“Roll the windows down,
this cool night air is curious.
Let the whole world look in,
who cares who sees anything.
I’m your passenger.”


Passenger has, more and more, become my ‘theme song’.  I love it and it’s something I can listen to endlessly.  It’s dark and lovely.  The lyrics, I’m your passenger, remind me of Dexter, whose own dark passenger guides his life.  This look is a mix of the two.

The Makeup

I went with simple here.   I used Urban Decay’s 24/7 Shadow Pencil in Mercury which is a silver grey, to line the eye and then just smudge a little.  Keeping the rest of the eye bare, I just used a nude shadow on the lid and a mere suggestion of a highlight and lots of mascara.

The lips are just stained red.  There are a few ways to go with that, but I love my Lush lip tint in It Started with a Kiss.  It’s sheer and not ‘done’ at all.

I think I scared people in a Facebook group asking if they knew of any metallic perfumes.  And then I went one step further in creeping them out mentioning it was actually a blood scent I was looking for.  I was given some AMAZING ideas, and a couple of them were perfect, but pricy.  In the end, for this look, I settled on a BPAL scent called Galvanized Goggles.

Golden goggles fitted with zinc and copper plates dangle heavily by their leather straps from a hook mounted to the wall. Its crystal lenses are effulgent with residual electric energy.

Metallic notes with Indian musk, tobacco flower, and African balsam.

It’s got a definite metallic twang to it and it smells  All.  Man.  I am NOT a fan of the company, though I got lucky with this scent.

On the nails I stumbled across a real find.  This polish, from By String Theory on Etsy, literally looks like congealed blood to me.  It’s oddly opaque and yet jelly like so that you can see the layers of glitter and it’s the perfect red shade for a pool of blood.

You could also go for one of the various spatter designs I’ve seen done.

Found on Tumblr.

But IMO, this red polish was too perfect to pass.  I’ll be posting my review plus a giveaway later this week!

The Accessories

This cool night air, is curious.  With it being chilly, I went with a glove, a crocheted glove in an easy grey.  I’m pretty damn proud to have figure these out.

For around my neck, I made a giant smokey grey cowl.  I got a piece of sheer Halloween fabric from Joann’s and finished it into an infinity tube.  It’s sheer and giant and wears a few different ways.  I love it and it cost me $6.

Searching for blood colored things I discovered these red velvet earrings.  I am SO crazy about these beads, I actually have a pair of Gauge Gems in the same red velvet bead.  These are the perfect compliment to this look, they are like dangerous drops of blood.  I LOVE how elegant and polished they are against the chaos and grey of everything else.  They trick you, really, into not seeing what’s really going on.

The Rest

In this case, my basic uniform melts perfectly with Dexter’s.  I kept my basic white top and old jeans but made the top a henley a used some old Doc’s in place of his boots.


22 Responses to “Passenger”

  1. I’m totally in love with those earrings. ❤

  2. I realllllllllly need that Lush lip tint. I’ve heard amazing things. And I love the outfit. So Dexter but not overly so. Gorgeous!

  3. Okay, I love everything about this. I love the song, I love Dexter, I love the Docs, I love the gloves (I knot, crocheting eludes me), and I love the earrings. I have a bib necklace from Whimsy with those gorgeous velvety red beads too!

    I was planning on going to one of the Lush stores nearby soon to get a lip scrub. Maybe I’ll look into that tint as well.

  4. I really love the look By String Theory, I’m a bit obsessed with franken polishes. I love that blood splatter mani, so so cool!

  5. LOVE that song!

  6. That nail polish is just gorgeous. I clicked on the shop and I am in love with everything in it!

  7. just out of curiosity, is there any particular reason youre not a fan of bpal?

    • Yup. Literally 95% of the stuff I’ve tried from them is so poorly formulated and mixed it smells like garbage. Like an actual pile of remaking trash. And you know how everyone seems to have a different opinion about the way things smell? Every batch is approximated, not measured. So it’s inconsistent. Plus the site is a mess, the customer service is a joke, and they rip you off on shipping. Plus they are WELL known to steal other people’s signature scents.

      Sent from my iPad

  8. I love Dexter and I adore the Deftones. Yeah!

  9. I miss Dexter I only got to see the 1st two seasons. I will have to wait and buy the set when I have money. *sigh* I do love the entire concept of this look and how well thought out it is from the nails to the scent! Love! The cowl makes me want to get crafty. Uh oh world! Beware!
    The nails are from the blog Nevertoomuchglitter here is the post

  10. I agree with you about BPAL – used to love them, but now I know a bit better. Yay for crochet! Those gloves look very comfy.

  11. I’m so glad you figured out your crochet gloves. Now you need to try hats. 😉

  12. Absolutely adore this. Especially the earrings. It’s a very wearable look.

  13. Jill Duncan-Jack November 8, 2011 at 5:28 pm

    I am absolutely in love with Dexter. I watch it and DVR it so I can watch it again. You get something different out of it the 2nd and 3rd time! Your look is perfect, the shawl is just the right thing, like a smoky cloud surrounding you…it is a perfect representation of the dark passenger. Love the odes to blood with the earrings and the perfect nails! Great job on this!

  14. I want to hire you to come dress me. In exchange, I will sing every Deftones song ever to you.

  15. This post is responsible for getting Iggy Pop’s “The Passenger” stuck in my head (specifically Siouxie’s version, which I prefer). I mean literally, I’m walking through the house singing this now lol.

  16. Pretty much anything mixed with grey and I am going to love it.

    Those blood-spattered nails are kinda amazing!
    Those earrings are stunning! Love their wicked elegance. They look both opaque and opalescent.

    And hurray for crocheted! I’m trying to teach myself how to do something similar right now. I’ve only ripped it out once so that’s pretty good, right? 😉


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