It’s Friday, I’m in Love!

The Book Project

The book project will officially kick off tomorrow.  I’ve spoken on the phone to the librarian at the school I’m adopting a few times now.

The school is an elementary school (grades k-5) and is situated in East County.  The district is home to several Marine and Navy housing areas, so there is a nice population of military kids in enrollment.


Once again, I’m going to remind everyone that if you run across a ‘new company’ to please please Google them first.  Ask questions in Facebook groups.  Do whatever it takes to research products and companies before you support them.  Think it’s shady for an ‘8 year old’ to be running a company?  You’re not the only one, according to Google.  Think that is a really familiar color?  Because it’s repackaged, says a reliable source on Facebook.  Your money has power, please don’t forget that when you chose who to give it to!


I colored my hair.  I know, complete fail since I said I was going to leave it.  But I was honestly having a very difficult time being blond.  I really prefer my locks to be dark.  I chose something completely new for me and went with a medium golden mahogany shade.  It suits me amazingly well, although it’s caused me to have to shake up my usual eyeshadow shades.  Do you have any recommendations?

PR Requests

I’m opening PR requests again for a limited time.  If you know a company interested in being featured on Gothique, let them know!

The Links

This was so disturbing.

This was so moving.

I realize this is all packaging gimmick, but wow!

Bacon candy canes.  I’m just going to leave this here.

I think I’m going to try this.

I want this book.

Your Turn

Do you have a favorite pair of boots?

Betsey Johnson – Llola


19 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love!”

  1. With golden mahogany (which sounds gorgeous!) maybe a deep green with golden reflects? or a deep burgundy with copper reflects?

  2. I have two favorite pair of boots. I own one pair of cowboy boots, a pair of Ariat Probaby flame toe boots like these:

    I also now own a pair of Xelement Inferno buckle motorcycle boots, like these:

  3. Holy crap, bacon candy canes.

  4. those are awesome boots!
    I wish i had a favorite pair but i currently have none… i’m down to one pair of flats which will be useless once the snow hits. and no money to buy new boots until the end of the month…

  5. My hair is that color (ish) naturally – greens definitely, deep turquoise and deep pinks

    Cute boots!

    I have two favorite pairs – the pair I’m wearing in my icon (from Naturalizer, a Prairie style boot) and these pretty black Doc Martens (my first pair I ever bought) that have a floppy upper part (kind of like Llola but doesn’t fold down) with a white lace overlay.

  6. I love my mother’s old (1983, I think) punk military boots 😀 !

    That cookie book features some great food decoration… although I wouldn’t eat them – I don’t like glazes, especially colored ones.

  7. My hair was just colored a medium chocolate brown which looks mahogany. We were letting my highlights grow out for an ombre style, but I think I like this better. Thanks for all of the links! Your Friday posts are some of my favorites. I like the inspiration as well as the things that make me think. And, bacon candy! Whoah.

  8. I think if I ever ate a bacon candy cane, my mind would implode from the dichotomy.

    I do have a favorite pair of boots, brown ones I got at Kohl’s last year. The weather has finally turned enough to justify wearing them!

  9. I love my Docs. I’ve had them for three years and they’re still like new. I don’t know what it is about them but I just fall in love with boots.

  10. Hm, if I had to pick a favorite pair of boots, it would probably be the pair I wore yesterday. They’re cheap, black slouchy boots from Payless, with a 2 inch chunky heel, and I love them. Unfortunately, they’re not the most comfortable (they squish my high arches a bit), but I love them nonetheless.

  11. I love my Demonia Riot 20 boots. They’re comfortable, durable and pretty water proof. I can’t survive winter in the Northeast with out them (although I wear them year round). When I did the military thing I loved my Corcoran Mauraders, those boots are like wearing socks.

  12. Sounds like your hair is fab. Definitely try the greens, and I think they look wonderful with purple accents! I have a pair of biker boots that I have owned for 20 years. I absolutely love them, but since I am a vegan now I dont wear them anymore. Wonder if I could find a vegan friendly replica? Any ideas?

  13. Oh sorry for the double post, but the Nars Kabuki sets are absolutely stunning!!! Makes me say “I WANT, I WANT, I WANT!!!”

  14. I would imagine golds or greens would look great with your new hair. I only have one pair of boots, some gold Doc Martins. I really need a pair of prettier ones for when it’s raining and I need to look nice. I’m leaning towards these or these

  15. I totally agree with your hint to research companies before buying. I’ve done pretty well and have mostly remembered. One recent time I didn’t was for a Heartsy voucher. The company had good feedback on the selling platform but upon researching, I found bad reviews and the products themselves were unprofessional looking and badly finished. Only the photos looked good. Thankfully, I was able to get a refund for the voucher.

    For favourite boots, I have a few. These studded boots I got on vacation in H.K. when I was 17. They’re worn out, as it’s been quite a few years, and I don’t wear them much anymore but I still have them. Pairs I love which I currently wear are these Nine West ones with a bow on the side and G by Guess low rise boots with a studded strap on them.