It’s Friday, I’m in Love!


Going Grey

I’ve started to experiment with setting up my shop a bit more.  You can click the link on the side to pre-order the bags I have available.

I’m going to be adding one of a kind jewelry pieces (earrings with spikes and crystals) and the very requested scarves in December, so keep an eye out.  I also will be taking custom orders!  I’m struggling with what direction I want to take things, so I plan on sitting down to work on developing a stronger strategy sometime this week!

by String Theory

Don’t forget to enter my by String Theory giveaway!  It closes next Tuesday!

A couple people have wondered what these polishes would look like with a matte topcoat and I was curious myself!  What do yo think?


The Book Project

Please participate in my Book Project by helping me donate books to a local school library.

Prizes will be donated from Evil Shades as well as Darling Girl!


I’m always trying to improve things around here.  I want things to be interesting, content driven, and readable.  I’ve been trying to incorporate more images, better swatches, and more information. Id like this site to have more of a uniform voice and more of me in it.

I’ve come up with a new schedule that I think might work well for me.  Each week will kick off with a Style Diary on Monday and then the rest of the week will follow up along that theme with either reviews from the look or other posts inspired by it.  This weeks was all about The Passenger and the polish and accessories featured.  I know sometimes things won’t always ‘work’, but I just sort of like the idea.  Hopefully I won’t feel so rushed or pressured to post and this gives me a day or so off.

The Links

Ichabod would not allow this.  I tried.


Project Accessory, episode 3.  I didn’t realize Kelly Osbourne was the guest judge this week.  She actually replied to my tweet earlier this week!

Morgana makes a dupe called Totally Tubular!

Dragon bread.

Your Turn

  1. What is one thing that will absolutely keep you from every ordering from an indie shop?
  2. Is there ever an instance in which you have an indie a second chance and shouldn’t have?


19 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love!”

  1. Love the hat in that look – bought a similar one and am just waiting for it to get cold enough to wear it.

    I am soooooo excited for your shop – scarves! My weakness!

    Finally visited By String Theory’s shop today and what neat products! I’m impressed.

    Love the idea of your look and then posts about things within it. I frequently find myself hunting down things you use, wanting more info on them.

    What would keep me from ordering? A few things. There’s a shop run by someone I know and her shipping prices are insane and that has kept me from ever buying from her despite how much I want a couple of things from her shop.

    Also I had to break down and buy Curiouser from Latherati since they are semi-closing and I was reading your old posts about the scent and how you liked it. All. Your. Fault. 😉

  2. what polish did you use to matify?
    also if you’re lookinbg for direction, you can always sell stuff you made and feature in your style diaries…

  3. I love the earrings idea. The picture you have posted has my name written all over it.
    I already like the way glittery polishes look under matte topcoats. Can’t describe why, but it fascinates me.

  4. Dang, I like those polishes even more with a matte topcoat. Thanks for swatchin’ the matteness!

  5. Those earrings. Divine.

  6. Well, I have found places where I work, like government and corporations to have a lot of politics and sometimes a lot of drama that make it difficult to work there. But, the customer never sees the conflict in most cases. With a small company/indie shop, it seems like the drama becomes pretty apparent if it exists, and apparent in a big and public way. I could see why this might deter some people.

    One thing about Indie that I don’t like is that many of the new startups don’t have established reputations, business practices, cleanliness standards and whatnot. What prevents me from wanting to take a chance on a new company is the above that I’ve listed. Reading about the 2 or 3 unethical people who put unsafe ingredients in their products and steal money from their customers or are rude to their customers really puts me off. For me to consider trying a new indie company for makeup, I need to see reviews from a lot of people I trust over a long period of time before I will even consider it. The only ones I’ve ordered from are Meow, Aromaleigh, and Fyrinnae, and I really like all of those companies. I would consider trying Silk Naturals, too. But, I’m not interested in products from these Etsy shops because of what I’ve listed above. I did order some foundation samples from an Indie company — don’t remember which one, and it was too complicated. I don’t really like a complicated process unless people I respect break it down for me. If I want something new and unique, I’m fine with the companies I’ve listed in this email. It would be a surprise if one of the other Indie companies made something better than these guys.

    • And, the truth is that I can’t really wear dramatic or bright eye makeup very often anyway. I’m over 40 and I work in an office with all guys, and my preference when I kick it up a notch is a brighter eyeliner or a smokier look. I have beautiful makeup from Aromaleigh, Fyrinnae, and Meow already. :).

