Since I’m on a roll I though I’d post the swatches from Evil Shades Humbuggery collection.  I already posted these over on Facebook, but they are amazing.  I broke the collection up into two sets, via shades.  I am blown away at the ‘berry’ type purple collection on top.  I think it looks just like an expensive palette that you might get from Lancome or Estee Lauder!

From left to right: Misfit Toys, Naughty List, Santa’s Mistress, Frosty’s Intervention, and Death by Fruitcake

Someone help me convince Andrea to make a berry gloss to match these?

Misfit Toys – Blackened Maroon with bits and pieces of multi colored shimmer.
Naughty List – Deepest dark purple with disobedient blue-green shift, incorrigible gold and defiant silver shimmer.
Santa’s Mistress – Enticing lilac with an alluring soft pink shift and devious little silver bell sparkles.
Frosty’s Intervention- Sparkling snow white that shifts from embarrassed pink to melting silver to silent violet.
Death by Fruitcake – Nude-ish base with slow painful blue to pink shifts.

From left to right: Broken Dreidel, Oh Pagan Tree, Yellow Snowballs, Commercialism, and Re-gifted Xmas Sweater

Broken Dreidel- melancholy blue-green with silver sparkling frozen tear shimmers.
Oh Pagan Tree – Solstice evergreen base decorated with multi colored lights.
Yellow Snowballs – Palest yellow with a mournful blue shift.
Commerciali$m- a greedy little golden shade that shifts to her favorite shade of money green.
Regifted Xmas sweater is a pink shifting soft orange with sparkles of gold, green and blue.


17 Responses to “Humbuggery!”

  1. They’re stunning!

  2. This red shade is the bomb!

  3. Santa’s Mistress is simply amazing!

  4. Oh wow! I was considering ordering some more samples from Evil Shades, and I think your swatch of Misfit Toys just convinced me. I love maroon shades!

  5. So beautiful! I really like Death by Fruitcake, Evil Shades make some amazing stuff, I will sign the petition to have her make a berry gloss to match those colors.

  6. I need every single last one of these!!

  7. Britt von strange November 26, 2011 at 10:15 pm

    i want this set with all my heart

  8. Naughty List and Death By Fruitcake are my favorites. (: Wonder how they would look together?

  9. gorgeous collection! i do hope she makes a gloss to go with it!

  10. This is the best holiday collection this year! Andrea outdid herself on this one.

  11. Waaant! This is a beautiful collection, I can’t find a shade I don’t want!

  12. Wow I need to get some of these!!

  13. The colours are gorgeous of course, but most of all, I love the names!

  14. Oh wow I love all of the colours from your first picture, particularly Santas Mistress, Death by Fruitcake and Misfit Toys.

  15. Misfit Toys, Death by Fruitcake and Regifted Xmas Sweater are my favorites. This really is a lovely collection.

  16. Those look amazing! I started typing my favorites but then I started listing all of the colors! The berry color is AWESOME but those shades look awful on my lids 😉

  17. I love them all! Broken Dreidel is amazing!!!