by String Theory – A Review


A completely random search (for ‘blood’, I think) turned up this shop.  I was instantly sucked in by the geeky theme and the amazing sparkle.  I’m like a magpie that way.  The pictures were nice and clear and included the polish actually on nails, which is a major plus for me.  Each listing includes a color description and an explanation of the ‘inspiration’ for the shade.

In total I placed three orders and bought:

Warrior Ethos (red)

All of Time and Space (teal/raspberry)

I Think You Call Me…. Sexy (police-box blue)


Shipping for each bottle is $3, which is actually really great, considering that a lot of places charge $10+ to ship polishes.  Each additional bottle is $2.  Each time I ordered my package arrived within a week.


My orders all arrived very well wrapped in bubble wrap and tied with a neat bow.  Each time a business card and a personalized thank-you were included.


I’m crazy about these polishes.  I love how the glitter sort of floats in them and the polish is somehow jelly enough to be both sheer to see the layers and yet opaque.  What surprised me when I applied it was how well the glitter applied.  In a lot of glitter top coats and things like that, the large chunks never want to lay flat and constantly peel out of the polish or flake off.  I didn’t have that problem here.  The more layers, obviously, the more glitter you get, but with only two and a topcoat, it’s still wonderfully sparkly.

It wears well.  IMO its worth the $8 a bottle because it’s a nice long lasting formula.  It’s not chip prone, although it will if you work with your hands a lot, but it’s not that sort of polish that’s all for show and only lasts one night.

The bottles are very nice quality, much nicer then I expected.  The brush itself is great.  You need to shake it up pretty good to get the glitter dispersed, but it does not settle all to the bottom.  It’s not a quick drying polish, although it does dry well.  I worried it would be one of those polishes that stayed tacky forever.  It’s also very smooth.  I’ve purchased franken polishes that were very ‘gritty’ and was very pleased these were not.

All polishes come in a standard full-sized 15ml / .5oz bottle, not a mini. All are blended from existing colors plus lacquer base and loose cosmetic-grade glitters and micas, and combine anywhere from 6 to a dozen (or more!) different shades and components.

From left to right : Time and Space, Sexy, and Warrior

All of Time and Space

Mad Man with a Box Series – “All of Time and Space” is a sheer crystalline minty turquoise with silver shimmer, small and medium fuchsia glitter, and big silver hexagonal glitter. Quite opaque in two coats; if applied very very thin, you might have some visible nail line, though I find that the glitter obscures it enough that you can’t see it unless your hand is right up next to your face.

I Think You Call Me… Sexy

Mad Man with a Box Series – “I Think You Call Me…Sexy” is a brilliant royal blue with silver, iridescent, and holographic glitter, plus large silver hexagonal glitter. Quite opaque at two coats, or great as a single layer over your favorite dark polish.

Warrior Ethos

Where No Lacquer Has Gone Before series – “Warrior Ethos” is a bright blood red with black, iridescent, copper, and red glitter, plus medium black hexagonal glitter and large copper hexagonal glitter. Opaque in two coats, or great as a top coat over your favorite crimson.

Would I order from by String Theory again? Yes!

✔ The colors are all pretty unique.

✔ They actually wear really well and don’t chip RIGHT AWAY.

✔ Unlike a lot of polishes with big glitter chunks, these don’t flake right off.

Price: 5/5

Packaging: 5/5

Shipping: 5/5

Products: 5/5

Overall /5


11 Responses to “by String Theory – A Review”

  1. want! My wallet is going to sue me for harassment.

  2. Oh, I want “Sexy”, if only for the name. That was one of my favorite episodes of Doctor Who to date. All of Time and Space is also pretty awesome. I wish I had actual money to spend. ;_;

  3. I adore this nail polishes and I really want to try them out but sadly I live in Argentina and I’m aware this kind of item can’t be shipped here :/

  4. I’m not a big fan of glitter and hex polishes, but Warrior Ethos truly is something special!

    And I love the way the shades are put together, even though it might not be my cuppa.

  5. All of Time and Space and Sexy need to be mine. So pretty and unlike anything I own.

  6. Jill Duncan-Jack November 8, 2011 at 5:32 pm

    Love these, and the 3 colors you chose make a nice set I should think!

  7. I already loved by String Theory, so I’m glad you discovered them :>

  8. Wai, I want Doctor Who polish! I couldn’t get it shipped to me though, boo.

  9. TARDIS blue. o.o I need Doctor Who polish. I need it now. o.o

  10. Thanks so much for reviewing these, Grey! I really appreciate your thoughtful critique and your great photos. I’ll keep you update on new shades and other additions (coming next week, a Monty Python-inspired trio, and also mini quad sets!). And @Anastasia, I can indeed ship to the UK! I’ve shipped to England, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland so far with no trouble. Just drop me a note on Etsy and we’ll put it together!

    – amanda from NerdLacquer

  11. Oh Gosh they are so so pretty. When I get some money I’ll have to put in a big order!