“All the colors, upon leaving, all will turn to grey.”


This is an oddly inspired set. I was named after the Duchess of Devonshire.  I go by Grey.  Both of these things heavily influence who I am.  A huge part of my identity is wrapped around my name.  This ‘look’ is designed around me.

The Makeup

Since this is ‘my’ look, this is basically my everyday makeup.

I used a different foundation pretty much everyday.  I like a medium coverage and a natural finish.  For this look I’m using NARS Sheer Glow in Gobi which I absolutely love.  I wear Estee Lauder’s Idealist Perfect Skin Illuminator on my face as a primer.  I like a pop of pink blush.  I’m very pale and I really like how the pink looks, even if it’s not exactly believable.  In this case it’s MUFE’s HD blush in #5, I love cream blushes.

On my eyes I usually keep things fairly simple for everyday.  A little smudgy liner and a reversed smokey eye, which works with my eye shape.  I LOVE the Estee Lauder Film Noir palette for this.

It’s got an amazing range of greys and that all amazing greige shade that I love.  People are usually surprised to find out that I really do wear false lashes on a daily basis.  These are some of my favs.

My lips is where I usually have the most variety.  Sometimes I go red, bright pink, nude… today I chose to wear Morgana Cryptora’s Lady Grey, a shade inspired by me!  I paired this with Dunes, a nearly lavender gloss from Hard Candy, on top.

On my nails I picked a great griege polish from Essie, called Master Plan.  I covered it with rhinestones and sealed it with gel.

My signature scent is Horseman.  I actually have a spare bottle that I’ve taken to carry around in my bag ‘just in case’ and a couple on my dresser and one in the bathroom.  It’s the most amazing creamy leather scent that I would be lost without.

The Accessories

I wear a LOT of wraps, more so then necklaces because I have a really colorful chest piece (tattoo) and necklaces just get lost against it.  Wraps are easy to wear and you can create a couple of different looks easily.  This one is delightfully me since it’s not only grey, but sequined.  I’m never afraid of a little bling, be it glitter, shimmer, or sequins.

My hair is in this horrible in between phase growth wise.   I wear a lot of these headbands these days.  This one is a literal interpretation of the portrait above.  It’s grey and lace, and rose, and feather.  It’s super easy to wear no matter what I have or have not done to my hair.

I ended up making myself some simple crystal and spike earrings.

As much as I love to wear a huge stack of bracelets, enough to mimic a cuff, my hands are getting cold more often.  I’m wearing more and more fingerless gloves these days, so I paired this look with a lacy pair of grey mits.

The Rest

Obviously, as you’ve guessed by now, I’m pairing this with my usual uniform, a white shirt, old torn jeans, and Converse.  I know it seems simple, but the accessories I wear reflect my personality and I wear my clothes, I never pick anything that wears me.  One thing to also keep in mind about my wardrobe: I’m heavily tattooed. I moved from moderate to heavy this summer.  My arms are bright and full of ‘stuff’ so I avoid things that conflict with them (like prints and logos and… other color).  Old jeans have personality, new ones make me walk funny and turn my legs blue.

13 Responses to “Greyscale”

  1. Funnily enough I was just listening to the History Chicks podcast on Duchess of Devonshire as I clicked on this.

    I always love your style posts. And I like your uniform. I’ve been thinking of developing on for myself as I have started to hate getting dressed in the morning. I like accessorizing better anyway.

    I’ve had my eye on the Lay Grey lipstick a while. For some reason I feel
    completely comfortable wearing black lipstick but gray just seems so…’out there’ I guess. But I think I might take the plunge and buy it. Its very 1920 movie star.

  2. Looks fab…I am laughing my butt off at “new ones (jeans) make me walk funny and make my legs turn blue.” Not only because it is funny, but also because I know EXACTLY what you are talking about! Ha!

  3. Pretty! I love how you add your personality to a basic outfit :). You’ve inspired me to get more scarves and hand warmers now. Maybe it’s time to break out my knitting needles again.

  4. Your personal style is gorgeous.

    I especially adore the earrings and lipgloss.

    I didn’t expect Estee Lauder to have such pretty colourways for eyeshadow. No offense but I’ve thought of them as a brand for older women, probably seeing how my mother uses this brand often. The Film Noir palette is lovely.

  5. I love grey and pink. I also love aqua. When I saw your “sneak preview” I was pretty excited.

    I’m with Tea – you add a lot of personality to a very basic outfit and I think that is a lot more fun than wearing some crazy outfit. Personally I buy a ton of accessories so being able to use them all the time to really make the outfit makes much more sense.
    I tend to wear a lot of solids too because of my designer face (birthmark) which is still somewhat visible because I choose not to have inches of makeup on.

    Love the fingerless gloves, love that scarf and love the nail bling – are those nail sparkles hard to remove? I think I must hunt those down.

    Please stop posting interesting things, it makes my comments run long. 😉

    • Aww, thanks you guys!

      I got them at Sally’s. In fact, I went BACK and bought the stack and then ran to the Sally’s on the hill and bought those, too. They are only hard to get off if you gel over them, like I do, otherwise they come off sort of nicely with an acetone remover.

  6. Have you read “The Napoleon of Crime” by Ben MacIntyre? It’s about the guy who stole that painting. If you haven’t, you might enjoy it.

  7. I love this look. Just love it. I’ve been moving towards more of a uniform for myself as well, though mine involves neutral dresses and leggings (black, grey, brown, navy), with the occasional dress of pair of tights in a color, and boots or flats.

    I should consider making myself some cuffs like the pair you bought, since it’s been kind of chilly in So. California these past few days, and my hands got so cold last night they practically cramped up. I have a pair of plain grey fingerless gloves that I made somewhere, I just don’t know where they are…

  8. ooh la lovely, I enjoy your style stuff so much! I work at a bank so I’m black pants/skirt every day and here in washington it’s so gray gray gray already that I’m trying to jam color into my day with my wardrobe so this is a bit mono for my recent mood. but this is making me want to do a refined and neutral tomorrow anyways. I adore those earrings, simple and eyecatching!

    My comment is a little add, sorry…

  9. I love it! I’m a huge fan of pretty greys. I’m slowly turning to being heavily tattooed as well, and I’m noticing that the more I get, the more I tend to wear basic outfits and then let my accessories pop, rather than the other way around. I love the wrap you have, and there are a few in that shop I have my eye on, but for some reason I just can’t see one on me.

  10. thebirdofparadise November 21, 2011 at 8:29 pm

    So awesome. I feel that if I were to ever see you on the street one day (this won’t happen, but you know what I mean) I would know it was you and I would SQUEEEEEEEEEE! I feel lame just adding a “ditto” to all the other comments, but that’s what happens when you comment late in the day. 🙂

    I love, love, love, the color Grey (or Gray, as in the special someone in my life) too. In fact, your name, personal quote, etc. is what made your blog so compelling to me at first sight. Of course, many other qualities keep it compelling, bien sur!


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