What’s in My Bag

Volume 13 – Phyrra

My bag that I’ve been carrying for a couple months now is a Franco Sarto East West bag in Bronze. I’ve never felt compelled to buy a brown purse, much less a bronze purse before, but the gorgeous metallic shade and shape called out to me. It comes complete with its own little coin purse, though I typically stick my keys in that bag. The ONLY thing I dislike about this bag is the ugly interior! It’s this icky multi-colored mess. Oh how I wish it was purple!

My wallet is by dakine in the color Lolani, reminiscent of Hawaii. The colors are very me. It’s black, purple, grey and light blue. The bat case next to it is a card case, meant for business cards.

The tokidoki 24k makeup bag is new, but I love it! I put whatever makeup I’m taking with me for the day in that bag. Usually I toss my foundation and lipstick in it.

Of course, you can see my kindle (kindle 2, but I’m coveting a kindle fire) with its tokidoki cover. My cell phone also has a tokidoki skin (htc g2).

I’ve got one of the Revlon lip butters (Lollipop), Epically Epic lip balm in Mango, and a solid lotion in Manila Mango. I’ve also got a Bath n’ Body Works pocketbac hand sanitizer in Vampire blood, lotion in Charmed and body spray in Twilight Woods.

I’ve got my little container of tissues, a brush, and my Icebreakers mints.

There’s also my little notebook with two pens tucked inside it. I jot down ideas in there.

My sunglasses are black, large, and have little rhinestones on them.

Finally, you can see my car keys with 2 tokidoki devil girls and a sushi :>

I’m happy that I’m able to always keep my kindle with me these days, even when I’m at work.


7 Responses to “What’s in My Bag”

  1. I love my Kindle, too, but I share it with the boyfriend, so no funky skin for me. Nice to see you’re a fellow Tokodoki fan! I have a Tokidoki iPod cover.

    • We actually had 4 kindle devices in the house: 2 kindle2, 1 kindle dx and 1 kindle fire. Unfortunately, Ray broke his kindle2, so he took over Dave’s kindle dx, since Dave didn’t use it anymore.

      Yes, I love the tokidoki prints! So cute!

  2. So much Tokidoki! EEE! Super cute.

  3. My Kindle is my friend! We go everywhere together, I want a Fire, but I would feel guilty about abandoning this one! It has a plain green book type cover, my fave color! Nice bag!

  4. Great bag! I just started getting Tokidoki–super Kawaii! 😉 I need to find a bigger Ameribag (works great with my painful shoulder) so I can carry my Nook with me. My makeup bag takes up the most room in my bag right now LOL