It’s Friday, I’m in Love!


This is going to be a busy month, not only am I launching Indie Style, but I’m doing a couple design projects.  Add in the fact that it’s holiday time and I’ll have family in town AND the bathroom is being remodeled because of water damage… there won’t be as many posts.  Don’t worry, I’ll be ready to jump back into things in January!

The Book Project

Please don’t forget to help!

Black Friday

My slim Black Friday purchases have slowly been making their way here.  I hope to be able to review them, little by little.  In general, I most purchased from companies I was already comfortable with, but I did try two new ones.  One I think is going to be a complete bust, I ordered on a whim, but reading the tweets and stuff… I’m not so sure.


Recently, Sephora sent out 20$ gift certificates to it’s VIBs.  While the email/flyer says you have to spend 50$ to redeem it, you don’t.  I placed a very short order for one item, used my code, and it paid for shipping!

What’s in My Bag

Anyone want to send in some more bags?  Is this a feature you’d like me to keep?

Style Diary

This coming week’s Style Diary is one of my favorites.  Someone asked, and yes, these are looks I actually wear, that’s the point!  Everything I list is something I have pulled together to wear, sometimes for a special occasion, but more then likely just because I can.

The Links

Project Accessory

I ordered one of these.

I love purples.

This Tiffany’s ad is gorgeous with Lee Pace.

Your Turn

How did your Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping turn out?


16 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love!”

  1. Good to know about the Sephora coupon – I was holding it trying not to add an item to get to $50!

  2. Awww thank you for linking to me!

    I didn’t end up buying anything for Black Friday or Cyber Monday because I’ve got Christmas presents to save up for. Still though, I may end up getting something with the Sephora gift card though, one of the Buxom Stay There Eyeshadows is calling my name!

  3. I bought nothing for black friday/cyber monday.. I feel like a outsider for this, lol. I only had about $60 to spend since I’m on a no buy right now before christmas. I need to save it for my materials order through TKB. I have everyone’s present except for my bf’s dad who I got for secret santa again this year.

    I hope you bought awesome goodies since I seem to live vicariously through all you bloggers with your reviews 🙂

    Thanks for letting me know I do not have to spend $50.. I know I probably could, but with my no buy.. yeah trying real hard not to. I’ve had my eye on the Too Faced On the Prowl set which is on sale at the moment.

    Oh on a side note super excited for your Awesome box 🙂

  4. All the best for the bathroom renovation. I’ve been through two of those, including one for the main bath. It was a hassle but turned out to be worth it.

    Ooh, I like the snow fall effect on your site.

    I ended up getting only the eyeshadow and face powder order I made. I await them but haven’t gotten them yet as I’m in Canada. I look forward to your reviews and am curious about which company isn’t that great, so I know to stay away from them or to be cautious.

    Enjoy the time with your family. 🙂

  5. Layla’s got some great stuff.
    If you can get to them, I’d love to see your take on their Eye Art eyeshadow brights and how they compare to Sugarpill (they’re both large and in the same price range, I think, but Layla’s available to me).

  6. I stuck with perfumes for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Just OHWTO and shopped early at Darling Clandestine. Didn’t buy any make up although all those sales certainly tempted me.

    I like the What’s in My Bag segment and would love to see more! My bag is always so boring and utilitarian that I love seeing everybody’s beautiful purses.

  7. I like the ‘what’s in my bag’ segments! It’s interesting to see what people keep with them on a daily basis.

    The only order I made for Black Friday was from Geek Chic; its my first order with them and my first makeup purchase (aside from necessities and WnW polishes) in months so I’m super excited.

  8. YAY! I’ve been holding off on that darned sephora coupon. Now I can go a-spending.

    I had some fun this black friday/cyber monday, all from the safety of my computer (NO TRAMPLING WHOOP WHOOP). The only stuff I bought Friday was a sugarpill order for bulletproof, asylum, darling, and weekender. So excited to get that package…

    Then I placed an order at morgana cryptoria for the violet banana and lust after midnight.

    THEN I did some cyber monday shopping at OCC cosmetics and bought banjee, butch, and feathered lip tars for myself and the anime lip tar for part of my sister’s xmas present.

    …I think I’m done makeup shopping for a while.

  9. I had no idea that they sold Layla in the U.S., too. Which colour did you get, if I may ask?

    I didn’t buy much during Black Friday. In this period our Postal Service is affected by even more delays than usual and I’m afraid that my purchases might be lost.
    I only placed a small order at DarlingClandestine. I’m looking forward to try Maudlin&Bedlam and Cloudswings.

  10. …O.O oh man, that Piemaker.

  11. You know, these Sephora deals just make encourage me to shop indie more. Because their deals for Canadians are often in-store only, because they don’t have a separate Canadian online store. And there is no Sephora in my province. So I cry inside and then I’m like, “ok indie time, thx”

    My Black Friday shopping went well! I ordered from Persephone and MPZ (Xmas gifts to me. Thanks, Mom!) and OHWTO (some for me, some for family). I also have some Whimsy customs earrings on the way from their Xmas pre-order (also gifts for family), Morgana lippies (done before BF when she initially released the gel lipsticks), and some Silk Naturals I got using the $25 gift card from Team Pink Eye 😀

    I can’t wait for the first Awesome Box! I’m glad I made it on time to get the soft launch box!

  12. Damn, I feel like I got the short end of the stick from Sephora. Everyone else got $20 GCs, but the email I got was just for $15. I should check to see if they’ll enforce the $50 minimum order with the one I got. I do kind of want a tube mascara, and I’m due a birthday gift from them. >.>

  13. Yes! Keep the what’s in my bag! It’s such a cute little view into the lives of others

  14. I forgot half of what I was gonna say reading comments. *scrolls back up*

    I absolutely love the Style Diaries/What’s in my bag. I AM going to participate in Wimb, I just need to get my bag back to what’s in it, and not what ENDS UP IN IT. You could so do a special feature. “What ends up in your bag”. Those of us with dogs/kids/significant others who can’t stop putting shit in our bags because it’s “big enough” would probably have funny stuff. Like the other day, I found a bag of smarties in my bag. Sans bag. They were just there, and the smarties-bag was there, empty.

    I really need to sit down and ship the books from me and my best friend. They’re in a pretty pile next to Christmas presents right now. Getting there, getting there.

    My BF/CM-shopping was awesome. My best friend paid for my shopping as long as I promised to look for a certain type of perfume for her, and if I promised to get some stuff she and her fiancee needed. HELL TO THE YES.
    So I got Darling Clandestine (Curiosities’ Ball, Tilt-a-Whirl, Inked, Pyrotechnik, and Fire Eater, plus Monstre Delicat and Cloudswing in Solids), Dennis Anderson Soap Co., Brazen, Geek Chic, Kiss My Sass, Black Baccara, OHWTO, Morgana Cryptoria, and a few bits and pieces for gifts and stuff. Spent a lot more than I was originally going to, but at least it wasn’t all for me, right?! 😛

  15. Oooo!! Please don’t cancel what’s in my bag! Its a feature I absolutely adore!
    I have recently found your website, and I make a habit of reading all of your posts, because they’re wonderful 🙂
    I would like to send in something for what’s in my bag, because I’m very attached to my purse, and often describe it to people as containing “my life” 😀 DO I have to be a member of this website to do that, or just e-mail it to you…?

    Thank you!