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Lady Grey

This amazing lipstick from Morgana Cryptoria was inspired by me!  It’s a gorgeous creamy grey shade that I honestly find very wearable.  The formula is amazing.  I say it often, but I really do mean it, it’s FAR superior to EVERYTHING commercial out there.  This amazing creamy and satin shade proves that Morgana does way more then just ‘shimmery and metallic’, a comment I seem to read way too often.

It feels very smooth and luxurious on and wears well.  It’s nicely opaque without having to layer it, but just one swipe leaves you with more of a ‘wash’ of color that might be easier for grey lipstick newbies.

Thanks to Morgana, I’m giving a tube away!

  • To enter, comment and tell me what your signature lipstick color is.
  • You may enter once.
  • You must be 18 or older and a follow of this blog to enter.
  • Giveaway ends December 1st.

52 Responses to “Pick of the Week”

  1. I think my signature color, not that I wear lipstick often enough to call it that, is burgundy-red, like Wet’n’Wild Cherry Bomb or L’Oreal Raspberries (the one in the champagne-gold tube).

    I am 22 and I follow through WordPress via email (if that makes sense).

  2. My signature colour is purple – I usually layer shiro’s sad keanu intertube and darling girl’s jar of hearts to get my perfect purple! 🙂

    I’m 21 and following via google friend connect!

  3. My signature color is Gosh soft ‘n shine lipbalm in Angel, but it isn’t for sale anymore. A pinkish colour with gold sparkles.

    I’m also 22 and I follow through bloglovin

  4. I usually wear pink. Hot pink, cool pink, warm pink, peachy pink. I’m all over pink.

  5. My signature lipstick is Blood Red by Manic Panic or Corset by Evil Shades (they’re very similar, the latter being more creamy).
    I’m a follower since…idk, a long time!

    Good luck everyone!

  6. Gorgeous! WANIT!!

    My signature shade is Love Lies Bleeding, also by Morgana. I dab a bit of Evil Shades Roue over it and I have the best red lips EVER.

  7. My signature shade is Diabolical Drucilla balm from Morgana. It is instant pretty in a handy tube. She also makes my very favorite red shade, Twinkling Rubies.

  8. My signature colour is light pink, a “my lips but better” look. I’m trying to venture more into the realm of non-pink/red shades though!

  9. thebirdofparadise November 23, 2011 at 4:03 pm

    I have so many lip products, that I don’t have a signature shade right now. But I would say that blue-based shades (regardless of the actual color or formulation) are what look the best on me. So that’s as much of a “signature” that I have!

  10. I’m working on my fear of lip color! I’ve actually started wearing reds this year but for years I stuck to lip color so sheer or so similar to my natural lip color you couldn’t tell I had anything on. So I guess my signature lip shade would be red!

  11. My Signature shade is NYX Circe – a greyed nude lipstick or MAC Up the Amp, I’m a sucker for purple lipstick.

  12. My favourite lipstick that a I love to wear is a really bright vibrant red but I want to try and start wearing different shades and I think this would be a perfect way 🙂 Good luck guys ❤

    I follow via google reader 🙂

  13. My signature colour is burgundy that leans purple. Still looking for the perfect colour!

  14. My signature colour is matte black, on my lower lip.

    I follow via feedly.

  15. I don’t wear lipstick enough to have a “signature” lip color, but the one I reach for most frequently is OHWTO’s tinted balm in Arlette.

  16. It varies depending on the situation, but my favorite and that I reach for the most often would be Morgana’s Twinkling Rubies.

    Lady Grey sure looks like an interesting shade! I follow via Google Reader.

  17. I love wearing dark purple lipstick. It seems to suit my complexion, strangely enough.
    (I follow via RSS.)

  18. My signature lip is a purple lip, I love a light purple lip as much as a love the deeper purple lipsticks.

  19. My signature color is a mix between rose and poppy. It’s not dusty, but it’s not a warm-coral either. Neutral to cool actually.

  20. I kind of have two signature colors. Since I live in the South and it’s still a billion degrees outside, I tend to go for a fairly neutral tone most of the time. Granted, right now my neutral is Evil Shades Bane, but oddly enough, a purple shimmer looks rather natural on me. I think my “real” signature color is Morgana’s Love Lies Bleeding.

  21. I usually go with a coral or firey red on the orange side!

  22. My signature shade is Estee Lauder’s Rose Exposed. Looks great and feels good on! Thanks for offering the giveaway Grey! Happy Thanksgiving!

  23. My current signature colour is a light pink.

    I’m following you on Twitter, via WordPress new blog emails, and through my new, shiny Google Reader. I hope I’m correctly understanding the following rules.

