It’s Friday, I’m in Love!


I realized yesterday that not EVERYONE follows me on Twitter or is in the same Facebook page as me.  Basically the other day the USPS returned a batch of packages to me that I mailed as ‘undeliverable’ and they were DESTROYED.

As I mentioned to a few, if you havn’t gotten your package, it’s because it’s here!  I’m waiting on interfacing, but I should get replacements out this weekend!  I really do apologize, I should have known better then to use that post office and not drive to the hub.  I have, though, received a few reports of it happening all over the country, and it’s being blamed on the USPS cuts.  I will be more careful!  Google Checkout was also in the process of switching over to Google Wallet so a LOT of my tracking information was ‘miss routed’ according to the rep.


I think it’s time to revisit this because I’ve been dealing with a LOT of questions about it recently.

Someone was recently trying to advertise an obvious repackager on one of my Facebook groups as being ‘amazing’.  I replied right away, telling them it was repackeged, POPS and everything, and that they were just marking up wholesale products for %500+.  They tried to respond that they that CAN’T be repackagers, because they sell foundations and proceed to tell me an ‘expert’ told them no repackagers will sell foundations or lip products.


So many repackagers I see how have a FULL compliment of product.  For example just check out the Conservatorie website and you’ll see they sell PAGE after PAGE of foundation, bronzer, and blushes.  Some of the most blatant repackagers do sell a while ‘kit’ and charge a ridiculous amount for something they simply poured into a jar.

It’s the same with lip products.  It’s super simple, as I’ve explained before, to mix mica into any premade base.  So please, if anything, Google the ingredients and the word ‘wholesale’ and find the source and buy your products direct.  I’m sorry, but no amount of customer service is worth it, it’s still a scam.  I cannot stop you, if you want to pay someone else ten times the amount you could get it yourself, but be wary!

I might actually write an updated post on this.

Indie Style

This coming week I’m going to be devoting to packaging and mailing the first Awesome Box.  I’m going to drive them to the hub, so don’t worry.  But because that will be my major project, I’m not going to be available as often next week.

Keep in mind you can reach me in several places, email is not always the easiest since Google eats things.  I’m on Twitter and Facebook so if I don’t reply to an email, hit me up there!

The Links

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Your Turn

  1. If you could have lunch with any literary character who would it be?
  2. What would you ask them?
  3. Where would you take them?


15 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love!”

  1. Oh dear, I hope they weren’t referring to the excellent guest post Phyrra made on Temptalia! I thought she had made it clear that selling foundations/lipsticks was just a potential factor among a bunch of other factors, not a determinative thing. It’s right here just in case you haven’t read it yet:

    • I don’t read Temptalia, as most people know. I did skim Phyrra’s post and did miss that but. I certainly hope that’s not where it’s coming from, but I think about 75% of my comments or questions this week were about foundation repackaging.

    • I thought the same thing!

  2. Oh my goodness.. I sometimes really loathe USPS.. I can’t believe they got damaged like that..

    Urg repackagers .. SMH..

    YAYYY super excited for your Indie Style packages coming out!!!

    HAHA google does have a habit of eating emails.. haha

  3. The first name that popped into my head about literary characters was Archie Goodwin from the Nero Wolfe novels! It was totally instantaneous and it made me laugh because I wasn’t expecting it. But hey, he would be an awesome good time and I stand by the decision my brain made without me!

    I’d ask him to take me dancing! As well as regale me with stories of Nero Wolfe’s cases, all the ones that didn’t make it to print.

    In my head, we’re in that wonderful, idealized version of 1920s New York that the author Rex Stout painted so wonderfully in his novels. Then I’d pester him for lunch at Wolfe’s table so I could taste Fritz’s award winning cooking.

  4. I hadn’t hear about that Paypal issue, my goodness that’s terrible. I hope everything works out in the end.

    I think it would be fun to meet Cat Chant from the Chrestomanci Chronicles, I’d take him to a food cart and have him teach me magic.

  5. Ugh repackagers. I forgot they even bothered attempting to make ‘unique’ products anymore.
    Oh my I feel incredibly human after seeing those pictures.
    1. Humbert Humbert (Lolita by Nabokov)
    2. I’d ask for him to tell me more about Annabel Leigh.
    3. The ocean. I have no idea why it just seems appropriate. Cliche but appropriate.

  6. My dad and stepmom both work in a USPS hub facility, basically routing mail/putting it all on different conveyor belts. I remember that even when they needed to mail a package on their days off, they would drive 20 miles to the hub rather than putting it in the mailbox or dropping it at the local PO which was less than five miles away. They said that nearly all the problems that occur like that aren’t occurring in the hub, it’s because carriers and small town POs just aren’t cautious. Of course they may be skewed a little, as he’s not going to bash his workplace since he enjoys his job, I’ve gotten several packages within the past month that had a “Oh, sorry we ran over your item with a steam roller. BTW, we’re not responsible for that lolololol.”

  7. I would love to see an expanded/updated post on repackaging.

  8. Hey, I was greatly surprised when I saw you got a whole bunch of returned mail – is some of these from the blog sale by chance? I still havent given up hope that I may recieve my stuff but have sorta accepted that I wouldnt recieve anything (but you acted absolutely great over the missing packages, I always thought it was the post offices).

  9. Was any Wet n Wild stuff in the bunch of ravaged mail, perchance? This post just reminded me of the Dreamweavers shadows I won a while back. (I’ve emailed you twice…I’m really bad at remembering to annoy people about stuff, sorry!)

    Those celebrity close-ups are kind of hard to look at while eating, and I could eat dinner while watching an open-heart surgery on TV. I guess it’s comforting to know that my skin isn’t too much worse than Katy Perry’s, though.

  10. I was thinking of my package today too, I will wait some more. Sometimes USPS can be quite unreliable.

  11. My jaw dropped when I saw that picture of the parcels. I can’t believe that mess…

    I’m going to be a total nerd and say I’d like to have lunch with Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series. I’d ask her all about her recent travels looking for unusually hard mythical creatures. We’d eat sushi.

  12. Wow at the ruined mail. :/ I’m sorry. What a huge mess up by USPS. Your mentioning interface doesn’t sound too promising, but I hope my pink keychain surprise bag is being held up in customs or taking the month plus long time to get here like items have in the past, and it’s not in the pile.

    I recently found out gmail sometimes eats things or sends them to spam. :/

    How shifty of Paypal. This makes me not like them even more. I had a bad experience with them but it’s nothing compared to the linked incident.

    Meh at repackagers and that shop. I actually got a Heartsy voucher for them but got a refund when I saw not so good reviews and read how they use electrical tape to seal their products.

  13. Oh… I read about that set of super-close-up images in this post:

    So… 😦