Witch Way?

“Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and caldron bubble.”


I beleive that a costume is right when it’s not a costume and it’s just a realistic look, like my Mina collection.  To look real, it needs to look REAL, like nothing is out of the ordinary and the person sporting the look could be wearing that any other day, other then Halloween.  For me, the unexpected is sort of expected, so it’s a little harder.  This is something I would, very honestly, just wear any day (aside from the hat, I’m not really… witchy).

The Makeup

Two words.  Double liner.  When I saw the Brazen lip gloss collection I knew I wanted to pair it with a winged double liner, black with a tart green on the top.  I like how easy it is and how simple.

Custume makeup doesn’t have to be camp or over the top.  I did apply lashes for this, Ardel Fashion’s in 134.  They look dramatic, but on they’re not so much, they add to the cat eye effect.

I’d really wanted green nails for this.  I tried a few different ones but I ran across this Wet & Wild Fantasy Makers polish in Purple Potion at the grocery store.  I picked it up because I’d seen swatches and it ended up being perfect!  It’s a nice deep black with beautiful purple glitter.

As always, I struggled to pick a scent.  There are so many amazing ones on my desk, but the one that seemed the obvious choice was Season of the Witch from Midnight Gypsy Apothecary.  I’ll be reviewing them later this week.

Season of the Witch- “When the Magick of turning leaves and darkeness begins, it it time to celebrate the witch that’s within .”

A dark spiced potion with wooded notes that give way to a haunting incense fragrance. A special blend in honor of the season and the witch in all of us.  Created with coriander, rose, cinnamon,lavender,frankincense, patchouli and black pepper essential oils, infused with golden amber resin, apples, patchouli leaves pepper corns , rose petals and lavender buds.

The Accessories

I love my necklace from Callooh and Callay.  But can I confess something?  I got it stuck on my scarf and broke it.  It’s super easy to fix, but I put it on my desk next to a pile of beads and worked on an article.  While I worked, I kept glancing down at the bats next to the beads and realized I could rework it into something… else.  That’s another thing that I love about these pendants, you can do SO much with them, not just wear them on a simple chain.  I turned the bats into ‘not your grandma’s pearls’.  Unless your grandma was a witch.  Mine were not.  I restrung the bats with some chained pearls I got at Micheal’s and added a new clasp.

For the wrists, I sort of cheated.  I just used the same beaded chain and added a clasp to make a few bracelets.  They match the necklace but didn’t require much work.  Three of them are just perfect.

I think the obvious choice in accessories here is a witch hat.  This one?  GORGEOUS and not at all campy.  It sits at a jaunty little angle on my head and I wish I could wear it year round.

One of the things I think I’m most proud of for this collection are the extensions.  I bought a weft of hair, bleached it uber-blond, and then started cutting chunks of it.  These two I dyed green and purpke and then sewed the clips in.  Instant hair streaks.

The Rest

The first way to wear this is the ‘proper’ witch way.  It includes my typical worn out jeans, but I switched things up with one of my favorite ‘dressy’ black tops and some dressier shoes.  I wanted to lean towards wearing boots, witchy boots, but I thought it would be too cliche, this witch look is more chic.

The second look is very casual.  Just a simple long sleeved black scoop neck and the same jeans.  This time I sort of went with boots, in the form of high-tops.  With this combination, you can skip the hat.


14 Responses to “Witch Way?”

  1. There is so much about this look I just love.

  2. I so want you to come and give me a makeover, Grey! Please?

  3. I love the looks you put together, and I’m glad I’m not the only person who feels compelled to match her perfume to her look.

  4. In Love with this witch had… Amazing I love the look you’ve come up with! I looove the first look the most tho~

  5. I really like the shoes you have with the first look!

  6. Double liner with…green? Stealing that idea, sorry.

    I’m really creepy and a couple of nights ago I dreamt that I saw what you look like (meaning your face, instead of…uh…your feet?). My subconscious is onto you, Grey.

  7. That hat is far too cute! As for the rest of the outfit.. I love it c:

  8. Love the bat necklace and your revamp of it. This whole look is very well put together and wearable.

  9. I love that bat necklace, I’m so glad it’ll stick around a little longer

  10. That hat look so adorable!

  11. I just love that first shirt!

  12. I really liked the witch idea, actually went and got the necklace.
    you know what else would be cool as a style diary? ruby gloom

  13. This is an awesome collection! I love the idea of the double liner, and I really want Purple Potion 😦 Stupid Wet n Wild not being available over here. The shoes in the first outfit are so great and witchy but still ‘normal’ like a sneaky witch 😀
    Thanks so much for including our necklace! It looks fan the beads, so I guess it was a happy accident that it broke!

  14. Love, love, love those first heels and that dressy sleeveless blouse! Who makes them? (esp. those heels!)