Pollen Cosmetics – A Review


I first discovered Pollen in my favorite Facebook group of evil women.  They posted several swatches and after seeing how sweet the owner seemed I really wanted to order.

The listings are great.  There are nice photographs that include a swatch, product and  shade descriptions as well as ingredients listed.  The prices are really competitive.  The focus seemed to be on wearable shades and featured a lot of neutrals.

I ordered full sized jars of:

Rare Find

Faux French

Future Sunrise

Soon after, I got a convo from the owner thanking me for my order and letting me know that she had a listing for three shadows that would have saved me a bit and offered me a refund or an additional sample.  I chose an additional sample and picked Saddle Up.


Shipping was $2.25.  My package arrived just a couple of days after I ordered it, which I appreciated.


The packaging was adorable.  My shadows were well packaged in a bubble mailed and came wrapped very thoughtfully in decorative paper and tied with twine.  Also included was a personal thank-you, my invoice, and an additional sample.


The shadows come in standard 5 gram jars with sifters and are pretty much filled as much as they can be.  They are labeled with the company name and logo on the top as well as the shade, weight, and ingredients on the bottom.  You get the real sense that the shop and it’s concept where thought about and planned, rather then everything thing was just thrown together.

The formula of these shadows is wonderful.  I really like creamy powder formulas with carnauba.  While the shades are not all that complex (multitonal/duochrome/glittery/etc) they are well done and clearly hand-made.  They wear really well and do not crease with a primer and didn’t really fade for the length that I wore them.  I was pleased with how well they blended.  The other day I was trying a new company and every time I blended, the color disappeared.  It was frustrating but seemingly common with some mineral shadows.  Not so here, these are well formulated.  The colors seemed a tad off from the listings, but nothing major.  Rare Find is an amazing color, I love it and am beginning to see the appeal of taupe.

From left to right: Rare Find, Faux French, Future Sunrise, A Little Glimmer, and Saddle Up

One small issue I ran into was that the labels on the jars smeared.  My vanity was wet and I accidentally set the jar down and the ink from the label ran off.  When I picked it up my fingers got wet and then the label on the top smeared.  Now I have one jar with has no labeling on it at all.

I would love to see Pollen come out with blushes and even veils.  I think that that would certainly work with the concept of the shop.

Must Have:

Rare Find

Would I order from by Pollen Cosmetics again? Yes!

✔ I really like the packaging and the ‘feel’ of the shop.  It’s professional.

✔ The shades are very nice!

✔ The formula is very lovely and wears well.

Price: 5/5

Packaging: 5/5

Shipping: 5/5

Products: 5/5

Customer Service 5/5

Overall /5

Pollen will be having a Cyber Monday sale and will also be releasing new Holiday shades!


10 Responses to “Pollen Cosmetics – A Review”

  1. This shop looks lovely! Definitely one to keep my eye on. I love that the owner convo’d you about the other listing, that’s such great service.

  2. Rare Find does look lovely, but I’m also liking the way Faux French looks. (:

  3. Rare Find is awesome, I adore it! Glad you liked your Pollen goodies! Lindsey is onto a good thing here, and I can’t wait to see her grow 🙂

  4. I really like the shadows I received from Pollen. =] I had to make an order after receiving the first shadows and hope to at some point make another order. =]

  5. Great suggestion on blushes and veils. I would love to see her do these, too! Pollen has quickly become one of my fave indies!

  6. they look really good – and nice to hear they have staying power & didn’t crease for you!

  7. Thank you for such encouraging and kind words! I will have to look into waterproof labels, I apologize for that! There is definitely more in store for Pollen after the new year! =D
    Thanks again, I’m so glad you liked everything. =D


  8. Nice! I like the slightly violet sheen on Rare Find!

  9. Rare Find is absolutely gorgeous! WANT. I tend to look best with neutrals and earth tones with my complexion and Rare Find definitely fits into my comfort zone while still being interesting. Haven’t checked out the site yet but am getting ready to.

  10. I absolutley LOVE Faux French that is such a pretty color!