    Thank you!

  24. What a neat and different color! I usually wear a shade of red or mauve.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Grey!

  25. I’m definitely a red girl- I have a ton, so i can’t say a specific shade name, but I like a deep scarlet, so I almost always use a deep chocolate liner underneath & blend it w/ the lipstick!

  26. My signature color is nude, or slightly darker than nude. I always do a bright eye so its the perfect compliment to them!

  27. My signature lip color is a grey lavender or light lavender pink, really any lavender. I think its a color that looks great on me that a lot of others are afraid to wear so I feel unique when I wear it. I’m a follower by e-mail subscription.

  28. My signature colour is bright orange, more specifically Morgana’s wonderful orange shades! I’m very excited about Lady Grey, as I kept eyeing Lysette but I wasn’t sure if it was the grey for me. I follow through Google whatchacallit.

  29. I’ve gone through a few “signature” shades over the years, but my go-to shade this year is deep burgundy–usually MAC’s Hang-Up layered with Morgana’s Cozy Coffin.

    I follow through Bloglovin’.

  30. I follow via GFC on Blogger.(:
    My signature lipcolor…I’ve got two that I normally opt for. A thin wash of a nude, my lips but a paler color, for a kind of “nude” lip. (That sentence above probably made NO sense, hope you can understand that!) And if not that, then a soft, milky pink.

  31. my signature lipstick colour is MAC’s diva. It compliments my skin tone 🙂

  32. Red, red, red–OCC’s Lip Tar in NSFW. When I’m wearing it, I’m ON. But I would be up to try a gray lipstick, too. 😉

  33. My signature lipstick…I don’t have one! But primary, blue red comes close. LOVE red.

  34. Wow….that lipstick looks superb. From your pics it looks like a very neutral sort of grey, which explains why it’s so flattering.

    My signature lippie is a warm (rather than the typical cool) bright cherry red. Chanel’s rouge allure laque in “coromandel” is my go-to shade when I’m feeling dressy. When I’m not wearing some sort of red, though, I’ll sport just about any color under the sun 🙂

    I’m 23 and actually follow you by typing in your link and visiting your webpage. I think I set up a google connect and bloglovin’ but rarely use them :/

  35. Oh wow, that is really unique! I’d have to say my signature colour (though I don’t wear it often) is dark green. I love Morgana’s Absinthe lipstick and Venomous Cosmetics has a lip gloss called oxygen depravation that is a really neat purple shift over a dark green base. I follow you through twitter as HebrideanSprite. 😀 Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. How cool 🙂 My signature lipcolor is a dark purple-burgundy tinted lipbalm i have from Aromaleigh, it has some beautiful glitter.
    I follow you on Bloglovin’!

  37. I don’t have a signature color, but I think I look best in black lipstick, though I can’t get away with wearing it very often, which really is a shame.

  38. Britt von strange November 25, 2011 at 7:52 pm

    I’m 22 and right now my lipstick is Film Noir from MAC. It gives me the 80’s goth look with a bit of 1920’s sophistication. I love it so much.

  39. My signature lip color has to be Fyrinnae Romantique, love the color so much!

  40. my signature lip color is anything red. red lips glam up even the simplest look instantly.

  41. My signature color(s) are Coraline’s Kiss/Doppelganger from Morgana Cryptoria and Twinkling Rubies from Morgana’s, too. I follow you on twitter and read your blog and … stuff, I guess. 😛
    I kinda hope you know I follow you, because I have no idea how to “prove” it. I think I have you on bloglovin, too. I’m rambling. Anyway, I love grey lipsticks, and have been fawning over them all fall. 😛

  42. My signature colour is sort of a rosy lavender. I don’t know how to describe it, lol.

  43. Forgot to say that I’m 21 and follow your blog through rss feeds on google reader.

  44. My signature color, I suppose would be bright pink :). When I’m too lazy to even bother with a 5 minute face, swiping on a sheer bright pink gloss makes me feel like I’m all set to go.

  45. My (current) signature lip color is Poison Plum by Darling Girl! 🙂

  46. Red is my signature lipstick color.

  47. I tend to change my lip colour all the time but I guess I probably wear a bright red the most often as I am lazy and I find it the easiest to wear 😛 My favourite is Mac Kanga-Rouge which is the perfect bright, glossy, blue toned red.
    This colour is gorgeous, and I am glad to see Morgana making satins and matte finishes now!

  48. Sheer pink. I’m boring like that.

  49. Right now my favorite color is raspberry.
    I’m an email subscriber.


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