The Angels and Cohorts collection from Evil Shades “were created for or inspired by the beautiful and amazing people they are named after. I am proud to know them all and honored to call them my friends, family, and at times my cohorts!”  It’s my life’s ambition to be added to the collection!

That was my first draft.  I started it a week or so ago, just after I got the shipping notice for my order.  I do that, I start drafting posts sometimes weeks in advance.  When my order arrived, though, I realized the post was going to go in another direction.  In my fabulous little package I found this:

My own shade, Simply Grey.  It’s a play on the ‘About Me’ haiku in my sidebar.  There is nothing simple about it.  It’s a beautiful grey shade with an amazing teal shift and pinky sparks.  It’s GORGEOUS, amazingly wearable, and blends like a dream.  It’s also an AMAZING match to Lady Grey.

So this Thanksgiving I’m going to take the time to first of all thank my favorite Native American and to then thank all of you.  As I mentioned on Facebook, this has been a rough year.  I don’t often talk about myself to people I don’t ‘actually’ know, but I’m sure you’ve all gotten the sense things have been hard.  I would not have gotten through (at least I hope we’re through it) without you.  All the amazing indie companies I’ve come across tend to go out of their way, not just because I’m a blogger, but because they are genuinely wonderful people.  You’d have to be, right?  To take a chance to do something ‘crazy’ like start up your own small business.  You have no idea how much respect I have for that!  And then my readers are just amazing.  Supportive.  Sweet.  Everything I never imagined I’d deserve.  I don’t think I say it enough, but I rely on you, all of you.  I like getting up in the morning and knowing I have a post I’m working on or an order in the mail I’m expecting.  There was one day in particular earlier this year that had me just ready to disappear.  I happened to come home to a dozen wonderful comments on a post I’d scheduled while I was out and that was enough for me to smile and oddly enough, be alright.  While I’m thankful for my job at the magazine, I’m more thankful that you all have stuck around the blog!

Simply, Grey


13 Responses to “Thankful”

  1. I’m trying to find the right words to thank you for all the beauty you bring to this community. You’re unique, you’re different. You’re needed.
    I guess Andrea made a great job capturing your essence in a shadow that, like you said, is far from simply.
    Love from Argentina. 🙂

  2. I <3; You so huge! You are one of the most deserving people and that is why when you need it most that little dose of love shows up!
    And I am so glad you like Simply Grey, like you there is nothing "Simple" about it….only unique and beautiful! *Giant Squishes*

  3. You were, among some others blogs and bloggers, one of the blogger who made me want to have a blog, to have a good blog.
    You’re an inspiration in many ways and I’m glad you feel sorrounded by love from your readers, because we do love you!

  4. This is another amazing post, and such a beautiful color to have your name attached to! I haven’t followed your blog for very long — just a few months — but it has inspired me to work harder at my own blog on numerous occasions, and for that, thank you! Keep up the great work.

  5. I just want to say thanks. Yours was the first beauty blog I started reading over a year ago and I fell back in love with indie because of it. You are deserving of this color and so much more. You’re an amazing woman and I am glad to be able to read you.

  6. Your tag fits you so well —–Simply, Grey. Simply is only a surface comment because you are not fussy, obtuse, overdone, overmade, or over the top. You are very hip—-but only to the extent that iit fits “you.” Never, ever lose that essence about “you.” Your clothes are “simple” but speak clearly about you and your accessories really tell a story. You bring those things together like no one else can. You are real, loving, fragile and tough when needed, and feel those emotions that touch somewhat on one’s “dark side.” That’s not a bad thing. Your blog is a wonderful outlet for you as well as for your fans and you do have a lot of them. I don’t know what you have been going through this past year but do know that you have an ability to meet head on whatever life sends your way. You have support—-use it. Because of you I have become a fan of some of the indie companies you review—-thank you.

  7. I hope that things turn around and life becomes not so hard for you. I can’t express how much I enjoy your blog and all work that you put into it. You have such a fun mix of posts from cosmetics, perfumes, and outfits that there is always something interesting going on. You deserve to have your own simply ( and complex) grey shade, since no one is really ever simple once you spend a bit time with them.

  8. I want to say thanks for all the information you give us. Before I started BRM I read all the Indie reviews and all the other helpful posts you have. There is so much information in all of your posts. I have to say that thanks to you and Phyrra I learned what not to do. One of the reasons I started BRM was to help cope with losing my mother and then becoming unemployed. Without being able to channel my creativity through BRM who knows where I would be. So unknowingly you helped me. Thank you for that. =)

    I hope that life gets better with each day that passes. We can only hope that troubled times only make us stronger.

  9. I’m thankful for your blog! I’ve found many great indie companies because of you 😉

  10. Your blog is wonderful. It is good to know I can get up in the morning and have something to look forward to every day. I am thankful for you and your blog, you have inspired me to write one of my own! Here’s to the best year ever next year!

  11. *hugs*

    Thank you for being YOU :). I think you’re an amazing and talented lady, and I love checking in here every day to see what you come up with next.

  12. Thank you so much for your blog and for sharing your discoveries and creations with us. I’ve learned a lot and been introduced to many great companies while avoiding bad ones. Yours is the first beauty blog I followed, and I get a feeling of excitement when a notification for a new post from you pops up in my email.

    You are awesome and an inspiration. I wish you all the best, and may this upcoming new month and new year be good to you.