String Theory Giveaway!

I would love for you to try this company so I’ve teamed up with them to offer a free bottle of Warrior Ethos!  All you need to do to enter is head over to their shop and them come back.  Tell me what your favorite shade is!

Mine?  Probably something pink.  Or red.

You may enter (comment) once.  You must the answer I asked in your entry.

Giveaway is open to the US only, sorry.  Nailpolish is one of those things that are tricky to ship overseas!

You must be 18 or older and a follower of this blog.

Giveaway ends November 15th.

You can get an extra entry for:

Making a purchase yourself!
Tweeting this giveaway on Twitter!
Posting a link on your Facebook!


The winner will be announced soon!


72 Responses to “String Theory Giveaway!”

  1. every SINGLE polish is absolutely *gorgeous,* so it’s really difficult to pick… but if I had to choose, definitely Event Horizon!

  2. “All of Time and Space” looks so unique and amazing! The purple and mint look so nice together.

  3. Oh god. I have this weird hatred of commenting on blogs (yeah, idk either), but I love this polish so much I have to. My favorite? I consider it a victory to narrow it down to two: Purely Logical is my heart-of-hearts love (lime green! sparkles! Spock!), but Entirely Unlike Tea is such a subversive “I only LOOK normal” shade.

    For a new franken, I’d like to see a lime green with purple glitter (or a purple with lime green glitter), or something along the same vein as Antisocial Media, but a dark navy blue with a richer, plum/rust/orange glitter.

  4. Amanda MacKenzie November 8, 2011 at 4:42 pm

    All of these colors are fantastic, and I’d love any of them. In terms of what I would wear most often, I really like “Don’t Blink” and “Entirely Unlike Tea,” because they’re relatively neutral but still fun. I suppose Entirely Unlike Tea would have to be the one to which I am more drawn. It’s just so…perfect.

  5. Is it so wrong that when I see ‘Hyperspace Bypass’, the theme music from the 1980s’ TV version comes blasting into my brain? >D Which is very strange because normally, I hate yellow. And yet, that one is strangely attractive…

    I bet I could get away with it if I wore my fuschia and yellow meisen haori!

    Exterminate or Event Horizon would be excellent seconds, although it’s a toss-up which…

    Posted on FB under Lili Marlene

  6. Jill Duncan-Jack November 8, 2011 at 5:19 pm

    OMG! I absolutely LOVE “I Think You Call Me…Sexy!” And the pink is fab too! Love them all, another Etsy shop to add to my faves!

  7. Either Nebula or Even Horizon…I thought All of Time and Space and Sexy were pretty, but those two? Even better. I love space-themed makeup. ❤

  8. Entirely Unlike Tea definitely wins my nerdy heart.

  9. Ack, I don’t think I can choose a few, let alone one! Ahhh.. Entirely Unlike Tea I think is my #1, and then Don’t Panic… really all the H2G2 are fantastic.

  10. Oh my they are all lovely! I am really digging Nebula. I have a definite lack of raspberry type polishes. Hmm Entirely Unlike Tea is also pretty it is simple and clean without being boring. Want!!!

  11. Cold & Calculating has got to be my favorite; I adore violet polishes.

  12. Without a doubt, Resolutionary has stolen my heart. I have considered purchasing this polish (for I do LOVE nail polish) even though I can shatter my weak, thyroid ravaged nails opening the door to a bathroom stall, like I did this weekend. Sad but true.

  13. I really like Nebula. The raspberry color is so pretty and I am liking the color combination with the glitter. But TBH, I WANT THEM ALL! 😀

  14. Don’t Panic! Oh yes I will be buying from this company.

  15. I want them all but especially All of Time and Space ❤

  16. Wow, I’m really blown away by these polishes! I already was having a hard time deciding without even scrolling down haha. What I chose is All of Time and Space, it’s a beautiful blend and I’ve never seen anything like it before!

  17. My favorite shade has to be Event Horizon!

  18. Argentum is a color that is begging to enter my nail polish collection. It looks gorgeous and perfect for winter. I’m seriously impressed with the swatches on etsy!

  19. Nebula looks like THE perfect f/w polish. With the added bonus of being FROM SPAAAAAACE

  20. I really like them all, but Don’t Panic is such a gorgeous green that needs to be on my fingers. I would love to see a bright bold orange polish, I know they would make something that would knock my socks off!

  21. I LOVE Entirely Unlike Tea!

  22. Purely Logical or Warrior Ethos. I really want both. They’d be great shades for CHRISTMAS!! I’m going to HAVE to pick up a few of these when I’ve got the cash.

  23. I’m not even a big nail polish person, but I would stop chewing my nails to wear nearly all of those colors! Plus, all the geeky/spacey stuff has stolen my heart. I think my favorite is All of Space and Time, but I Think You Call Me…Sexy is gorgeous too.

  24. omg!!!!! Event Horizon is STUNNING! That’s my favorite, but they all are gorgeous!!! I would love any one of them! Thanks for introducing me to another way to empty my wallet!! Love the blog and thanks for sharing your nails with us!!

  25. Beggar’s Canyon caught my eye and won’t let me go. And I’ll admit, although greens tend to wear strangely on me, I want Purely Logical because my love of Spock knows no bounds.

