Miss Piggy

To my surprise a box arrived on my doorstep yesterday.  While I do not like and/or support MAC, the little black box was familiar.  I brought it inside and set it someplace, forgetting it.  When I stumbled back across it it was late and I ripped it open to find one small eyeshadow.

While I do not like MAC, I love Miss Piggy and who ever sent me that little box knew it!

Miss Piggy Pink is described as a midtone blue pink.

I was pretty disappointed, which I think is needless to say.  Although the color is adorable in the pan, like most MAC shades there is very poor pigmentation and payoff.  I really had to layer it on with a good primer to get it to show up at all!

Have you tried it?  What do you think?


8 Responses to “Miss Piggy”

  1. Piggy’s just classic. I’m very disappointed in how carelessley M.A.C organized this collection. They could’ve made a big deal out of it, if only they’d spent more time on creating special packaging, products and well.. more Piggy promos. I’ll definitely skip this collection, as usual, but leave Piggy alone, M.A.C :< You're not worth using her to rip customers off!

  2. If it was actually pigmented I would have scooped up a bunch. In the pot it looks like it could pass for their discontinued Cool Pink pigment which I’m sad I never did get a pot. Too bad it sucks tho 😦

  3. Anna’s right; nobody puts Miss Piggy in the corner! Wait a minute, I’m mixing my movies.. Either way, Miss Piggy deserves far more and far better than MAC. I must admit though that OPI’s Getting Miss Piggy With It wins in the name department.


    I’m not a fan of MAC at all. I keep giving trying out things here and there because it seems like everyone else in the world just loves them, and I’ve never been happy. It’s really a shame how different the color is in the pot than when it’s applied. I’d love the color if it were of good quality.

  5. I was quite disappointed, as well. You have to really pack it on to get any color pay off!

  6. I thought I was the only one that had issues with MAC eyeshadows since so many people love them. This is a shame though.

  7. That is not very much colour payoff. That’s too bad. I haven’t tried MAC yet. Despite the so-so reviews, I someday may if they have limited edition colours I’m truly curious about.

  8. The Pig deserves better. Imagine all the cool blues, peaches, and pinks they could have done with this “collection”.