Angels & Cohorts

The other day when I got my Evil Shades order I was a little emotional.  I had meant to swatch the entire Angels & Cohorts collection, but for some reason San Diego was devoid of sunlight.  Today is bright and gorgeous and these shades look amazing!

Each shadow is available in three sizes:

Sample- clamshell (approximately 1gram  2-4 applications of product), $1.75
Full Size- 5 gram jar no sifter filled to just below the spill point, $5.00
Pro Size-10 gram jar with sifter (approximately 7 grams), $9.00

For some reason, Evil Shades eye shadows are some of my favorites to swatch.  They come out so vibrant and true and the formula is wonderful to work with.  I’m working on the Humbuggery Collection next!

From left to right: Toxic Lotus, Danger Sox, Eplefe, and Jupiter’s Reject

Toxic Lotus is a bright happy pink with tons of bold purple sparks.

This color was created for one of the most smiley girls ever who would jump through hoops of fire for a friend- Manda aka ToxidLotus.

Danger Sox was inspired by my dear friend Frances and her dangerous socks, the eyeshadow is not nearly as sassy and secsay as Miss Danger but it reminds me of her giant heart overflowing with luvs.

Deep dark metallic red merlot with multicolored shimmer.

Eplefe is so hard to explain this color accurately…a sweet violet with a slightly blackened base a soft teal shift and green shimmer. Think of a violet stormy sunset over a rain soaked prairie.

This shade was inspired by my dear sweet friend Becca, aka Eplefe. This color is not nearly as gorgeous as she is but it reminds me of her spirit always!*

Jupiter’s Reject is a sweet Sage green with a dark mossy background with a silvery purple shift and bright violet sparkle dancing throughout.

This shade was inspired by my oldest daughter who is the most amazingly beautiful, smart, funny, creepy, twisted and wonderful daughter a Mom could hope for! She always makes me proud and confused as to how “I” managed to raise such a fantabulous woman. Let’s hope I luck out on the others as well.

From left to right: Morgana, Mudkip, Nymphette, and Phyrra’s Fantasy

Morgana is black as night with an eruption of in your face beautiful fuchsia sparkle.

This shade was inspired by my dear friend Melissa aka Morgana the owner of Morgana Cryptoria. My favorite gothling Sister from another mother who totally “gets” me and never finds my creepiness in the slightest bit odd. Someday we will open that commune & combine our evil companies to take over the world create a line of makeup. :o)

Mudkip a a fun blue green almost teal with a sneaky violet shifting base. This is a playful color that when rubbed down the violet shift in the base comes out and looks like a soft lilac with blue-green shimmer and scattered pink sparkle but patted on over a base or primer you’ll get the blue -green with the violet peeking out from behind in certain light.

This shade was inspired by my best friend who has always made me laugh, even when I felt like crying and has never stopped surprising me with what a sweet man he is and has always been….even if I am the only one who knows!

Nymphette is a dark blackened cobalt blue with high shimmer.

This shade was inspired by my favorite Smoochie lips friend Nympette a rare breed who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside! She is Hotness!

Phyrra’s Fantasy is a warm toned bright pink with an eruption of aqua shimmer.

This shade was made for and inspired by my sweetheart Phyrra, the sweetest, kindest most loving sweety on the wicked web and she’s hot as hell too!


4 Responses to “Angels & Cohorts”

  1. Ooooh, really like Jupiter’s Reject and Danger Sox

  2. Huge shock, but I really like Simply Grey, Eplefe, Jupiter’s Reject… Everything ever, actually. I love the little stories that go with the colors. ❤

  3. Love! I think my faves would be Toxic Lotus and Phyrra’s Fantasy!