Baby, you a rockstar.

“No bullshit broads, I like my women sexy, classy, sassy.
Powerful yes, they love to get a little nasty, ow!
This ain’t a game you’ll see, you can put the blame on me.
Dale munequita abre ahi, and let it rain over me.”

The Inspiration

I bet this one is going to surprise you.  I actually listen to the most random collection of music.  One song that I just can’t seem to turn off (despite the fact Mr. Worldwide raps out of the side of his mouth), is Pitbull’s Rain Over Me.   I tend to really like Pitbull and the whole Latin/Miami influence in his music.  This song, the above lyrics specifically, is one of my favorites.  This is a long way from the styling of his video, or of the genre in general.  This is my interpretation of the ‘Rockstar’.

The Makeup

Rockstar makeup can mean a lot of different things.  But because of the textures I used in the rest of the look, I wanted the eye to be clean and glittery.  No smudgy mess, very crisp.  I caught Makeup Geek’s Oakland Raider’s eye look and knew it was perfect.  I have mad love for East Bay.  I got my glitter from The Conservatorie.  I paid 1$ for a GIANT bag that contains about three times as much as many ‘glitter’ companies (Lit, etc) sell for 13$!  On the lip I went with a sheer raspberry tint, rather then anything nude or neutral.  I wanted bright!

I wasn’t sure I wanted to pick a perfume for this.  I went through my Indie collection and just couldn’t seem to settle on anything.  Then I remembered Lush’s perfectly named Rock Star scent, and searched it out in perfume form.  This is an inspired by scent (dupe) called Tart from OHWTO!

The nails are sort of unexpected.  I went with a simple French manicure with a raspberry tip.

The Accessories

Once again, I’m using Molly the Pirate’s sequin earrings.  I love them a lot and ALWAYS get a ton of compliments.  This time I chose the holographic silver ones, which is a great jumping point for this look.

I skipped the necklace again, although I did want something dramatic.  I chose another chunky cowl, this time in this soft grey with matching sequin bits.  It’s such a statement piece that you really don’t need much to go along with it.  The lines are clean, so it remains easy.

To me, rockstars are a little dangerous.  I went with a classic spiked cuff on the wrist.  It’s a nice contrast to the elegant and simpleness, it gives this look an edge.  I actually got it for 7$ from CrushCrush, and it doesn’t look like they stock it anymore!  I wore it once and someone mention how they wanted one, but they were ‘so expensive’.

For my hair I made a brightly colored clip in extension to add to the back.  This helps keep things easy and uncomplicated but gives the look a little something edgy as well.  Because of the earrings, especially, you have to be careful with OVER accessorizing and even a barrette in the hair would have been too too much.  I loved the raspberry color I found and oddly, when I Googled to see what the color was like, Phyrra popped up!  The raspberry accents all match, from the lip tint, to the polish, to the clip ins!

The Rest

I paired this look with some of the most comfortable pants I own.  I got these in ‘the mall’ someplace and they are shamefully like PJ pants.  They are paneled black leggins that remind me of motorcycle chaps.  In fact, I want to say I got them at the Harley store, I’ve had them for so long!  On top I went with a long sleeved white t-shirt, this one is actually a little fitted.  The booties are your run-of-the-mill black booties.

You could also, very easily, dress this down!


5 Responses to “Baby, you a rockstar.”

  1. Bright Pink always conjures up a rock identity to me. Makes sense to use it as you main color. Love this.

  2. I love those earrings!

    The whole rockstar look sounds amazing. I love the pairing of pink and grey. I think it really does capture the quote you picked out: “sexy, classy, sassy”. Its all those things without being over the top.

  3. The motorcycle chaps intrigue me…

  4. Oh man, that bracelet is intense! Soooo shiny and spikey! I bet that would be fun to wear out 🙂

  5. Every time you have featured a song, I got hooked on it – you’re evil, lady 😀 !