Completely Evil

I thought I would just go ahead and make it a completely Evil Shades weekend and swatch the rest of my goodies!

I did a little swap with Andrea and asked for a couple of new blush samples.  I am all of a sudden infatuated with blushes and I LOVE her duochromes, so I was excited to try some of the ones I hadn’t gotten yet.

From left to right: Curiosity, Ravishing, and Violet Fire

Curiosity- Warm pink with a golden shift and blue to purple shimmer.
Ravishing – An orange toned coral with purple luminescence.
Violet Fire – Wisteria Violet with a soft pink shifting base and cyan to green shimmer.

From left to right: Twizted, Pouty, and Skon

Twizted- Dusty blue with fierce pink shift, you’ll have to be a little twi”z”ted to pull this off.
Pouty- Soft sweet matte lilac .
Skön- Berry/plum with strong pink shift.

I also got little samples of her new lipsticks!

From left to right: Heartstopper, Jenaveve, Last Dance, Power Up, and Schemata

Heartstopper is a flirty bold metallic hot pink.
Jenaveve is a warm sultry rosy toned red with a perfect touch of golden shimmer.
Last Dance is a sweet, flirty metallic lilac with playful aqua sparkle.
Power Up is a light metallic peach/orange with a soft golden sheen.
Schemata is a bold orange toned golden bronze with a subtle pink undertone.

And finally, the last two things in my order was a new Spectrum Pot in Padawan and Victorian Night eyeshadow!

From left to right: Padawan and Victorian Night

Palest nude with an ethereal violet shift and silver shimmer. This was made for my “clear” friends, those who are the fairest of the fair.
Victorian Night – Medium Lavender with teal shimmer and a subtle blue green shift.

I’ve also added the link to order Simply Grey over in my sidebar –>


4 Responses to “Completely Evil”

  1. Jenaveve and Schemata are gorgeous!

  2. Britt von strange November 27, 2011 at 5:13 pm

    I need all of this in my life :3

  3. Ugh. I’ve been meaning to order from evil shades for SO LONG. I gotta say, the website revamping is awesome. So adorable and professional looking. Violet Fire and Skon both have my name on them…Skon especially seems like it would work as a nice gothy sort of sculpting blush.