Aromaleigh, Again

I ordered a few more new Aromaleigh shades and I thought I’d take the time to post some swatches.  I’m that in love.

marni: a lustrous metallic deep green sheen with greyed undertone and fine violet highlight shimmer.

tracy: a plush low sheen heathered cocoa base with fine highlight shimmer of green and gold.

betsey: a warm gold frost with sparks of copper shimmer.

carolina: green and blue shimmer in a plush low-sheen chocolately bordeaux base.

alice: borealis shimmer gleams from a medium cocoa taupe frost base with a greyed undertone.

bellatrix: The deepest midnight indigo, smooth frost full of vividly sparkling bright silver starry sparks. Resplendent!

sirius: A pale, cool metallic silver frost with brilliant sparks of gold and copper.

All the new AL collection shadows are now on sale for 6$ with a new reduced shipping rate!  I’m so glad I just went over to copy shade descriptions, I feel a new order coming on!


15 Responses to “Aromaleigh, Again”

  1. Every last one of these is gorgeous. Carolina and Alice remind me of that recent NARS duo I wanted so much….

  2. Love the looks of Bellatrix!

  3. Wow, Sirius looks amazing!
    It kinda reminds me of Tiara from Sugarpill.

  4. Bellatrix and Sirius are just stunning!

    • I agree! I’m considering buying them in my next order without even bothering with samples. What am I saying, next order? My last one hasn’t even arrived yet!

  5. Bellatrix. MUST HAVE.

  6. The finish on these looks amazing!

  7. Those colors are beautiful! I have never bought aromaleigh but I have been wanting to!! I was so excited to see them open again 🙂

  8. Bellatrix is just gorgeous. It’s so vivid!

  9. Those are so very beautiful. I love how good their pictures are!

  10. Wow, all of them are fabulous, but Bellatrix and Sirius are TO DIE FOR!!! I simply must have them!!!

  11. thebirdofparadise November 21, 2011 at 8:31 pm

    Yes, yes, YES!!!! Happy days are here again now that Aromaleigh is up and running.

  12. Wow! I soo love bellatrix and sirius! I wish I could pull of that shade of blue! It just doesnt go well with my skin tone! Darn! I love all the new colors!


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