  7. Oh, and by the way, I LOVE your shoes in your profile picture — with the skulls. Those are smokin’ hot!

  8. I wanted to thank you Grey, for the nod to Veteran’s Day. I am a Veteran of the Iraq war and I was injured there. I appreciate you remembering. Now to answer your questions, I won’t order from a shop that is obviously against my moral fortitude. For example, an eye shadow color named “stupid bit@#h” or “Cheap Slut” will send my packing even if I like it. Those are made up examples but you get the idea. i guess the main thing with me is customer service. if it sucks I politely go elsewhere!

  9. I like them even more matte!

    And the dragon bread is adorable 🙂 !

  10. Oh, I noticed she was making the apple pie with apples she got for Chuseok, which is Korean Thanksgiving! I was there (South Korea) in 2001 for Chuseok. What a wonderful celebration with tons of yummy Korean food!

  11. I’m wearing “Exterminate” mattified right now! But my matte top coat suuuuucks (a Maybelline that’s about ten years old) — I’ll have to get the China Glaze one! I’m always reading about how great OPI’s matte is, but they or their parent company do animal testing, so I really don’t want to buy from them.

    And things that make me nervous about buying indie — if the product listings are poorly written, and/or don’t include the basic info you’d need (without having to ask) like item size, what it’s made of, etc. That just makes me think there’s a very good chance the seller is an utter moron…and how happy am I going to be with a product made by a doofus? Probably not very.

  12. Thank you for the remembrance-themed outfit; this granddaughter of a veteran sometimes worries that it’s turning into nothing more than a store sale day in the US. The swatches are more or less the colours of both my flags, too!

    1. What is one thing that will absolutely keep you from every ordering from an indie shop?

    Crass or offensive product naming and marketing. There’s nothing edgy about naming shades along the lines of ‘Tw*t Pink’ or ‘Slutty Scarlet’, and I despise the faux-feminist attitude that usually comes along with it.

    2. Is there ever an instance in which you have an indie a second chance and shouldn’t have?

    Yes; I made the mistake of ordering from a company a second time after the first had left me waiting for my order with no communication for over a month. The second (and absolute last) time, it didn’t take a month — it took over two months. Not a single word from the seller, no matter whether I emailed her, posted on her always-updated FB page or sent her a convo. She’s very popular with the beauty blogging crowd, so I can only guess that I received the service I did because I lacked publicity power for her. It’s nice that she’s doing well enough not to need new customers.

  13. 1. What is one thing that will absolutely keep you from ever ordering from an indie shop?

    Cosigned on refusing to by from a shop with products that have offensive product names. Also, if the brand’s marketing trumps the product’s actual quality or is so… overwhelmingly in your face that it puts me off from looking at everything else. Offensive to me also includes cutesy misspellings of words (buy our PinnnK Peyewk LipBOMB!) or when product names describe bodily functions (like Monkey Farts lotion. I don’t care if it’s really banana scented just… gross.).

    But also? If a product just has straight-up ugly packaging. I have no problem with a plain black or clear pot of eyeshadow sitting on my vanity. But I’m not down with something that looks embarrassingly bad. Or has a label that looks like they spun a roulette wheel of free fonts, and then got their 8 year old sister to make them a company mascot because they spent their entire budget on a metal lip bullet mold.

  14. The earrings are gorgeous and my style. I look forward to your new creations being released in December.

    Hooray for Twitter! Moments like that are so delightful.

    Things which make me nervous about buying from a shop: bad customer service/bad attitude and policies I don’t agree with. If a shop owner “calls out” a customer, another shop, a beauty blogger, etc. I won’t buy from them. It’s unprofessional and makes me worry the shop owner will talk about me if my transaction goes less than perfect.

    A policy which makes me reluctant to buy from a shop is a not responsible for lost or damaged items clause. It doesn’t sit right with me. From what I’ve heard on Etsy, it’s not legal, and shops are responsible for getting merchandise to a customer in good order. If an item is damaged or lost, it isn’t the shop owner’s fault but the customer is not at fault either and is paying for an actual item, not the high chance they may get an item. I’ve purchased from shops with this term back when I started buying. After a bad experience and seeing shop owner forum input on the issue, I don’t buy from stores with this policy anymore. On a positive side, it’s helped me with controlling my spending habits.

  15. 1. What is one thing that will absolutely keep you from ever ordering from an indie shop?

    Negative reviews, bad photos and I am more wary of not purchasing make up unless there are swatches because of color inaccuracies.


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