The Duchess

I have many faults, as you well know.  Not least among them is my ability to draw attention.

Perhaps we could use that to our advantage.

The Inspiration

This look is inspired, one again, by The Duchess.  This time, however, I took the exact same elements and used a different color scheme to show you that you don’t HAVE to follow my looks exactly, but rather use them as an outline for your own.

The Makeup

Since this is ‘my’ look, but softer, I used the exact same techniques from the original look, but chose different shades and finishes.  I’m still using NARS Sheer Glow in Gobi which I absolutely love.  I wear Estee Lauder’s Idealist Perfect Skin Illuminator on my face as a primer every day.

Wearing the same reverse smoky eye, this time I achieved it with a NARS eyeshadow duo in Kuala Lumpur.  I went with a clear gloss for my lips and skipped blush.

I ran across this Sally Hansen polish on display at a drug store and LOVED this pink shade.  It’s fairly unique and works perfect for this softly regal look, matching the pink in the eyeshadow palette oddly well!

The scent for this is Fawn, from Wiggle.  This scent caught me off guard and I love it, it’s very unique and pretty.

It’s taken a moment for the weather to turn here, and after such a late-coming summer I for once hated to see the sun go. Normally, I start hopping up and down for fall right about the second week of August. I’m here now, though, a few brisk days brought me right home to scary movies and sweater love. To celebrate the turn of my favorite season, I can think of nothing better than PUMPKIN, this time with a super-feminine twist. Fawn combines pumpkin honey, soft lavender, spiced cream, and a rich floral accord with orange blossom in the spotlight. Cedar, oakmoss, and coriander add depth and warmth for a well-rounded and unusual fall scent. Gourmand, spicy, woody, and floral, Fawn is in a class all of its own, perfectly autumnal and still unexpected.

The Accessories

I’m actually using the exact same things for this that I did in Greyscale.  The scarf is basically the same, this time in a lovely cream.  The headband is from the same place and this time features a bit more chic of fabrics, including lace and leopard with crystal accents.  It’s the same easy to wear style as the last.

Instead of a fancy lace glove, this time I went with a simple crocheted lace glove that’s a little longer.  I love making these, although it takes a bit to get them both even.

I made a second pair of spike earrings, the same as the first, this time with brass and pearl accents.  I love these and actually plan on making a few more in various finishes.  The spike adds enough of an edge to keep things ‘me’.

The Rest

I wanted to switch up my uniform a little.  I sort of wanted to use these shoes so I carefully searched to find accent shades to match.  The cardigan is a slightly creamy shade, instead of a stark white and the jeans a bit darker then usual.


11 Responses to “The Duchess”

  1. Love those shoes! The whole look is nice, but those shoes — ! Better hide my wallet before I can hunt them down.

  2. Even though I am older, I enjoy your looks and reviews very much. My daughter is becoming a fan as well. She is very slender and always on the lookout for jeans that would fit her frame. May I ask what brand of jeans do you display for your clothing styles ?

    • The lighter pair are from a shop in London, they’re Roy Rogers. They fit me great. The darker pair are from American Eagle, think.

  3. I love your spiky earrings!! ❤ And clearly, I need to revisit Wiggle again soon. Wonderful post, as always- Style Diary FTW!

  4. The shoes are wonderful! As is the whole look. It is nice to show the versatility of items, you can still be you, but also keep things fresh! You simply must make some of those earrings for sale! Love them!

  5. I agree, the earrings are so simple yet still edgy. I think you would have quite a few customers if you decided to sell them.

  6. I absolutely *love* your style! This has to be one of my favorites so far though. Your color palette and accessories are spot-on for what I’d put together as well. Very lovely!

  7. I really adore the look of the eye shadows 🙂