I used to be a spy.

“My name is Micheal Westen

and I used to be a spy.”


Burn Notice is one of my very favorite shows.  I tend to fall in love with spies.  You know what, most of my favorite shows have been all subterfuge and persuasion, Alias, Spooks, Rubicon, and Burn Notice.  It’s just my genre. To celebrate it’s return after the half season cliffhanger, I pulled together this look.

This look isn’t based exactly on the show.  It is based on an imaginary character that I’ve inserted into this show in my imagination.  This character, we’ll call her… George, is a bad ass British spy who was sent to Miami by her handler to seduce one Micheal Westen.

The Makeup

You can check out Erin’s interpretation of this look here.

The perfume for this isn’t exactly a perfume.  It’s a ‘scent’, that is the scent of the Miami beach.  This one is Sand and Saltwater from Lemon Citrus.  It’s very strong and lasts an amazingly long time, longer then I expected.

The Accessories

Simple is really the key here.  As a spy I’m not sure you want to have too much to either jingle when you’re trying to sneak up on someone or to get in the way during a vicious firefight.  Or… whatever.

The earrings were the base of the look.  They are from Molly the Pirate, one of my favorite little shops for earrings.  I have about four pair of her sequin earrings now, I love them.

The cuff is made from stamped polymer clay and then fixed with a clasp.  It’s actually my project this week to make a few more!

The Rest

I wanted this to be a little dressier then I usually wear, but still ‘me’.  I sincerely rarely wear any color other then grey or white on top.  On the show, the fashion is very casual and yet chic.  Simple and unfussy.  I found this slouchy sweatshirt that hangs off the shoulder, and it’s perfect.  You could wear an matching grey tank under it for modesty.  I pair it with the usual broken jeans and a pair of heels.


7 Responses to “I used to be a spy.”

  1. Where did you find those shoes??? I want!!!

  2. I remember when Burn Notice first came out and my friend talked me into watching it because “that guy from The Pretender” is in it (having played Jarod’s brother) and I watched it and was like AND BRUCE CAMPBELL! YES! Ha ha.

    Lemon Citrus is an awesome shop name. I’m in love with lemon anymore and now I want to buy one of everything in their shop. Um…except maybe the sweet potato lip balm? Weird but interesting!

    That is stamped clay?! Freaking amazing! Please tell me you’ll be selling those? Did I mention I’m excited for your shop?

    So glad you are enjoying those earrings!

  3. So now I’m vigorously browsing that shop. I may never buy commercial jewelry again.

    I really like that cuff too!

  4. I’m a massive fan of the show. I first watched it because I found out Bruce Campbell was in it and then I got hooked!

  5. Love the cuff! You made that? Awesome. The whole look says sexy without trying too hard. Just like a spy!

  6. Ironically enough my boyfriend is watching Burn Notice right now on Netflix ~ it’s one of his favorite shows too XD I tried to not like it but I get sucked it pretty easily.