Aromaleigh v2.0

Aromaleigh recently got rebooted.  I admit… I was skeptical.  I knew it had been for sale for some time, but really, what is AL without Miss K behind the wheel?

The site is very familiar.  A lot of the reliable AL branding is still there.  While the new owner is clearing out a lot of the old inventory, they have released a new collection and I have to admit, it’s gorgeous.  For those of us who actually knew Miss K personally (and I had that distinct honor), this collection is very her.  It has her uniquely elegant feel and her impeccable taste for shades, textures, and colors.  I hope very much that the new AL is able to hold onto as much of that as possible as they move on.

The collection, Tapestry, was based on the Fall runways and featured the inspiration of each shade.  I wanted all of them, but picked three.

elie: a plush low sheen warm denim blue base with fine highlight shimmer of gold, pink and copper.

nina: a coral-toned clear pink with bright sparks of gold.

miuccia: a plush low-sheen pale creamy fawn shade with very fine highlight sheen of blue, gold and green.

If you know me (and I would like to think you do), you probably knew I was heading straight for the plush finishes.

The formula is amazing, like usual.  The shadows are well pigmented and easy to blend.  They don’t fade and last forever.  I chose these three shades to wear together and they look wonderful.  Elie is lush and gorgeous.  It looks like a simple velvet blue until it hits the right angle and it sparks with pink.  Nina was a little different then I expected.  It wasn’t quite as deep, but it’s still very beautiful and does have a nice sheen of gold through it.  Miuccia is GORGEOUS and a complete must have.  It’s subtle but not ordinary at all.  The sparks through itare subtle and gorgeous.  The plush finish make this a great ‘neutral’ shade.

Would I order from Aromaleigh v2.0 again?Yes!

✔  The prices were really great for the quality.

✔  The shadow formula is amazing.

✔  The shades were gorgeous.

✔  The shipping was quick!

Price: 5/5

Packaging: 5/5

Shipping: 5/5

Products: 5/5

Overall /  5

The overall ‘feel’ of AL is still there and the quality is still amazing!


17 Responses to “Aromaleigh v2.0”

  1. Those look lovely! I’ve never bought from AL but I look forward to what comes next. 🙂

  2. Beauuuutiful. I grabbed 2 Miuccias because I was hoping it would make an awesome browbone shade. Looks like it! 🙂

  3. “Aromaleigh’s founder, Kristen Leigh Bell, will be acting as the Creative Director, and Director of Product Formulation for the new Aromaleigh.”

    I had a distinct impression that it means Miss K would still be formulating the shades. Nevertheless, I’m glad they’re back. My husband needs to grab Elie for himself, now.

  4. Those colors look gorgeous! I missed out on the original Aromaleigh so I’m glad I have another chance to try their products.

  5. I need Miuccia. NEED! ❤

  6. The whole collection looks beautiful, I especially like the looks of Marni.

  7. I had never ordered from Aromaleigh (despite all of the reviews. I know, I know!) so I’m excited to see what they come up with now that I’m trying to make myself start buying indie after spending years just looking at the prettiness….

  8. Ahh Donna, Ellie, Vera, and Marni look amazing! Highly tempted to buy Alexis just because it is my name. I don’t need any more blues! I never got to order from them I will have to add them on the super long list of companies to try once I have money (which is rare)

  9. I’m happy AL is back! I didn’t get a chance to buy from them in their initial run, but I’m glad the quality is still there. What an interesting collection!

  10. You should have heard the noise I made when I saw Aromaleigh was back! AL was the company that really got me into make up. I love all the colors they are providing right now and I am really excited to see the company grow. I am so glad Miss K is back.

    I love the look of Nina. I have been so into pinks this season.

  11. I LOVE Aromaleigh and I also got the feeling that the new collection is really Aromaleigh ❤ My favorite is Marni, what a surprise 😉 I should have my swatches up later today!

  12. I’m on a low buy for anything that isn’t necessary — like mascara when it runs out or foundation when I run out. :(. I haven’t really been wearing anything but the basics, but once I catch up financially, I’ll have to make a purchase!

  13. After looking at the shades, I decided to pick up Alice, Miuccia and Grazia. Your swatch sold me on Miuccia 🙂

  14. Having just dropped a load on makeup I have to hold off on this for a bit! Boo I say, BOO!

  15. I love AL fiercely so I am beyond thrilled about this news! Thank you for posting.


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