  26. thecandiedmango November 8, 2011 at 8:51 pm

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway! My favorite is All of Time and Space followed closely by Antisocial Media, but all of the polishes are gorgeous. Hyperspace Bypass reminds me of scrambled eggs with black pepper.

    How do I indicate that I’m a follower without GFC? I just started following you through WordPress, but I don’t know what other methods you use.

  27. I love entirely unlike tea. I’m usually one to go for really vibrant colors but I love the creamy color and then the sparks of sparkle such a beautiful combo

  28. Argentum and Don’t Blink are both very pretty, can’t decide between the two

  29. Resolutionary. Mmhm!

  30. Event Theory is one of my favorites I think, though I do LOVE them all. Ever since your last entry, I added them to my faves on etsy, and have been planning getting a few of their polishes (and hope to have them all some day! ) They’re very beautiful and unique polishes!

    November 15th is my birthday, yay! Hopefully if I don’t win this, I’ll get some money for my birthday to buy all the lovely polishes.

  31. Don’t Blink, for sure! Or maybe All Of Time And Space…both would look amazing mattified!

  32. Wow, I didn’t know about this company, thanks. I love the AURUM

  33. Wow, I’ve never seen anything like All of Time and Space, so I have to pick that one as a fave. I like how this line looks like a bunch of awesome franken combinations…that you can just buy without having to do a bunch of experiments on your own!

  34. Don’t Panic totally jumped out at me! I love it!

  35. All of Time and Space is the one that caught my attention, and I’ve seen a few posts about it now, but I also REALLY like the newer shade Entirely Unlike Tea!

  36. Entirely Unlike Tea is amazing, but I also really like the look of Exterminate.

  37. I am pretty crazy about Quasar, but I also really like Exterminate.

    Mostly I just want all of them to line up in front of me and stare at.


  38. Beggar’s Canyon for sure…Love the purple chunks in the gold base….Thanks.

  39. “I Think You Call Me…Sexy” looks lovely.

  40. Entirely Unlike Tea has got to be mine. Closely followed by Don’t Panic. Oh gosh i’m going to end up buying all of them.

  41. I would say data squirrel for sure. Love the fire.

  42. Ohh, pretty…I think in my current mood, I’d have to pick Argentum as my fav!

  43. My fave is
    Beggar’s Canyon
    but I like a lot of others too. Outed by a Probot is great too

  44. Shared on my FB wall

  45. Event Horizon is my fave. I’m a sucker for dark teal polishes, and the sparklies are so pretty. I need to order some of these!

  46. thebirdofparadise November 9, 2011 at 9:58 pm

    I would pick Beggar’s Canyon because I don’t own anything REMOTELY like that one. It was tough to choose just one. Thanks for another great giveaway. 🙂

  47. Hmmmmm, I’m going to say Home of the Untempered Schism. I have too many reds and blues as it is!

  48. I like the No Medal for Chewie

  49. I’ve never been a fan of green but I can’t stop looking at Purely Logical and imagining it on my nails. This is maybe the most illogical thing I’ve ever thought! But it’s so gorgeous.

  50. My choice is a mixture of Don’t Panic, or Quasar 🙂 Gorgeous colors!

  51. I keep seeing String Theory polishes all over the blogs, and am in love with the colors! I just noticed the Oi, Spaceman collection and Regeneration is my new favorite. I’m a huge fan of orange and glitter and putting them together made my brain fizzle out for a second.
    Before that, I think you call me…Sexy was the favorite. Love me some TARDIS blue. Plus glitter.

  52. Event Horizon, I’d have to say, although Warrior Ethos and Anti-social Media are close seconds. What an awesome collection!

  53. Oh goodness, I love Doctor Who AND I love nail polish, and now all of these must be mine. I *need* I Think You Call Me Sexy in my life.

  54. Warrior Ethos and Data Squirrel are my picks because I adore red!

  55. Wow these look great! If I had to choose just one I’d pick Event horizon, but nebula is a close second!
    I do follow this blog but not publicly as I haven’t been able to work it out, however I do follow you on Twitter and have for a while.!/HebrideanSprite/status/135213802022125568

  56. I LOVE Resolutionary! And I shared this via fb.

  57. I lurrrve Event Horizon. Actually, they are all really pretty!

  58. All of Time and Space would be number two closely followed by Antisocial Media…awesome colors, and so unique.

  59. Also wanted to add: I purchased All of Time and Space today. My etsy username is Valentinedoe. And I posted this on FB ( And I twittered it (@missdeer)

  60. Purely Logical is really pretty 🙂

  61. Beggar’s Canyon is my new favourite thing ever. The combination of that gold and the pretty blue sparkles is just amazing.

  62. Warrior Ethos is calling my name 😀

  63. All of Time and Space looks amazing. I don’t own a single thing that’s remotely like it. I don’t even think there are polishes out there that have any sort of similar contrasting base/glitter combo like what String Theory makes @___@

  64. I can’t choose! I would pick either Cold & Calculating or All of Space & Time! Thanks for having this giveaway!

  65. Here is the link to where I shared it on Facebook:

  66. I LOVE Don’t Panic!


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