To Infinity, and Beyond!

Lots of people are asking me how I keep making all the scarves that I have.  I’m so obsessed with this accessory this season and I’ve probably got a dozen sitting behind me write now as I work.

I was going to write up this long tutorial, but I figured why bother?  I found one on YouTube!

I really like her how-to tutorials, however!  Pay no attention to the bit in the front of this where she gives her opinion on what fabric to use.  Sheers CERTAINLY make amazing infinity scarves as do wovens.  I’ve also made a few awesome flannel versions!

A couple of these are actually sneak peeks at up-coming Style Diary posts!

My formula is pretty simple.  I use half a yard of most fabrics.  Sometimes they are 45 inches wide, sometimes they are 54, doesn’t really matter to me, personally.  That width will become how long the loop is.  With half a yard it’s the perfect width to just fold over and sew into the tube, leaving you to have to do NO measuring if you just buy your fabric in 1/2 yard cuts (the cutting counter does the work for you).  All you need to do is follow the sewing instructions!


12 Responses to “To Infinity, and Beyond!”

  1. I took your recommendation of TextileMonster on Etsy and have purchased three infinity scarves from her. I love ’em.

    My sewing machine is completely knackered and I haven’t got the time to make my own right now, so I don’t mind paying the dough for TextileMonster to do it for me.

  2. It’s almost Summer here, but I love scarfs and I may find some awesome fabrics on sale. I’m gonna give it a try! 🙂

  3. I adore scarves but I just can’t do that.
    Needlecraft isn’t for me, even though it looks easy.

  4. I think I’ll be using this tutorial to make a few Christmas Gifts!! Perfect! Thanks! (This also gives me reason to pick up cute fabric I see!)

  5. You should make them and sell them. You know, for those of us who can’t sew!!

  6. I need to learn to knit. I want to make a big ol’ infinity scarf! Though moving to Hawaii kinda dulls it’s use. >.> Great post! I wish I had a sowing machine. I agree with Rebecca. Perfect Christmas presents!

  7. Ahh, I was wondering what these ‘infinity’ scarves were all about! Thanks for the post! These will make great, easy, affordable gifts!

  8. Nice! Oh how I love fabrics. If only I didn’t hate sewing.

  9. They are really neat! I crochet a ton of scarves, and recently started loom knitting, which is so cool. It is easy as pie and it goes so fast! Love to find my fabrics on the 1 dollar a yard table, then you can spend more on the embellishments! Happy sewing!

  10. Thanks for this post. I just whipped one out yesterday with a knit fabric that I had in my stash and it turned out great. These are the perfect accessory in Nor Cal where it’s cool in the winter but not so cold that you need a full-on knitted scarf. Love it!

  11. LOVE that pink eyelash fabric. Spectacular!