It’s Friday, I’m in Love!

Book Project

Please, please take a look at my Book Project and help out!  I’m about half way to my goal and I’m going to extend this until Christmas Break, which is the week before Christmas.  I spoke to the librarian and she said one little girl who read the *first* donated book (a biography) was so really excited.  I loved hearing that!

Black Friday

Today is Black Friday.  I’m not leaving the house.  I’ve been updating my Black Friday/Cyber Monday post, so have a look and grab some deals!

Thanks to everyone you commented/emailed/messaged me about people copying my post.  No, copying my additions (spelling errors and all) into their own post isn’t quite right.  As it’s been said “They should be ashamed, but I’m sure she’s not.”

My list is 100% indie and all companies that I personally feel comfortable recommending.  So no, it’s not just a random list.

Master Plan

This has nothing to do with anything, really.  I was wearing Master Plan from Essie the other day and tried Sally Hansen’s Aisle Be There over it and fell in love.

What do you think?

Lady Grey

Don’t forget to enter my drawing for a tube of Lady Grey from Morgana Cryptoria!

Indie Style

What is Indie Style?  IS is a site specifically devoted to promoting indie business through a bi-monthly mailing of samples and goodies, Birchbox style (but less lame).  I’m still working on the project, but there will be a special mini introductory box released the middle of December featuring:

Geek Chic – eyeshadow samples

Whimsey Beading – coupon

Evil Shades – samples and a coupon

OHWTO – perfume samples

Innocent Twisted – eyeshadow samples

EMJeweley -earrings

I’m not entirely sure the price of this ‘mini launch’ box, but it’s going to work out to under 15$, shipping included.  Starting in February full sized Awesome Boxes will be available for Valentine’s Day featuring:

Darling Girl – samples

Black Rose Minerals – eyeshadow trio samples

OHWTO – samples

New York Glitter- coupon

Geek Chic – Valentine’s samples

Evil Shades – A SURPRISE

Persephone – samples

Psyche – samples

Brazen – samples

There is still room to be featured in the February box!  Indie’s who donate will receive a featured spot on the Indie Style blog.  Also, one person a month can apply to be picked to receive the box for free in return for reviewing the contents to post in the IS blog.  ANY review of the IS box will also be linked on the IS blog, and probably here, too!

The Awesome Box is not a ‘subscription’, you’re not tied down to a commitment.  You buy the box month to month.  A LIMITED number of boxes (30) will be available!

The Valentine’s Box will go on sale in January to SHIP the second week of February.  Every box after that goes on sale the first of the month an will ship after the 15th.

International orders are welcome!  Depending on the country there will be a small additional charge for postage overage!

The Links

by String Theory has a holiday collection! (This reminds me.  Christie, did you send me your info?)

Lego Christmas


She is so beautiful.

Someone asked where I get my glitter.

Have I shared this yet?  If I have, oh well.

Your Turn

This weekend I am:

  • putting up the Christmas decorations
  • baking
  • watching Downton Abbey
  • swatching an Evil Shades post
  • working on Indie Style

What are your plans?

Did you get any great Black Friday sales?  Are you waiting on anything for Cyber Monday?

22 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love!”

  1. I’ve been browsing mostly indie stores for my Black Friday shopping. Meow, Morgana, Sugarpill… Trying to get at least 80% of my Christmas shopping done by tonight too! Then I don’t have to worry about anything except wrapping up presents when I’m out after finals 🙂

  2. I have to do some christmas shopping 🙂 I love buying for others, taking time to figure out what unexpected something would make them smile. I never go off lists, I’d rather they be surprised.

    Indie Style looks incredible! If Canadians get to take part then I will totally be buying 🙂

    I hope you have a lovely weekend.

    • International is welcome! There will be a small additional shipping fee, which I’m working out now. It’s actually the most complicated part of the whole thing!

  3. Did we decide what to do about the international people getting this box? Or is it going to be US only?

    • International orders are welcome! Depending on the country there will be a small additional charge for postage overage!

  4. Will the Awesome Boxes ship internationally. I’d love to try them!

    I bought a ton of things from OHWTO (why does everything on the site sound so appealing to me??) and I might get some things from Persephone and My Pretty Zombie. I’d indulge more but I’m a bit strapped for cash so I’m trying to be “good.”

