It’s Friday, I’m in Love!

Going Grey

All bags should be mailing out this weekend!  I had a last minute design change and had to wait for a supplier to decide they were going to ship my order.  I’m very sorry for the delay but I am REALLY happy with how things turned out!

by String Theory

The winner of my by String Theory giveaway is:

Please email me with your info so I can pass it on.  Congratulations!

The Book Project

PLEASE don’t forget about my book project!  It runs through the end of the month, and I may roll it over into December!

Black Friday

Persephone Minerals11/24-11/28

Coupon Code: BFCM2011

25% off



My Pretty Zombie 11/25-11/28

25% off

New set “The Blue Period”

Geek Chic Cosmetics (11/25-11/28)

No coupon needed

Two new collections, plus a lippie

30% off, plus free fullsize prototype/discontinued fullsize on orders over 50 bucks

Darling Clandestine

30% off everything until 11/21



Detrivore Cosmetics

Code: Black Friday

50% off all orders over $20.

Only good November 24-26

Morgana Cryptoria

Sale runs late night Nov 24 – Cyber Monday (exact start time to be announced early next week)

Sale is on in-stock items while stock lasts. Discounts are automatic.

50% off lip balms in regular tubes

$2 lip balms in slimline tubes

Quantity discounts on cream lipsticks ranging from $4-$6 off!

Gel Lipsticks $5 (including new & soon to be released shades)

50% off New LE Glosses (large tube)

Various other specials. 🙂

Linnaeus Cosmetics (11/25-11/28)

All eyeshadows will either be $4 or $5 (as opposed to the usual $6)

Discounted sample packs will also be available

Customers will also receive a little something for the re-opening come early next year 😉

Pollen Cosmetics

Cyber Monday 11/28

20% off with coupon code “CyberMonday”

Winter & Holiday Collections Released!

Cult Nails

November 25 – November 28 2011

– ALL Polish Colors $7.75 each

– Nail Treatments $6.00 each ($12 for the pair)

– Glass Nail Files $10.00 each

– ALL Available Collections $31.00

The Links

So excited.


Your Turn

I’m considering starting up an indie version of Birchbox.  What it will be is a bi-monthly box filled with samples or full sizes of a variety of indie made cosmetics and bath & beauty products.  So far I’m in the planning stages.

  1. If you’re an indie company, would you donate items for free advertising?
  2. If you are a consumer, would you be interested in trying it out?

I’m setting up a focus group on Facebook for ideas, let me know if you’re interested in participating!


23 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love!”

  1. As an indie cosmetics virgin, I’d definitely be interested! I would so need a job first though. Curse you people and making me want to spend money! haha. :p
    I think it’d be a great way to help people to try out different companies though.

  2. OMG yay, thank you so much for having the contest! I am so excited to try this polish.

  3. Yes yes yes, I’d love to be part (as a consumer) of the Amazing Box 😛

  4. YES YES DO IT. I’d be super-happy if it were available internationally, too!

    All those Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales are going to kill me. Need. Everything.

  5. I absolutely love the idea of an Indie “Birchbox”!

  6. Indie Birchbox would be so awesome! Being in Canada, I imagine it would be hard to swing international membership (as with so many cosmetic things), but I support it anyway!

  7. If the indie birchbox were international, I would love to join! I’ve asked to join the FB group as well 🙂

  8. An indie MU box would be fantastic! I’d love that! Though as a Canadian I’m not sure you’d be able to ship it to me. Excellent idea though!

  9. I would absolutely love to see an Indie version! I too am hoping it will be available internationally though. I’d be keen to participate in a focus group or help however else I can, how I have no idea, but still.

  10. An indie version of a Birchbox would be great! It would definitely help me with my decision making anxiety if I could just try a bunch of different companies all at once :). Would they be matched sets of stuff, or just a hodgepodge? Would you have to fill out a survey in order to get certain types of stuff to sent to you or would everyone get the same box? Like, I would love one that was more makeup geared, but probably would be less interested in one that had a bunch of scented lotions because I would probably be allergic to most of it.

  11. Is it March yet huh huh huh? Can it be? NOWWWWW. Dictrict 12 woot 🙂

  12. I would sign up for a box, I trust you for the quality and honesty you have in your reviews so I know a box from you would be worth it. You have high standards and I appreciate that!

    Besides, I always want to try new companies and never seem to get around to it!

  13. An indie birchbox sounds fantastic! It would be such a great way to try out different companies. Count me as interested consumer!

  14. The idea of indie Birchbox is excellent! I’d definitely sign up.

  15. An indie Birchbox would be a great idea! maybe there could be different sets, like a bath and body one and one for makeup and you can choose one or both. since that would be more work, maybe have it less often like monthly. Also thanks for the round-up of a bunch of indie black friday sales. i’ve been thinking of trying out indie eyeshadows but don’t really know where to start and that will really help me narrow it down.

  16. Indie Birchbox would be freakin’ amazing! I do not have a Facebook account…. *dodges tomatoes with Tea* so I will leave my ideas here
    – I think it would be really awesome if it was somewhat personalized maybe you could have different categories of indie products like Box A: Makeup Box B: Bath and Body Box C: Fragrance etc. Or you could fill out a survey as previously mentioned and just have a nice mix of products.
    – I for one am open to any kind of product it would be cool to see maybe some non makeup items maybe like candles or jewelry or some accessories.

  17. I could’ve sworn there was already a handmade health & beauty sampler box type thingy. I saw a blog post on it once…I’ll have to dig for it. <—maybe it was this? <—or this.

  18. Thank you so much for this post! I’m very excited for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales and new releases.

    Thanks for the update on the bags. I look forward to storing my USB drives in my pink keychain bag. 🙂

    The indie sampler box is a terrific idea. If it’s available to be shipped to Canada and once I’ve cut into my stash, I’d be interested in trying it.

  19. That would be awesome, I would totally be interested in in it!!! 😀

  20. as a buyer and seller I would be ssoo interested in your awesome box idea. I’ve always wanted to do a birchbox, but there have been so many negative reviews about the contents. I think the idea of an indie would be fantastic. I would donate, and subscribe ,lol.

    Thanks for the list of sales too! You’re the best 🙂

  21. I love the idea of the indie box idea! I’m always so overwhelmed about what to buy from where. I would be in! Thank you!