Poppy King for No. 7

She’s renowned for creating a daring range of lip products born from her love affair with lipstick and designed to make every woman feel special. Now she’s collaborated with No7 to create a gorgeous range of must-have lipsticks and glosses.

I was lucky enough to have met Poppy King a couple of years ago and what stuck with me most about her was how honestly friendly she seemed. When I saw this collection at Target the other day, I was really excited to be able to try them out! The display was so small, I almost missed them. There were no swatches and no testers and I will NEVER open a product in the store to look at it, just on principle.

I judged my choices based on the (very bad) shades on the bottom of the boxes and picked Glamour and Intrigue.


I have no idea who she is, but I adore this model.

Each lipstick come in lavender satin aluminum tubes and contain 3.5 grams or .12 ounces of lipstick.  I got mine on sale (25% off), but they normally retail about 10$ each.  It’s a little steep for me to pay for lipstick, but I assumed that being a Poppy King lipstick, it would be worth it!

I was disappointed.

I was expecting a very nice creamy and opaque lipstick and instead I got a sheer tint of color.  Upon reading the copy on the No. 7 site closer, I catch a few times where it’s referenced that you could ‘layer’ the color.  In fact you need to to get a solid color.  As a casual lipstick, it’s nice though.  I supposed it’s easier for a lipstick novice to wear a sheer color.  It’s a light formula and nondrying.  It wore well, but it’s not terribly long lasting.

From left to right : Glamour and Intrigue


Glamour is fun. It doesn?t take itself too seriously and it is inherently cheeky. Wearing lip colour is such a simple and glamorous action that is fun so I designed a flirty pink for this shade. This shade is a great place to start if you are currently wearing too much nude or bright red – this Antique Doll shade is simply gorgeous.


For over a century now women have been intrigued by the ritual art of dressing up their lips. For this look I designed a subtle pinkish nude that is incredibly flattering without being fussy. The right lip colour will light up your skin and hair ? giving you a stunning glow – Intrigue is the colour of natural lips, but bolder and brighter.

The colors were nothing like I expected.  The pink wasn’t as ‘flirty’ as I expected and does indeed seem ‘antique’.  Intrigue was NOTHING like I expected.  I thought for sure based on the color on the box and the description on the site it would be a lovely nude.  It comes off more mauve/raisin.

Would I purchase Poppy King for No 7 lipstick again? No.

✘ The price is a little more then I like to pay for ‘drug store’ lipstick.

✘ I was pretty disappointed in the colors.

✘ The formula was MUCH sheerer then I expected.

✔ The formula is very nice.

Price: 3/5

Packaging: 5/5

Pigmentation: 3/5

Formula: 4/5

Overall .75 /5


11 Responses to “Poppy King for No. 7”

  1. Pity. There are less expensive drugstore lipsticks with more opaque coverage and interesting colors. These two just seem blah to me.

  2. The model is such a charming one!

  3. I picked up No. 4 Seduction, which is a cool-toned berry wine when applied on me; though it looks more dark brownish in the tube.

    I love the formula and the fact that there is no detectable fragrance in the product. But it is way more sheer than I expected, too. But you can build up color and it doesn’t feather.

    If you like Clinique’s Black Honey or want a cooler version of Nuance Selma Hayek’s Color Vibrance Wine lipstick, you’d like this one.

    I was eyeing up Glamour, but am glad that I passed on it. Since these are so sheer, I don’t know if this one would work on me.

  4. Yeah I was disappointed by this collection when it came out, quite dull colours in my opinion.
    The model is Keeley Hawes, she’s an actress 🙂

  5. I love Poppy. I’ve never tried their products because they’re quite expensive to me but someday I will.
    I know you didn’t like these but I must say I like the swatches of Glamour, looks really really pretty.

  6. i loved poppy’s lipsticks when they were first released in australia in early 90’s. back then there weren’t lipsticks that were as pigmented with lasting staying powers like hers! but i haven’t bought any since it was re-released under the brand ‘lipstick queen’ – the colors didn’t look intense when tested at the back of my hand and i don’t feel like paying $30+ for a lipstick that doesn’t pass the swatch test.

    • Did you test Saint or Sinner? There was a color I really wanted and I accidentally bought it in “saint” – which is the sheer wash lipsticks. The same colors are sold opaque and long-lasting in “sinner”.

  7. Maybe its just me, but these reminded me of the orangey lipstick my Grandma used to wear. I loved it on her, she wore her make up exactly like Endora the witch from Bewitched! It is a wonderful memory from my childhood, and a reminder to make sure I update my makeup!!!