All the Taupes

That is a misleading post title.  For some reason it’s the first phrase I think of now with Darling Girl.  There was recently a very spirited discussion about what Susan should name her new taupe GWP shadow and I gotta say, I know some creative and ridiculous people.

I placed a little order during the Black Friday sale, it wasn’t much.  But really, you can get an amazing amount and variety of indie products for not very much, if you do it right.  I happen to LOVE DG’s mini options, so I stocked up on some things I wanted to try, including a collection of beautiful berry shades from the new holiday collection!

I was excited to try a couple off things from the Darling Dear holiday collection.  Looking back, I should have ordered more.  I went with some lovely berry shades.

From left and right: Cookies for Claus, Berry Merry, Reindeer Kiss, and Dasher

Cookies for Claus Color Rich Lip Balm- wine with pink shimmer and gold reflect.

Berry Merry Duochrome Blush – gorgeous mauve pink with a very subtle purple shift.

Reindeer Kiss Pixie Sprinkles –  iridescent hollo, red, pink with a touch of black for depth.

Dasher eye shadow – demure putty grey (almost taupe) pearl with subtle flashes of purple iridescence.

I also got a couple of single shadows and a GWP.

From left to right: Mochi, Jeweled Taupe, Rainbow Bright, and Taupe ala Mode

Mochi eye shadow – coral/pink with violet shift, blue diamond dust and a sprinkling of aqua sparks.

Jeweled Taupe eye shadow – metallic bronzey taupe with amazing multi-colored shimmers like tiny little jewels ribbon-ed through it.

Rainbow Brite eyeshadow – pale baby pink with red shift and a rainbow of star sprinkles.

Taupe a la Mode –

I really wanted to try the gel blushes, so I ordered one.  I also got another blush, Grace, that I can’t find on the site at the moment.  And last, but not least, I ordered one of the newest lip balms.

From left to right : UR Mine, Grace, and Sugar Rush

U R Mine Sweet Cheeks Blush – pale neutral baby pink shimmer

Sugar Rush tinted balm -sheer wash of baby pink with gold shift. A perfect everyday kind of color! Bubblegum flavored, but not sweetened.

Click to embiggen.


12 Responses to “All the Taupes”

  1. Jeweled Taupe is one my all time favorite colors. So pretty. I love Darling Girl’s petite options. I plan on ordering again quite soon.

  2. I ordered Sugar Rush as well – looks like I’m going to love it, based on your swatch! Also – Taupe a la Mode = gorgeous. I love me some Jeweled Taupe, but Taupe a la Mode is really calling to me. Must buy now.

  3. I WANT RAINBOW BRITE. Mostly for the name, but want nonetheless.

  4. omgomgomg, Sugar Rush looks fantastic, maybe my order will come soon 😀

  5. SO pretty!!! Wish I could 1. afford to splurge ( maybe after the holidays) and 2. Apply makeup (LOL)

  6. I tried DG for the first time a while back! I love Jeweled Taupe, it’s seriously one of the prettiest shadows I own. Man, but Berry Merry looks so pretty too. Hope it’s still around even after Christmas, when I can afford things again. :\

  7. All the young taupes

  8. Why Grey.. what pretties u have !!! I ❤ DG .. Susan has a wonderful line of products.. I need to place an order and get some of these colors!!

  9. I just got my Darling Deer order and am already planning to order mbackups once Susan reopens. Prancer is to die for as are Donner and Blitzen. Am also interested to try White Christmas.

    I’m not so keen on the new full size packaging (I think they’re a bit awkward and I prefer a larger lid so I can use it for foiling). But, the aqua liner is AH-MA-ZING. I bought Dust Devil and am already planning to buy a back up and some other colors (Kuririn is calling me).

  10. Side note: I just noticed that the snow fall on your page is affected by where my mouse is, and I’ve been amusing myself by watching the snow falling this way and that. Thanks!

  11. I love their mini option too! I’m pretty sporadic with my make up so having smaller sizes means I can justify buying more colors for myself. I’m planning on putting in an order as soon as DG opens again. This time I’ll finally grab an aqua liner! I’m leaning towards Little Twin Stars.