  5. Love that polish!
    I did email you my info, if you need me to send again I can :o) It is possible I sent it to the wrong email.

  6. I have stuck to strictly indie shopping for Black Friday — all online, no retail chains or in-store shopping. There are some amazing deals out there! For instance, Stella Starish has a 20 Full-Size Shadows for $20 deal going on that I couldn’t pass up. I’ve never tried Stella Starish before — has anyone else?
    In the end, I ended up snapping up orders from Stella Starish, Persephone, Meow Cosmetics, Dawn Eyes and Darling Girl. I’ve banned myself from doing any additional shopping now unless it’s for Christmas gifts.

    That’s a shame about someone copying your posts. As a writer myself, it just irks me that people can’t come up with content on their own, or they “forget about” citing sources and pass them off as their own. I see this happen in the classes I’m taking online (for business nonetheless) — someone answers a discussion question by copying and pasting an entire page of info from a website, word for word, without citing a source and obv passing it off as their own. I can only *hope* that the professor sees it and addresses it personally, but when it happens, I ALWAYS want to leave a reply post that’s snarky, like, “That’s really good information, John Doe. It was really good information when I read it originally on [so and so’s] website.” One of these days I might just do it. :} And I don’t go along with the common belief that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” when it comes to writing.

    • It’s not like I’m claiming it was original content. The info was available elsewhere. It’s just that I rewrote a few of the sales because they were confusing and THAT COPY is what they posted and didn’t even both to fix my spelling errors. To top it off, they included an obscure shop that I know not many people shop with that I included because I personally like them. What upset a lot of my readers and friends was not so much that, but after I posted my update she basically did the equivalent of standing up on a chair and announcing on Twitter SHE HAD THE ULTIMATE LIST that of course, included my content.

      Anyway, she knows she was ‘caught’ and I’m done with it!

      I’m going to look into Stells now 🙂

  7. Oh man, I fell in LOVE with Downton Abbey and watched both seasons in a weekend :D.

    So excited for the Christmas special!

  8. Indie Style looks great – I’m always tempted to order samples from indie brands and never know quite where to start – this sounds like it’ll be a great way to try a few brands at once and find some new favourite products!

  9. I totaly hit up the Black Friday sale at Geek Chic yesterday. So excited for it to get here.

  10. Grey, can you shoot me an email and help me with the book project? I really want to participate, not only for the giveaway, but because I think it’s a great idea, but since I’m intl, it’s a bit hard, I guess. So … Yeah. Email please? xD ❤

  11. I was thinking once the awesome IS gets off the ground it might interesting to have a box with and without fragrance samples or items with fragrance oils in them since I know some people are sensitive to fragrances whether it is from bath & body type items or just full on perfume, oils, .. etc..

    I used to think i was one of them til I found out it was just this weird thing I had, well skin condition and that fragrances, synthetic or not, made no difference on it. While I thought it did, it did prevent my from trying some shops for fear of another breakout.

    Just a thought bubble..

  12. I am so interested in IS! It looks like fun and I love that its a month to month thing; I sort of hate having to sign up for long blocks of time. I might not be able to swing December’s box but I will definitely get the February box!

    As for black friday, I made a massive OHWTO purchase and then today I went back and bought more! I also hit up Darling Clandestine earlier this month; I just love all her scents and now that she has solid perfumes, I’ve been all over that!

  13. The nail polish combo is very pretty, indeed.

    I’m glad the sampler boxes are going to monthly and not a multi-month subscription.

    My plans for the weekend were shopping both online and in stores. Canada has a few Black Friday and weekend sales but the shops weren’t too crazy on Saturday and Sunday.

    In a store, I found a pants and penguin socks for a steal. Online I got a face powder and Robin’s Blue eyeshadow from Mineral Love on Etsy.

  14. I am super stoked about the IS box.. and I like how you include indie jewelry companies also!! Definitely put me down for one 🙂 Also I would love to review one!! Hit me up anytime!!

    Stay Awesome!!

    PS .. I just realized its snowing on your , I thought I was losing my mind.. I kept taking off my glasses thinking something was wrong with them.. HAHA.. ❤