can it get any better?!

Powder & blush are packed in 10g jar, eyeshadows & glitter gel are 5g, lipgloss is 5g pot.

It’s all wrapped up in a black organza bag!

About the products:

FIERCE & FLAWLESS Hi-Def Powder: Create flawless canvass to start with with this finishing powder. Complete with green tea extract and vitamin E, skin not only looks flawless but healthy too!

FLEET STREET: Deep sexy burgundy eyeshadow with a red duo sheen and red sparkle. Named for the bloody location of Sweeny Todd’s barber shop, this shade reflects like drips of fresh blood.

SHIMMY: sexy merlot color chocolate-flavored gloss is the sexiest thing this side of the underworld.

HADES: Deep dark-as-night matte black eyeshadow with red ruby sparkles sprinkled throughout.

DIABLO: Bright red glitter gel completes any look.

LUSTY LADY: dark burgundy blush brings out the scandal in any girl!

From left to right: Lusty Lady, Fleet Street, Hades, Shimmy, and Diablo

If this kit is still available, GET IT.  If it’s not, get the parts you can.

The blush and the red shadow match perfectly with the gloss for this amazing monochromatic look that I LOVE.  The blush is such an amazing color and I love the formula, it’s sheer and easy to work with despite being such a rich color.  The black shadow in this is one of my favorites.  When I swatched it wet (foiled it) it was like black paint.  It was opaque and rich and has such an amazing depth.  Although the kit comes with two look cards, I’ve been wearing the red a little in the crease and the black as a liner, sort of simply.  Along with the blush and the chocolate gloss, the look is simple and sophisticated.

The kit also comes with their Fierce + Flawless high def powder, which I love anyway.

Cruisin for a Bruisin

Bruises are easy with the right makeup! Three matte shades of mineral eye shadow that give you realistic bruises, black eyes or other injuries for all sorts of costumes!

About the products:

OLD BRUISE: matte dirty yellow, just like a healing bruise. The first step in creating your look.

FRESH BRUISE: matte blue-based purple, The second step.

IMPACT: matte juicy grape jelly purple, ouch! This looks just like a brand-new injury!

LORD.  This was an amazing little concept.  I’m not sure if anyone else has done it, so to me?  It was new and completely awesome.

It’s really easy to use, you just find a nice densely bristled brush and then layer the shades.  First you use the yellow, then the light purple, and then the dark.  Any combinations of shapes works, as long as the bottom layer is wider then the layer your working on so it still shows.  I figured out how to make grab marks, like someone grabbed my arms and the fingermarks remained.  I made a NASTY bruise on my cheek.  It’s so realistic it really freaks people out.  I think my one neighbor, who is super nosy anyway, was going to call the cops.  She was ‘watching’ me at the mailbox one day and then later that night I went to take the trash out and she sort of cornered me near my garage and when she looked at me, she LOOKED at me.  She must have been confused.

Here are some ideas for DIY kits I hope she comes up with next year:

DIY Fairy – A sparkly finishing powder as well as a compliment of ethereal pink and teal shades with a pink shimmery gloss.

DIY Witch – A green tinted foundation with dark green shadow and a blackened green liner with a rich purple lip.

DIY Pin Up – F+F finishing powder, a black liner, a nice matte nude shadow and a blue-red gloss.

What sort of kit would you come up with?


10 Responses to “A DIY Halloween”

  1. Sigh, these look so awesome! Had I been in the Halloween spirit this year, I would have definitely loved to buy these. The bruise kit looks especially awesome (I use my Ben Nye bruise wheel all year ’round when bored/I want to scare people randomly). A DIY Fairy or Pin-Up kit sounds great! I hope she makes those =)

  2. Great looking kits! I cracked up at the story of your neighbor,I’ve got a neighbor like that as well. Perhaps I should invest in the Bruise kit,sounds entertaining! >=)

  3. gothique – i’m huge fan of ur blog – i& i thnik i’ll always will be big fan

    of you ………..OXOX

    Shinodka, Upper Silesia – ur fan 4 ever 😀
    ur Cruisin for a Bruisin – wymiata 🙂 Amazing!!!

  4. That bruise kit? Yes. I’m really weird and love bruises, so if I weren’t spending my money on food (sigh) I’d buy it. I’ll have to mix something myself instead, I guess.

  5. I still have a heartsy voucher burning in my pocket but since I’d already bought so much halloween stuff, I didn’t pick up anything from Brazen. It all looked amazing though! I would love a DIY Fairy kit, the sparkly finishing powder would be so awesome.

  6. DIY Witch already exists, darlin’! it’s great stuff…

  7. That bruise kit is GENIUS. If it wasn’t too late in the game for me to get one, I’d make myself one huge bruise for Halloween just for the sheer fun of making bruises appear on my skin. …And I bruise so easily anyway, I have no idea why I want to do that!

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Wow! That bruise kit is something else. And, you are such an original that I could see how a nosy neighbor would be concerned and want to look at you close up. I love that reddish lipgloss in the second kit.

  9. I love the first two kits. I already have Floozy and Shimmy though so I’m not that tempted (which is good as I can buy very little makeup this autumn), but I’ll definitely have to buy Bondage and Fleet Street next time I order from them.

  10. I love that bruise kit. And here’s my vote for fairy and witch kits! (I really want to go next year as Eris/Maleficent.)